An Interview, an Apology

Yes I’m SORRY I didn’t post an fan art last Friday. I was overwhelmed with submissions and with a touch of the flu. But rest assured that you’ll be seeing lashings of fan art right here THIS Friday.

In the meantime, I have a cool interview to share with you, but first some very important news:

Today is the book birthday of The Last Little Blue Envelope, Maureen Johnson’s long-awaited sequel to 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I’m sure zillions of you read that ages ago, and will want to get the new one TODAY. If you haven’t read 13 LBE, you’ve been missing a total YA classic.

The books are about a girl who inherits a set of 13 envelopes containing mysterious messages from her recently deceased aunt. She has to travel around Europe to decode them, and discovers love and art and much more in the process. 13 LBE is justly famous and beloved, and is simply a must read. I’m sure the sequel is going to be awesome.

And now for my interview with the Science Fiction Book Club, which is publishing its own edition of the Leviathan trilogy. This interview contains some tantalizing hints about Goliath, and reveals for the first time some of the amazing color images from the companion art book for the series, The Manual of Aeronautics.

Click here to watch it bigger. Thanks to Diana Pho and the SFBC for taking the time to chat with me.

Before you ask, The Manual of Aeronautics comes out in August 2012. It’s in a bigger format than the other books, so you can bask in its large and glorious images, and is ALL in color. There are beasties, machines, uniforms, character portraits, and of course loads of plans from a certain living airship. (Obviously, Keith does the art.)

See you Friday.

68 thoughts on “An Interview, an Apology

  1. First (I think)!! ;D
    Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for the Manual of Aeronautics! It’s going to be so awesome! And yay! More Keith art!

  2. ugh, I can’t wait till Goliath comes out. I love the goggles around your neck in this by the way- I wish I had a pair *grumble*

  3. Flu. Ick. Hope you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

    Also, thanks for the awesome-sauce interview! I’m *So* excited for both books… and I adore the goggles πŸ˜‰

  4. I read 13 Little Blue Envelopes a week ago for free on Kindle (I LIKE FREE THINGS) and really enjoyed it.


    Hope you feel better~

  5. You’re apology for your tardiness is accepted! Hope you’re feeling better, Scott! Manual of Aeronautics! *excitement*

  6. OMG!!! I loved the interview!!! They go to NEW YORK!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! The preview images made me jump up and down (literally). I CAN’T WAIT!!!! πŸ˜€

  7. Oh. Wow. I MUST write a fanfic about this. NOW. I was so excited when you mentioned where they would be going. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  8. D8 Awww I hope you feel better! An I love the goggles .> Can’t wait to get them first and rub it in to my Leviathan Buddy’s face >D

  9. …My Dad’s computer is evil ;w; I meant the last part about Goliath and the Manual of Aeronautics

  10. No fan art? *sniffs* Thats sad. But understandable. Having the flu is lame. Oh well. In other parts of my mind… Cool interview! Were the goodies on the table real, or just for show?

  11. LALALALALALALALALAAAA!!!! Apology accepted and I am so frickin’ excited about those books!!!! GAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! WHY NOT NOW?!?!?! oh and I still suggest my own Fanfics you can pick from. I’m hoping to finish a set tomorrow but a lot of people on dA have good stuff! But still…

  12. Oh my god!!!!! They come here to new york?!?!?! I’m so lucky to have my city in the book!
    And an Artbook sounds so amazing! I don’t think I can wait until next august! Or even this September!
    Please tell me where you got those steampunk goggles! I want some O.O

  13. A very insightful interview that succeeds in making readers curious about the future books.

  14. Oh mon Dieu! I love all the pictures and hints in the interview.
    So we’re going around the world to Hearst Castle. What’s going to happen there? a wedding perhaps πŸ˜‰

  15. Firstly: AWESOME!!

    Secondly: I KNEW Hearst from the word cloud had to do with William Randolph Hearst! *happy dance!*

  16. Second post. *shot*

    Why do you say ‘Upcoming Behemoth’ at the end? Are you going senile, Scottmeister?

  17. Scott-la!!!! I’m clinging to every word you say πŸ™‚ I cannot wait til you go on tour and visit us. You have an amazing way of letting us into your head just a wee bit. AHHH and extra artwork in The Manual?! I can’t waiiiiiitt.

    Plus I’m so going to visit Hearst castle before the book comes out.

  18. Oh, bargh. Flu. D: Get well soon!

    Apropos of nothing, I was listening to Classical radio the other day, and they played a piece called Norfolk Rhapsody No.1; are you familiar with that piece? It’s apparently based on English folk songs. (For King and Country, Mr. Sharp!) I managed to find it on YouTube later:

    The wandering, soaring atmosphere and slight eccentricity of it immediately made me think of possible Leviathan soundtrack music. Particularly the moment when the Leviathan emerges from the clouds, or any scene prominently featuring her – a sort of airship leitmotif?

    There’s a rousing, almost military-march-slash-swashbuckler-esque secondary melody later on (starts about 5:34 in the YouTube version) that reminds me sharply of Deryn/Dylan, too. It’s got both soaring, heart-pounding variations and more comical variations on the same melody.

    Thoughts? ^_^

  19. Was she wearing a corset? Tres cool πŸ˜€ Wonderful goggles too, I have a pair like them in purple.

    I think I just fainted. Scott, if you ever write a sequel or a prequel, PLEASE do the Russian Revolution in the Leviathan world. It would just be layers upon layers of awesome. With Lenin like a little revolutionary cherry on top.

    That came out wrong.

    For those who don’t know, World War One was the main cause of the two Russian revolutions of 1917, in February and October. And now I can’t wait for October 2011…

  20. Stupid school blocking things!!!!! Can’t see any of the spoiler images!!!!!!

    But I am very excited about The Manual Of Aeronautics!!!!

    Also I’d like to ask all you fans from the United Kingdom, I have a guy in my English class from the U.K. and he says that your very stereo typical of Americans, basically do you think we’re all fat, and eat at McDonalds always? Is this true?

  21. @alice
    I’m not from England, but I have lived there and I have been in the USA a couple of times. Americans are not all fat, there are fat people there, and skinny people, and there are normal people. And you can make fun of them for gaping in amazment over 5 cm snow.
    I’m from Norway (A little country up north with very cold winters.) and I woundered; what would Norway be like in the world in Leviathen?

  22. Awesomness πŸ˜€ I’m definitely going to buy the both books! I can’t wait!!!

    Also: I love the goggles xD

  23. Scott-la, are you a Doctor Who fan? I mean, Deryn/Alek is Dalek, and in Behemoth everyone is wearing a fez!

  24. @ Aron: I live in Michigan so it can get bad here, but I would probably freak out if I went to Norway.

    Also I’m studying WW2 in history, I wonder what that would be like…

  25. YES!!!!!!! They’re coming to Mexico! I wonder how they’ll go to that bunch of places in a single book… Does this mean major time skips? :O

  26. Thank you for apologizing and not just leaving us blank like A LOT of people. I can’t watch the video right now because of some reasons, but I will some time in the future…and I’m thinking it’s awesome according to the comments I’ve read πŸ™‚

  27. Ooohhhhh… booook. Me likey.

    I forgive u Scott-la…even though thanks to this post I now am actively typing on three different posts at one time. MULTI-TASKIN!!!!

    I cannot see the video currently, but…..are you perhaps stopping in Virginia for a book signing? Or D.C.??? I hope you do. πŸ™‚

  28. So, New York, eh? The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. The…erm, you get the point. My second favorite city, after Nashville. Maybe they’ll visit the awesome guitar stores on 48th Street…hold on, that’s pretty anachronistic, isn’t it? Oh well, this should be interesting. And frickin’ awesome.

  29. @alice again
    Norway is weird: in the summer it’s warm enough to go swimming outside, and in the winter it can be up to 2 meters hige snow. (Higher in the mountens.)

  30. @aron: I know what you mean. Michigan had snow 5 days ago, now its 6o degrees F. And I just found my old copy of Behemoth!!! Now I have two.

  31. I’ll be exited to see Hertz. I am a HUGE science nerd and I love how Scott incorporates people like Tesla and Darwin.

  32. OMG! Sooooooo excited for da manual!!!!!!

    Hope u feel better!

    Btw, I forgive u 4 no fanart! Stinkin flu!

  33. Hey Raibean, I don’t know if Scott’s a Doctor Who fan or not, but someone in the Leviathan fandom came up with Dalek as Deryn/Alek.

  34. Digging the goggles!! So excited for your books! I’ve got a feeling I’ll end up making a steampunk cosplay when the art book comes out…

  35. Mmmmm….California! Yay.
    @Aron: Come to Salt Lake City some time…It would be really cool if we got 5 cm of snow instead of two feet in May. *grumble*

  36. @ Tobu: Perhaps it’s just my inner classical music geek screaming out, but I totally agree with the song: It’s spooky, but has a touch of nature-ish stuff to it, and seems perfect for Leviathan!


  37. AWESOME!! I totally want the googles! they are soo awesome! THX for telling us abotu 13LBE, I loved reading it, and I had NO idea she was bringing out a sequel!

  38. Fanart Friday isn’t important Scott, your health and wellbeing is however! Rest up. Chicken soup and all that jazz.

    @Aron, not to get all beefy with you, but when our average snowfall in England is like…ten cm PERΒ ANNUM if we’re lucky, (unless you count scotland where it snows a lot more), how else do you expect my country to react to it? We’re not prepared for it like you or America, because it hardly ever occurs. I wish it did because then people wouldn’t laugh at us about it.

    You wait. Let’s see how you’d all cope if it suddenly started raining everyday. We’re ready – are you? o_O

    *yields umbrella like a weapon*

  39. @Reuden D
    Still. Hardly a cm and they close the school? Here they only close the school if it’s a snowstorm. Funny story. At school in England (3-4 years ago) there was a question: What do you do in a snowstorn? My answer: Dig you’re self a snowcave down in the snow, and try to keep warm. Corect answer: Put on an exstra jacket.

    *Yields snowplow like a snowplow*

  40. @Reuden D and Aron

    I’ve never had a snow day. Never heard of one anywhere near me actually. See, I live in the middle of Canada, therefore snow seven months of the year πŸ™‚ You do have some solid points though, I’d flip if it rained everyday. Me no likee rain.

    You’re all welcome in Canada, though. Please. Come. Take our snow.

  41. @Rueben D

    XD They close school if we have like a centimeter of snow on the ground. But everybody around here hates snow *loves it*. And D< I wish it'd rain every day. Rain is the earth's way of cleaning ^^

    * wields..uh….rain stick like…however you wield a rain stick*

  42. First- Why is nobody noticing that the second to last image looks sort of like the room from the first golioth reveal with the two-headed bird thing. Trying to think of the name of picture- um, Secrets of the Rookery. Right. Anyway, since there are birds flying in and out, it seems like I’m right. I can’t tell if they have two heads or not, though… *sighs*

    Second- Ruben D and Aron- you guys posted things that said *yields umbrella like a weapon* and *Yields snowplow like a snowplow*- Yields is a word that means how much money you loose or gain at the end of the year. The other definition is giving up, or surrendering or something like that. Kinda the opposite of what you meant- the word you want is wields.

    Third- I’m going to agree with everyone else and say that flu sucks.

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