ZvU at Sydney Kinokuniya

The Zombies Versus Unicorns debates have spread around the world! Next Thursday, March 31, at 6PM we will be having one at Kinokuniya Bookstore here in Sydney, Australia.


Join us at Kinokuniya as Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld (Team Zombie) face off Margo Lanagan and Garth Nix (Team Unicorn) to determine who reigns supreme, the zombie or the unicorn? This is an event not to be missed!

Edited by Holly Black (Team Unicorn) and Justine Larbalestier (Team Zombie), Zombies Vs Unicorns is a unique short story feud that pits horned beasts against the shuffling undead.

Contributors to this unique collection include bestselling teen and YA authors Garth Nix, Meg Cabot, Scott Westerfeld, Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson and Margo Lanagan.

Zombie Vs Unicorns challenges you to pick a team, and stick to it. But be warned, these are stellar story-tellers, and they can be very convincing…

The event is free to attend, but please register your interest at the Information Counter or on 9262-7996.

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Kinokuniya Bookstore

Level 2 The Galeries Victoria
500 George Street
Sydney 2000 NSW
T: (02)9262-7996
F: (02)9283-1055


See you there, Sydneysiders!

21 thoughts on “ZvU at Sydney Kinokuniya

  1. Oh that’s a toughie….both are such epic creatures…..

    i think my brain would fizzle out of my ears if I had to participate in that debate…

  2. Too bad I don’t live in Sydney. I couldn’t choose. I’d be like zombies, no unicorns, no zombies! Then, everyone would be confused. Especially me. Barking. Spiders.

  3. sooo wish to be in sydney!! On the topic of unicorns vs. zombies it is quite impossible to decide. I mean if I had to have one on my side, I’de say unicorns because the zombie would probably eat me, but can you TRUELY trust a unicorn? By the way I just finnished Peeps only a few minets ago and, not to go all anti-twilight-teen-who-reads-not-just-because-the-actor-who-plays-the-character-in-the-movie-is-hot on you BUT Cal & Lace are undisputably better than Bella & Edward.

  4. Man, I wish i could go to this! It sounds epic! Oh, and Kat, I totally agree with you!!!! I’d take Cal and Lace over Bella and Edward any day!

  5. Aw, I wish I lived in Sydney!
    I have firmly decided to be a part of Team Zombicorn because a zombie-unicorn is way more epic than just one or the other!!!!

  6. I live in Sydney. My uni is like a bus ride from this place.
    Guess where I’ll be next Thursday.

  7. Go Zombies!!!! I’m wearing my TEAM ZOMBIE t-shirt right now! We have one of the bookstores in Portland, where I live. If only you were coming there!!!!!

  8. PING TO THE ALL IMPORTANT SCOTT-LA! Will it be possible for the debate to have a live-streaming sort of thing? I’d love to be able to see my all time favorite defend flesh eaters over here in the states! 😀 thankees!


    No matter how convincing the Unicorn stories will/would be I will always follow the zombies! (quietly, of course, so they don’t bite off my flesh)

  10. I live in Sydney so hopefully I’ll be able to come!

    I believe it’s pronounced ‘kee-no-coon-ya’. Or at least that’s how I say it. ^-^

    Will you guys be signing at all?

  11. TEAM ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!

    Why must I live in the U.S???? AGH! I wish I could come Scott. Good luck!

    (PS. I’m doing three book report projects on the Midnighters series and I’m having so much fun delving deeper into the books to make good projects!)

  12. I just bought this book the other day and I am very excited to be reading it. I am team zombie all the way in case you were wondering. 🙂

    Is there any hope of you guys making a similar book about pirates and ninjas? That’s something I’d buy without hesitation. 🙂

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