An Interview, an Apology

Yes I’m SORRY I didn’t post an fan art last Friday. I was overwhelmed with submissions and with a touch of the flu. But rest assured that you’ll be seeing lashings of fan art right here THIS Friday.

In the meantime, I have a cool interview to share with you, but first some very important news:

Today is the book birthday of The Last Little Blue Envelope, Maureen Johnson’s long-awaited sequel to 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I’m sure zillions of you read that ages ago, and will want to get the new one TODAY. If you haven’t read 13 LBE, you’ve been missing a total YA classic.

The books are about a girl who inherits a set of 13 envelopes containing mysterious messages from her recently deceased aunt. She has to travel around Europe to decode them, and discovers love and art and much more in the process. 13 LBE is justly famous and beloved, and is simply a must read. I’m sure the sequel is going to be awesome.

And now for my interview with the Science Fiction Book Club, which is publishing its own edition of the Leviathan trilogy. This interview contains some tantalizing hints about Goliath, and reveals for the first time some of the amazing color images from the companion art book for the series, The Manual of Aeronautics.

Click here to watch it bigger. Thanks to Diana Pho and the SFBC for taking the time to chat with me.

Before you ask, The Manual of Aeronautics comes out in August 2012. It’s in a bigger format than the other books, so you can bask in its large and glorious images, and is ALL in color. There are beasties, machines, uniforms, character portraits, and of course loads of plans from a certain living airship. (Obviously, Keith does the art.)

See you Friday.

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  1. @Aron & Reuben D: Ya know they don’t usually let us have snow days. Its almost if someone has to die before we can have a snow day. We’re so cheap here.

    And @ Julia: You should come see Michigan, been raining the past 3 days it has!

  2. Hmmmm since we’re on the subject, for me it snows in winter and melts in spring, but the temperature is wacky. Mr. Scott-La Westerfeld, I love your jacket, and goggles. I would like an early edition of the Manual. I need some ideas on my Deryn costume(for Halloween). Oh and you should go to Austin again.

  3. Yay, you’re ALIVE! Awesome interview, really sad to hear you got a bit of the flu. 🙁 I’ve heard it’s bad, but, you know, I’ve grown up in a messy house with pets so…build up of immunity! Anyways, they go to Japan, Mexico, AND the U.S.? Seriously, Scott-la, you are awesome. ^^ Plus, that manual! Can’t wait to see all those pictures!

    As for the whole snow thing, we may not get much snow here, but our weather is /freaky/. Literally. Snow, rain? Pssh, all that stuff is nice and mundane and /predictable/. Here? Snow one day, 70+ degrees (Fahrenheit, not sure what it is in Celsius, to lazy to do calculations) the next, and not to mention our thunderstorms. Oh yes. Our thunderstorms. Nothing compares. So, hah! *wields lightning rod* …Hold on a minute…*is struck by lightning*

  4. @alice: D8 AWW. I should but then I’d have to stay in a stupid hotel and hotels are all creepy…and the snow days thing sucks for you >.< Come live in VA. They freak out if a snowflake lands on the ground.

  5. Wait, Mexico! Mexican Revolution! I don’t know much Spanish, but I’m sure Alek does! I mean, the guy speaks German and English perfectly, and I’d wager Italian and French, too. Oh well, nothing a little Rosetta Stone can’t help…

  6. *wields beam sword like a 1UP*

    Snow? SNOW?! We don’t need no steeeinkin snow! We already had Snowpocalypse, for StarClan’s sake! Any more snow, and I’m moving someplace warm….preferably where I can sip a cold drink with a little umbrella.

  7. @TheWordMaster: Hahaha! Warriors reference! read that series in elementary school, loved it. Course I can’t remember a lot about it, reading it like 5 years ago.

    Also Michigans weathers being bipolar again. Rainy all weekend then warm and sunny today… NOW I HAVE A SUN BURN!!!!!!!

  8. @alice
    Yeah, I’ve been a fan for a good 4/5 years now. I used to be all over the Warriors blog, but then I relocated here. Ahhhh….steampunk…..
    I occasionally make strange references to things like that though. Especially LOST ones. And video games. And books.

  9. Does Deryn tell? If so dont make alek all sappy. I’ve had enough of that on DA! When my fan fic is finito, Alek will cause BIG problems for Deryn!
    (What can I say, I like letting characters suffer. Heheehehehe)
    Any ways Deryn can handle being rejected and hated by Alek.
    Nuf said.

  10. I was wondering if I may ask.
    I drew a picture of one of Keith’s drawings of Tesla and I’m going to post it online, but I wanted to know how I could give it to you if you like it enought to post it up.

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