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Back in my younger days, when people would ask where I went to high school, the conversation would often go like this:

“I go to Arts Magnet.”

“Oh. So you’re a painter.”


“A sculptor?”

“Um, no.”

“What? You just draw?”


“But . . . you’re an artist, right?”

“Yep. I compose music and direct and act in plays.”

“Oh, right. Artssss Magnet.”


One of the fudgeries of spoken English is the way we often use the word for a subset to mean the whole set, and vice versa. To some people, “artist” means “painter,” “American” means “from the USA,” and “animal” means “multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdoms Animalia or Metazoa BUT NOT HUMANS CAUSE WE’RE SPESHUL.”

Of course, we’re starting to get rid of a lot of these fudges, but it’s still tricky. I often use “USian” instead of “American,” but as a southerner I correct Aussies who call me a “yank.” The politics of who’s the subset in these verbal habits can be very problematic, you see. (But at least pretty much everyone has given up saying “man” for “humanity.”)

AND YET, here I’ve done more than a dozen Fan Art Fridays, and about 99% of the fan art I’ve shared with you is drawn or painted (or the digital equivalent). Apparently I’ve been colonized by my painterly high school oppressors without even realizing it!

So here we are at last, a special edition of Fan Art Friday in which NO art is drawn or painted. (Well, some of it is, partly. There is no escape.)

Let’s start off with costumes. Here’s an awesome piloting jacket by DA’s WaxesNostalgic, based on Alek’s from Leviathan:

Cool, huh? You don’t see enough leather in cosplay.

And here’s some self-portraiture by bano–kagi, which is partly cosplay, but also involves the art of resembling Deryn Sharp without even trying.

I mean, seriously. It’s like she jumped out of the book.

This one is sort of on the border between drawing and sculpture, but you will agree it’s totally cool. See if you can find the Leviathan characters in “Jump Off the Page” by ThePrinceOfParties.

This is a crop. You must follow this link for the whole thing!

Characters jumping out of books makes me happy.

More sculpture! Of a Huxley Ascender! This one from Parker-Strom.

And in a more jewelry mode, Heather L. offers up one of the Leviathan‘s fabricated bees:

It’s so glittery, kind of like I describe the bees in the gut.

And now . . . something that will keep you Midnighters fans in stitches.

Heh, in stitches. (Bada-BOOM.) From Kristen G, who is clearly awesome, because those midnighters symbols are really detailed.

And in the photography category, Ren W. and Sammy sent me shots of the sky that might be related to Leviathan, of course. But which might also be somehow related to a CERTAIN LINE at the beginning of the Uglies series!

That one’s by Ren W, and this next one’s by Sammy.

Okay, we’ve covered Leviathan, Midnighters, and Uglies, and EIGHT pieces of art, so I think I’m stopping here. (Still fluey.) Rest assured, though, there will be more non-painterly art next week, including the bajillion pieces of fan-fiction you all sent me. (So. Much. Fan. Fiction.)

There will also be a tattoo, or perhaps even two. Seriously.

If you’re coming to BEA or simply live near New York City, don’t forget
my appearances next month. I’m coming 10,000 miles for this BEA, so I don’t want any empty chairs!

And just a reminder, you guys know I’m on Twitter, right?

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  1. Yesss first <3 I've seen like half of these XD The girl looks exactly like Deryn o.o And I want that jacket D< *must get to making cosplay*

  2. It’s nice to know that you’re allowed to read fanfiction. I’ve heard some published authors saying their agents/publishers tell them not to read fanfic because of “legal issues”. Always seemed like a pity to me.

  3. ***Third to comment!***
    OMG! Scott, thank you so much!! I’m so honored!! I’m so glad you like my pillow! And yes, it was not easy to sew the symbols at all and I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing. You’ve made my day today!!

  4. That jump of the page thing is so awesome! So adorable! Wish I could put my fanart on the web. Course its draw stuff and not as cool. And speaking of people who look like the characters I saw a guy who looked exactly like Volger, with a mustache and everything!

  5. Oh my goodness, the cat vomit sky was absolutely perfect. Makes me want to take my hoverboard for a spin for old times sake! XD
    They were all so great. Now I wanna make an Off-the-Page like that one!

  6. Gah! I AM SO HAPPY! 😀 😀 😀 I am featured!
    The huxley is made out of synthetic leather, actually! :3

  7. You have easily become one of my favorite authors, not only because of your awesome books, but because you GET what fandom is all about. I just love your fanart Fridays and I’m glad you’d decided to shine the spotlight on fanarts other than drawings. These are all so good 😀 That Deryn cosplayer is sooo good. Maybe someone can make her a uniform now *hint hint to the person who made the pilot’s jacket*.

    I’m very amused by the thought of you reading fanfic. (And also SO glad I don’t write!)

  8. I second everything Irrel said!! ….Except for the part about being glad she doesn’t write fanfic. Because I, uh, do write fic. A lot. And when I think too much about A Real Author reading my stories, I feel a little queasy. *facepalm*

  9. Love this fan art. Epic jacket! And Deryn look- alike? Awesome. I wish I was born to look like Deryn, but sadly I don’t. (enter sad sigh here). Finished the Midnighters series, I’m thinking about doing some fanart for that.

  10. Seen most of these before, but SO MUCH LOVE.
    I want Alek’s jacket so very badly.

    Also, are we still getting an art reveal Sunday?

  11. @Julia456 I’ve noticed that a lot of Scott’s fans are named or aliased as Julia, Julie or some other variation. o-o’ Like not only what I’ve noticed on the blog. It’s everywhere. I apologize, I just wanted to point that out XD

    @Everyone who had a feature because it was like 3 am last night and all that I was thinking was ‘HAH FIRST >D’: Great art <3 Seriously amazing.

  12. Nice, I liked the pillow and the characters jumping out of the books!! Speaking of jewelery, I bought a cool necklace from Claire’s. It has gears and an arrow that spins. Total steampunk, I thought so I bought it. 🙂 Some great fanart, can’t wait to see more.

  13. @IcyNotBubbly Darn I wish I knew that sooner (about the necklace at Claire’s). Last week I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for steampunk jewelry for a last-minute birthday. I ended up finding a flowery almost-steampunk-but-not-really necklace at Charming Charlie’s. Ahh well.

  14. @IcyNotBubbly I saw the same necklace! I almost had a heart attack, but my mom and I were looking for a present for my friend so I didn’t get it. It had a very clanker-ish feel to it, though.

  15. @ Hannah It really did that Clanker feel but I think it was part of a GO Green line or something. Steam-punk would’ve been better :/

  16. *Sigh* Eventually, we will get the Leviathan clothing line we dream of. Hopefully, that will be soon.

  17. The characters jumping out of the book is adorable. It should be like stop-animation, like the original King Kong and like the Frog and Toad books that were made into movies. You could storytell through a short film!

  18. Love them all, but especially the pictures coming out of the books and the Midnighters pillow. 🙂

  19. I love them all, especially the Midnighters pillow and the Uglies picture. “The sky was the color of cat vomit.” Hehe. ;3

  20. thats

  21. Haha, yes! Fan art! Woot!

    Anyways, I love this! That leather jacket is awesome, bano-kagi must be a descendant of Deryn, or something, to look that alike, the Jump Off the Page picture is amazing, and I love the idea of it, that little Leviathan bee is adorable, and that Huxley sculpture is beast. 😉 As for the non-Leviathan-related fan art, that pillow really is quite amazingly detailed-love it! And those two photos-I absolutely love the first one, as that’s just a really cool shot, and the second one is great too-seems like a bit of a foreboding pic, though, like if that was a scene in a book, you would just know that something bad’s on the horizon.

    Anyways, great fan art this time! Haha, don’t worry, Scott-la, we still love the art, even if it’s limited to just drawings, but it’s great to see you branching out to the other parts of the art genre!

    I agree with everything Irrel said, and Julia456, as I, uh, sent in some fanfic too…and it’s not very good, and I definitely agree with Julia456 in that I feel a bit queasy knowing a real author’s going to be reading it…*regrets sending it in*

    Can’t wait for the next Fan Art Friday!

  22. Yea…. everyone else pretty much covered everything i wanted to say, and i don’t like those comments were like five people repeat the same thing sooo… I freaking LOVE Bovril

  23. Someone said fanfic?!

    I’ve got one!

    Where’d ya’ like it Mr. Westerfeld?

    (Note: It’s 20 pages, so choose carefully. And I don’t belong to devart or fanfic .net. Not yet anyway…)

  24. i hope Mr. scott-la doesnt check his email i sent him a book idea and im scared hes gonna hate it 🙁
    but since he hasnt responded in 5 days i dont think hes gonna see it and it took me awhile to get the guts to send it 🙁

  25. Maya A Krajeck, I can’t speak for Scott, but I dabble in young adult writing myself and it’s my personal belief that there is never a bad book idea, it all comes down to the writing. And props for sending it off in the first place. It does take guts. 🙂

  26. “Jump off the Page” is one of the most freaking awesome things I have ever seen. Ever. EVER. I have to give kudos to the artist, you rock!

  27. WOW those photos are really awesome

    totally looks like the described ‘cat vomit’ colour 😛

  28. So, Scott…. When do you plan to release this month’s Goliath picture reveal? Very soon, I hope? Like, within the next hour, maybe?

    Think about it. 😉

  29. I love the diversity of your posts. 😀

    But just saying, if you put up some Risen Empire material, I’d be such a happy clam.

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