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This image will no doubt rekindle the fractious old covers/new covers debate, but I will say that this is totally my favorite of the new ones. I think the two leads look awesome together. (Though note that in reality Deryn is taller than Alek, so clearly he’s standing on a box. That’s barking princes for you!)

Enjoy the slightly-spoilery manta-ship in the upper right!


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  1. Barking spiders.
    This is mad amazing. I do not even have words for how epic this is.
    Actually I do: This makes waiting for Goliath unbearable and even more painstaking.
    Love, love, love!
    And as for the manta ray, kind of reminds me of the picture of the Stamboul from the Behemoth cover, and at the time, we had no idea what that was. 🙂

  2. This was certainly a great surprise for me when I saw this today! I got goosebumps seeing them both on the cover. The only thing I don’t like is where at the top it says:

    “The Conclusion to the Leviathan Trilogy”

    NOOOOO! It can’t end so soon! I want to continue for another…. book or two? 0,0

    I am loving the manta-ship! Hopefully Deryn gets to pilot it X3

  3. Oh, it’s amazing! I didn’t like the new covers before but this one is fantastic looking!

  4. Yes, CLEARLY Prince Alek is standing on a box. XD I loved that

    Personally, I don’t like who’s modeling Deryn… I prefer the drawings better.

    Also, I’m jealous of Alek.

  5. ahahahah i love how you say he must be standing on a box :D:D:D

    but i really did not know that deryn was taller thank him..
    hmmm….could this be a contributing factor to why he cannot tell she is a girl?

    SQUEAL! the tension mounts!!! or builds…whatever

  6. I love it! The cover looks awesome and I love how both of them are on the cover. It’s by far my favorite and forgive me for this but …. *SQUEEEEEAAALLLL* I’m dying with anticipation for the last book but kinda sad that the story is ending so soon. (which is why I reread the books all the time)

    And yes. Alek is clearly standing on a box. Barking princes are so high up on their pedestals :P.

  7. Princes, boys, boxes- my guess is that maaaaybe the cover-designer haven’t read the book?

    Also, being very superficial, I like it because they look good. Both of them. Otherwise I always like faceless covers better!

  8. @The Politick yeah, remember in Leviathan? Deryn was taller than most of the boys registering for the Air Service….it’s a good part of her disguise. 🙂

    Sidenote, it makes me very happy that most every comment is in agreement about everything….rare but nice when that happens!

  9. EPIC! I love it. I am with some of the others I didn’t expect for a cover so soon. I’m not sure if I can wait till next fall!

  10. Is that a stingray in the top right hand corner???
    WOW i love this!!!! usually i hate covers on books which have models posing as characters, but is actually pretty cool!!!
    and i cant help but notice, in Leviathan Alek was on the cover.
    Then in Behemoth Deryn was on the cover.
    Now they are on the cover together…
    is that like symbolism for something…

  11. Oh. My. God. No words for it, but maybe a fangirl scream *screams andjumps all over the room while people look at* Ok, better now! *-* Wow, I just can’t wait for this xD and Deryn does look girl like… Stupid barking prince!! XD

  12. The girl whos modeling Deryn looks to timid and petite, no offence but i imagined Deryn to look a little more rough and ruthless

  13. Ohhh my goodness spool awesome!! Granted, I still like the original covers better, but this is definitely all right with me.
    So long as the spines match. I just realized that, that the spines between the old and new covers match, and I freaked out a little! So on my bookcase, they actually go together!
    And I know that observation was really delayed of me, but in my defense, Behemoth just got back in my hands after I made all my friends read it. XD Not a single one of us can wait!
    PS-Can I has manta ship?

  14. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…
    That’s just what I repeated a lot! xD I still preferred the original covers, but I love this!! I just can’t wait that this comes out!!! I wish time would go faster! :3

    (Just a random note… I’m pretty sure my sister thinks I’ve gone mad. I’m almost drooling all over the screen) 😀

  15. First of all, I have to admit I just read the books like two days ago or something (After reading the Uglies series for the millionth time, I realized there must have been other books from the same guy, right? I bought an entire shelf off the closing Border’s store on Scott Westerfeld.[50% off! A poor readers’ paradise!]) and have already filled my social studies notebook with my fanart. Now there’s no room to write notes for my American History test. Whoops. Guess I’m not passing this semester.

    I just happened to notice that almost all of the comments on here seem to be from girls. Like the female kind. With faces and everything. And sadly, because I’m avoiding studying for that American History test, I counted the girls and boys… Like, three of the comments seemed to be from guys… out of 68. Which is about 0.044117647058823529411764705882353%. Popular amoung the ladies, huh, Mr. Westerfeld? ;D

    Who likes being a stalker? I do. Numbers are my favorite.

  16. Hmmm. What can I say about this cover? I think I shall quote Deryn. BARKING SPIDERS!!!! Can’t wait for the book. Thank you very much Mr. Scott-La Westerfeld. P.S. My friends and I can’t help but use the words barking spiders and ninny. It’s quite entertaining since we can’t do accents.

  17. Why are all the girls brunettes when clearly Deryn is a blonde!
    I mean their are plenty of blonde girls who would love to be on a cover!
    Other than this fact, i love the cover! It is truly amazing!

  18. i really like it!!!!
    kinda wish it was purple though (though it might put the royalty thing over the top)
    and i agree with anyone who says that Deryn should be a blonde!!!
    i am a blonde myself and am always astonished how few covers actually feature the blonde characters!
    but i still LOVE it!

  19. I love it!!!
    seems to me that most everyone hated the first two covers but loves this one. I’m with them 😀
    Alek, we know you’re a prince, but Deryn will still love you even though you’re shorter than her. So get off that barking box and show your real height!! XD

  20. I have to say, I don’t hate this. It’s much better than the other two “new” covers, but I do still wish you’d stuck with the originals. Oh well.

  21. AAAAAGHHHH!!!! I just screamed when I saw the two!
    I am now super excited to get my hands on goliath!

  22. I love the colors and the design, but abhor these new covers. PLEASE Mr. Westerfeld, my sister and I are begging!

  23. This is the best of the new covers. when I saw it I had this agument with my self.

    My pride: Yana, don’t you dare fan girl squeal at this.

    Me: but but but it’s ssssoooo awsome.

    My Pride: yes, but you’ll kill the ears of every one in this house.

    Me: but I can feel the awsomeness welling up inside me.

    My Pride; don’t do it.

    Me: can I at least cheer for the manta ray.

    My Pride: ok fine.

    Me: I LOVE YOU MANTA RAY!!!!! <3

  24. Very elegant design. Something about the manta ship reminds me a little of the flying dragon from Shadow of the Colossus – nifty.

    Deryn’s hair color bothers me a little, but the height thing bothers me more. It frustrates me the way American culture insists that the male half of any pair has to be taller. I’ve even seen people who draw fanart for stories that buck that rule deliberately redesigning the boys to be taller because “it just isn’t romantic otherwise”. There are some rather unfortunate implications there.

    Still, kudos to you for not only keeping your cool, but coming up with a marvelously funny explanation. 🙂 Never change, Scott.



    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! They look so cute together~<3
    I hope that the cover hints something more about their relationship~ Alek is taller than Deryn, maybe that means he thinks hes better than her now that he knows?

    Or hes just standing on a box for the fun of it. ^^

    This cover has gotten me more excited for it to come out <3

  26. Oh mah goodness!

    And I thought it couldn’t get any better than an adorable loris video… So much more stoked for this cover than the Leviathan-fake-Alek-cover (is it a different model?????) and it’s melting my brain just a squick. Have to go look at it again to make sure it’s real and not something my brain created out of a lack of new-stuff-from-Scott.

    And off the box, Alek. You’re not fooling anyone.

  27. I like this cover a lot better than the one for Behemoth. Now I really can’t wait for the book to come out!

    Alek is standing on a box. Of course! 🙂

  28. But I think the important question that we’re all missing is this: is Alex standing on a /soap/box? Cause that would make all the difference…

  29. Fawesome, just fawesome!!! I can’t wait to read this. Royalty. They always have to be on that pedestal. 🙂

  30. Love it!!! I’m so happy both of them made it on this cover! I like the new covers.
    The yellow works for it- I wasn’t sure at first but i like the whole effect. But I don’t think there’s enough going on, the crown and everything just makes it seem too straightforward. I do like the sting ray airship in the background though!

  31. It’s a perfect marriage of the covers. Just like penut butter and jelly! Or lepechrauns and gold! It really does look like the final cover of a trilogy. It was a good idea to put the leads together on the cover. Someone needs a premotion!

  32. mostly. except deryn. But considering what other covers have been like these days, yeah, ITS AMazing!!!

  33. *GASP* BEAUTIFULLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 So much more awesome than the other new covers!

  34. Um…is the manta-ship the submarine equivalent to the Leviathan?
    And could its name be the GOLIATH?

    I cannot wait for September. If only I had a time machine…

  35. It’s alright. I’m not too fond of the covers with the actual people on the them, but I don’t let a cover stop me from reading a book. Is it just me, or does Deryn look especially feminine on this cover?

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