Behemoth Out! Thread of Spoilage!

Behemoth is out NOW in the US, Canada, and in the UK! (Sorry, Australia, you have to wait till October 12.) The audio book, read by the awesome Alan Cumming, is also out now.

For a bit more about the book, click here for an interview with me on about researching Behemoth, writing process, and FOOD.

I’m on tour right now and will attempt to blog from the road, but it may be patchy.

Am I coming to your town? Well, do you live in . . .

New York
Houston, Allen (near Dallas), or Austin, TX
New Orleans, LA
Alpharetta or Decatur, GA
Raleigh, NC
Cincinnati, OH
Ft. Thomas, KY
Naperville, IL
Novi or Ann Arbor, MI
Provo, UT
Nantes or Paris, France
Miami, FL
or Vancouver, Canada?
Then please check out my Appearances page for when I’ll be near you.



867 thoughts on “Behemoth Out! Thread of Spoilage!

  1. @amo~ someone mentioned a little screwup in Leviathan…possibly an intentional screwup…at the beginning of the book it said that Alek’s 16th birthday was close..but its been like a month and a half and it hasnt happened yet -.- I hope it happens in Goliath!! (No idea about Deryn, though)

  2. EEEEEE!! (squeal) 800th post!!! wooooow…I wonder if this is unlimited? We should go for 1000, we’re close enough!!

  3. looks like I haven’t read the comments well…@Ridley (765) you noticed first (:
    triple post…what happened to all our theories?? I’ve been reading them and they all sound plausible right now, though they didn’t a while ago…am I just desperate for an ending??

  4. @Cassidy
    I had no idea I was the 800th post……random. And knowing Scott, he’ll probably suprise us all (at least I hope). But no death PLEASE!

  5. @Cassidy
    I know! It’s like the well of theories has run dry!

    They are both currently 15 but that might change in the next book. Nobody has any clue when their birthdays are (except Scott probably). I’m all for a surprise, as long as Deryn and Alek end up together, I don’t care what happens to anyone else!

  6. 198 days left

    Have any of you seen the movie Black Swan? I’m debating about whether or not I should see it.

  7. @Ridley
    I have known about it for ages, but when it came out I saw that it was rated R. And I saw the commercial.

  8. 197 days left

    I figured it would have been rated that high. Darn! That means that I definitely can’t see it. Thanks though!

  9. 196 days left

    Arrrgghh! He is so mean!
    Totally voted for Chapter Two! Let your thoughts be heard! Totally random, but I’m in a wierd mood right now.
    Secrets! Hee hee hee (creepy giggle)!

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  11. 194 days left

    Mwwaahhaahhaaahhhaa!!!! Go Chapter Two! Thank you to everyone who voted! Note: it also included the two-headed messenger so ‘Ha!’ it included the whole thing from Chapter One while adding stuff!

    Message lizard update. Now it says release is Sep. 20th. Wait, what? I thought it was Sep. 13th? Am I wrong or is the lizard still wrong? So confused! Just kidding! I’m in a really happy mood right now! I feel like skipping around my room for no reason whatsoever. Tee hee! (lame, I know, but better than hee hee hee or la di da) I should go before I start typing wierd and random things.

    Just gotta say, please don’t advertise here! We really aren’t going to buy anything and advertisments are really annoying when we’re here to discuss a book and all things relating to it.
    This goes for any buisness people who want to put up ads here. I’m sure you could find much better places for them. Thank you.

  12. @Ridley
    Though I would really appreciate an add for Goliath……. and the message lizard confused me also. If it’s correct I will have to wait longer! UGH!

  13. @amo
    Yeah, nobody really knows enough about Goliath right now to create an ad for it though (except Scott of course!). I hope that it’s still wrong! Didn’t he say multiple times that the release was the thirteenth? I could have sworn…

    191 days left

  14. @Ridley
    I just went on the Simon & Schulster website and it said it is going to be released on the 20th. What does this mean????!!!!

  15. Ok I just realized this but in the last chapter of Behemoth, Volger says the New York World was delivered from Churchill by a “beastly bird”. Could that be the doubled-headed bird in the picture, the “two-headed messenger?” Just a thought…

  16. @amo
    Maybe. I just assumed it was a carrier pigeon, but the two-headed bird would make much more sense. Cool! Hmm…. Very curious…..

    188 days left

  17. New cover! Pretty cool! It does keep with the style of the others. Looking forward to finding out about the manta-ship thing. There is a crown in the middle. Is it a sign?

    187 days left

  18. @ Ridley and amo
    I think the crown has to be symbolic…in the leviathan face cover the center was this gear thing, on behemoth it was like a compass-ish thing, and now…a crown!!
    AHHH NOOOO I voted for chapter 3, for purely calculating reasons, because #3 was the one that would give us the most insight on plot…ah well, another glimpse of growing-in-hotness-alek is fine with meeeee (:
    ackk, if it’s moved to the 20th I will like dieeeee…he has to update…may be he said it was the 13th, found out it was changed to the 20th ,realized the messenger lizard was wrong, changed it to the 20th, and then forgot to update us because he forgot he said it was the 13th in the first place…or maybe I’m just spewing gibberish XD

  19. reading over the votes posts, I find that I have an IMPERSONATOR eeeeeek!! LOL since they might be reading this, I gotta be polite…no big deal really, except that it might’ve screwed up the voting. “I vote for the first one… can my vote count double because it’s my birthday and this is the ultimate present?” ~ NOT ME…ah well…I don’t think there was any point in posting this, but if you’re listening, girl (or guy) I WAS HERE FIRRRST XD

  20. (triple post, sowwies!)
    OMJ. OMJOMJOMJ. AHHHH oh noes.
    I just realised, randomly touring the site, that Scott WAS touring in my city!!!! GAHGAHGAH I could have gonnnne omj why am I such a freaking idiot?! *sigh* oh well…

  21. 181 days left

    You were so close to being able to see him! You’re lucky. He only came six hours of snowy mountain passes away from me…
    If the crown is symbolic then what is it a symbol of? Other than Alek being an archduke and all….Hey! Maybe it has something to do with him ruling Austria-Hungary? (Ugh, that is so obvious)

  22. @Ridley
    oh wellll…): I’ll get over it sometime XD
    maybe it has something to do with the war over the crown? like, everyone’s practically fighting over it!

  23. @Cassidy
    I live in Arizona, & the closest he came to me was TEXAS.
    Anyone remember what I said about the “beastly bird”? Yah, kinda got the quote wrong there. It was actually a “beastly EAGLE”……
    I also apologize for the constant use of CAPITAL LETTERS-it’s sort of satisfying in a way though.
    One more note: does anyone constantly listen to the audiobook for Behemoth to stop boredom? Or is it just one of the many details that point to my omnipresent obssession of Alek & Deryness?

    (Is it 184 days or 183 days? I forget :/ )

  24. @amo
    I feel like spoiledish for not checking it out and being so close but not going while you guys all like had no hope ): ok Im done moping, I had even forgotten about it before I checked the thread XD no need to worry for my mental health…
    + NO IT IS NOT UNUSUAL I DO THE SAME THING XD I had like memorised the first few paragraphs of it last october when I was hungrily sucking up all details of Behemoth there were…presumably, the same will happen with Goliath!

  25. This is random but does Deryn hate being a girl or the fact that girls cannot join the air service?

    Also, all weekend I have been watching Indiana Jones. The Last Crusade is my favorite, and I practically went crazy when Elsa (Austrian Nazi) kissed Indy and said “That is how Austrians say goodbye.” If you have not seen it, watch it!!!!!

  26. @ amo: i don’t think she hates being a girl in general, just all the things girls were supposed to do in the early 1900s

  27. @baf
    That makes sense. I was thinking that she’d enjoy being a girl modern day (in our world, not the parallel-universe steampunk westerfeld world). I almost never wear skirts, and practically live in jeans.

  28. @amo LOL less random than me painting my nails at 3 in the morning…I really love this colour!
    awww I missed the week mark…6 more dayyysss!!!

  29. “It’s slightly spoilery, but I think you guys will like it anyways”?! SPOILERY? oooh I’m innnn (:

  30. Only 6 more days of painful testing, never-ending homework, and sleepless nights till the art release from Goliath! Can’t wait!!!

  31. I feel really bad for not being on hear for such a long time.

    Such spoilery art! Honestly, I am going crazy right now! Is that Lilit Dylan is marrying? And that is Alek in the Stormwalkery thingy right? Is he crashing the wedding because he knows Dylan’s secret? And WHY THE HECK IS DYLAN GETTING MARRIED ANYWAYS!? WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING? Totally going crazy with waiting for Goliath! Arrrghh! How many days are left anyway?
    *going to check calendar
    164 days left. Why must he torture us with spoilery art when we must wait so long? Why!?
    On the bright side, how many theories do you think we can come up with revolving around this?
    Sh-oot! My brother just asked me ‘what day was that released?’ Answer: April Fool’s Day. Aarrrggghhh! That is soooo mean!

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