Vote for Goliath Reveal

Okay, it’s time to reveal the first piece of art from Goliath, book three of the Leviathan trilogy. But I can’t choose which one is best to show, so I’ve thought of something more fun than deciding on my own.

YOU, dear readers, shall decide for me.

Below are three partially revealed images. Vote in the comments for the one you want me to show in its entirety. (To make vote counting easy, please use the chapter number to identify your favorite.) Feel free to explain your vote, thus persuading others to your cause! After all, a lively debate is the beating heart of democracy.

“Two-Headed Messenger”

“Secrets in the Rookery”

“Hooking the Package”

There you go. Let the vote-carnage begin!

273 thoughts on “Vote for Goliath Reveal

  1. Scoottt…hurrrryyyyy…can’t…hold on…much..longerrrrr…!

    [You would be impressed if you could see how dramatically I’m wringing my hands. I begin to think you use the word ‘mere’ too lightly!]

  2. I vote for Two-headed Messenger because it looks like a bird is in the picture — and I’m really into birds.

  3. ahhh…I see I have arrived late. How unfortunate. But there are still many questions left unanswered. First one that may be on a lot of people’s minds would have to be, when will Deryn tell Alek she’s a girl, or what more secrets are there about Bovril their little loris friend? Is there something more up Dr. Barlow’s sleeves? What about Count Volger’s? Questions can so very annoying and when one thinks about them too hard they get a throbbing headache. The only cure is Scott Westerfeld’s third book, Goliath. I do hope to get it soon. OOOOOOOOOHHHH I JUST CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!! ……ahem, sorry lost my compsure there. I really can’t wait till the third book. Ah, I feel like I’m gonna die. To sustain myself I’ve been reading Behemoth and Leviathan over and over. Tis the only way I can stop myself from going balistic. Well, see you people later. Bye! 🙂

    IM.Q. Cline

  4. This vote is a little late, but I personally would have picked Chapter 3. I believe that it would show some sort of clue to the third book. By the way, these books are a personal favourite! I am a very picky reader. There are not many books that I like, but Scott, you’ve got me hooked on these books!

  5. chapter2!!!
    ohmygod!cruelty has its limits scott!you cut off the best part of the picture!!!
    and anyway its deffa #2 because #1 is dr barlow.and #3 should be deryn doing something dangerous…again 😀

  6. Chapter threeof course!SPOILER AHEAD-TOP SECRET** you can find the one in chapter two on keith thompsons website. Plus number three looks juicey and exciting-can’t wait for the book to come out XD!!

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