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This image will no doubt rekindle the fractious old covers/new covers debate, but I will say that this is totally my favorite of the new ones. I think the two leads look awesome together. (Though note that in reality Deryn is taller than Alek, so clearly he’s standing on a box. That’s barking princes for you!)

Enjoy the slightly-spoilery manta-ship in the upper right!


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  1. Awesomeeee!!! It just makes me want to read the book even more…. Just finished Behemoth in one sitting… 480 pages, 2 hours.

    i know you just bumped up the date (yay!!) but Can you release the book sooner, like 2 more weeks, or 1 month, or 2 months, or tomorrow??? πŸ™‚

  2. Scott-la, I haven’t bugged you in so long, but as per usual, your blog does not disappoint.

    I’m still kind of amazed that I can get caught up in life and remember your awesomeness and eventually come back here, and there STILL isn’t much news about the Uglies movie. You will still let us know if there’s even the slightest chance of Hollywood giving us rabid fans a shot at casting, right? (Since I live in Nowheresville, the chances of this are even slimmer than none, but I’ve adored Shay-la since I was in that awkward littlie-to-ugly transitional stage, and if there’s even a remote chance of a public try-out…though I doubt it. Argh, Hollywood.)

    Anyway, your post: epic cover is epic. Deryn DOES look a mite bit more girlish than she usually does; I take this as a foreshadowing on the fact that our oh-so-oblivious prince is finally going to get filled in on the big secret? Maybe then he’ll get it through his thick skull that living like a commoner isn’t all bad if he can stay with a girl like Deryn, although that’s IF he can, y’know, stay alive. The Germans don’t seem too keen on this being an option, but again: he’s got Deryn and Volger and Klopp and Bauer and his very own perspicacious loris looking out for him. What could go wrong?

    I’m really looking forward to this wrap-up of the trilogy. Actually, my history teacher is looking forward to it too. I’ve gotten her hooked on the Leviathan series so far, and I’ve gotten my English teacher to include Uglies as a summer reading assignment for freshmen. Spreading the reign of Scott-la, wherever I go, yaaay.

    Anyway, I’ve left you another novel of a comment it seems, so I’ll stop now. Ah, it feels good to revisit this blog.

  3. OH SHOOOOT!!!!!
    see, this is my punishment for not checking this website often enough. COVER!!!!! gasp, at least we can tell who’s who, and the guy really looks like alek!! XD best cover yet…but yellow? I was hoping for black…oh wellll (:

  4. 1. Deryn looks kind of girlish…she wouldn’t fool many people.
    2. What’s with everyone complaining about hair color? Her hair’s under the flight cap; you can’t even see it.
    3. Alek, just because you’re the man and the prince doesn’t mean you have to be on top. For the record, Deryn is more manly than you are. But I still love you.

    I still like the original covers better, but this one’s pretty cool anyway! SO EXCITED. gaahh.

  5. O.O

    I think I just had a mini heart attack!
    This honestly just made my day Scott-La, and thats a good thing cuz its been kinda a bad one.
    Anyway, I told everyone right when I found out about Goliath that the cover would be yellow (: and i was right! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Can’t wait for Goliath

  6. As super amazing as this is [and believe me, it is πŸ™‚ ], I just remembered how long I have to wait to get my hands on this book…Ah well…I can always re-read the other two 500 times… *Sigh*


  8. This is the worst cover i have ever seen on a book. The fist cover of Leviathan was amazing. Mr.Westerfeld, why would you do this! I might actually not buy it because of the cover! I will not have such a terrible book cover anywhere in my house.

  9. I prefer this one to the cover with the character on them. I do prefer the orginal Leviathan cover but that’s just my opinion.
    Love ths chain crown combo!
    And Alek looks great and Austrian! (I think)
    And Deryns just so Deryn!

    I juist love the names of the books, they’re all the names of monsters in the Bible.
    Leviathin is meant to guard the gates of hell
    Behemoth has a simliar job
    Goliath is an evil giant killed by David with a slingshot
    (Maybe the last name gives us a hint on what will happen in the last book)

    But I think that its cool to use old names, from any reglion, as it brings more character into the story than a modern made up name

  10. I really wish you would continue the series! Theres so much more that could be written! (i think… Ill have to see how Goliath goes! My teacher and i enjoy discussing books together and we are having small HISSY FITS!!! over this)

    Hmm your reaeers are pretty scary are we not?

  11. Did keith Thompson make the cover or did you, Scott Westerfeld?

    These are the things I wonder about.


  12. @Mr. Upset

    There’s no need to be judgmental. And why would an ugly book cover keep you from reading a good book? Not that the cover is ugly in the first place.

    Obviously you:

    1. Haven’t read the Leviathan series. (Which if you have, you wouldn’t mind the cover because itÒ€ℒs an incredibly intense book!)

    B. Don’t know what a good book would be if it hit you in the face. (Though throwing a book at your face would probably knock some common sense into you.)

    Tres. Never read the Uglies series because it teaches us that beauty is within (:

  13. I like it, although it seems a little sparse compared to the other covers. I like that it has both Clanker and Darwinist things.
    Some things are Darwinist-but-look-Clanker (like those square leafy things), just like Behemoth had things that were Clanker-but-looked-Darwinist.

  14. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Alek is sooooooooo HOT in this pic. LOVE the cover why can’t it get out sooner???? I’m DYING

  15. I hope you realize i was joking. I actually happen to love this series. Wow, this is awkward because I posted THIS message right after it but it did not seem to upload itself: ” Jk πŸ™‚ I love the cover of Goliath! I can’t wait for it to be released.”
    Sorry Mr. Westerfeld.

  16. Lovely! It’s great to see Deryn and Alek side by side where they belong. The artist did a great job with Deryn: If I didn’t know better I’d have a difficult time assigning a gender to that face!

    Alek is looking quite princely, indeed! (It must be the box.)

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  18. its good but you can never get it perfect and i can’t wait untill it comes out! im so excited!

  19. I admit, this is much better than the other new covers but I much prefer the old cover. Oh well, what can you do? It’s just a cover, anyway. I will have to show this to the triplets I care for because they are going to be so excited.

  20. oh goodness scott. i loved the first cover. it had no people, only awesome. the second and third have disappointed me. i really did not like the second, while this one is better (they did do deryn pretty well, but she looks too young) i still just don’t like covers with people on them. i’m sure it will not make the book any less awesome though.

  21. Ok number one I absolutely loved the other two books and when I was done with the second book I almost screamed because I’m nowhere near september!Scott I honestly CAN NOT WAIT for the next book!

    Can you pretty please get the book sooner? And the cover Alek has to be standing on a box. But Alek and Deryn perfect match! Can’t wait!

  22. Scoot see if u can get someone to make a movie out of these books like twilight if u have to use Summit productions

  23. Wow, I stopped breathing when I saw this, it’s beyond awesome! I’m so excited for this book, I stayed up till 1 AM finishing Behemoth, it was that good!

  24. Ha! Isn’t that weird? Deryn and I have the same name, interesting, Eh? Omg!!! I heard a pop and I know it wasn’t my imagination. I think you have killed meh brain! Augh!!! I think my brain will die if this book doesn’t come out soon, and I think the ppl at book stores are getting irritated at me for asking every three weeks, ‘Is Goliath in yet?’ Any who, please do keep writing your amazingly awsome stories. As me, my sister and some of my greatest friends say, “It’s not over till the greatest writers have a horrible case of writers block.”

  25. To be honest, I’m not very happy at all with the American covers for book 2 and 3. The cover for book 1 was what drew me to it in the first place. I wouldn’t even of picked it up if these had been the covers for book 1 also.

    I literally would pay more money to have covers like the 1st book.

  26. What’s the ship in the background? Is it the Leviathan, or is it a new ship, possibly the Goliath?

  27. this books are far to go for you to not try some way to have them turned into a movie. but i must say that this is not my favorite cover. i feel that the first one was much better

  28. (music starts playing)
    I’m proud to be an american
    where at least I know I’m free
    to buy this book with this cover
    and laugh at all of ye

  29. EEE!!!!!! Just wanna read Goliath!!! (But maybe I should first read Behemoth. Shame, isn’t it?)
    OK, one request: PLEASE let the cover represent that Alek (who I always, for some reason, thought WAS taller than Deryn) and his friend “Dylan” form a relationship. I will accept the craziest scenes, secret discovered by someone else who tells Alek (probably Dr. Barlow), or even a gay relationship. I’ll accept ANYTHING, just PLEASE bring them together!! Everyone wants it!!!!!!!!

  30. I loved leviathan,behemoth and I can’t wait to read this. These are my favorite books and I’ve reread them both a couple times.I wish that this series had three hundred books!

  31. so as i read these comments i was shocked to discover that only like three noted what i have been freaking out about. DERYN LOOKS FEMININE!!!!! did she tell alek yet?! WHY IS IT NOT SEPTEMBER YET?! </3

  32. After scruinizing this for ten minutes, I realized that Alek is taller than Deryn. Plus I distinkly remember Alek being short.

  33. Not to be overly judgmental and all, but I have to agree with Bailey-wa and A’shia Myers that covers with real people on them just don’t work for such an elaborate fantasy series as this one. They really distort the imagery us readers will have while reading the story.

    … I guess this volume will be just another library check-out for me like Behemoth was, however awesome both of them are / will be. :/

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