Goliath Word Cloud

Back in 2009 I blogged a word cloud of Leviathan as a NaNoWriMo tip.

Word clouds (made easy by the lovely and clever people at Wordle) are graphic representations of which words appear, and how often, in your novel, blog, or whatever. The words are sized, of course, in relation to how many times they pop up.

Word clouds great for spotting words that a writer uses too often, like my terrible habit of people frowning before they say something, or my once-rampant obsession with the word “effulgent.”

They’re also kind of fun for creating quasi-spoilery anticipation. And with that goal in mind, I offer you the Goliath word cloud five months before the book comes out!

Click here to see the full-size version. You know you want to.

Your sharp young eyes will no doubt note that I had to remove one word from the results. It was just too spoilerizing, and rather big as you can see. But the rest remains unaltered.

Of course, certain words that are missing (or quite small) can be just as spoilery as the ones that are there. So don’t look too close unless you want to suffer from S3krit Knowledge You Cannot Forgetz.

For my own purposes, I’m glad to see that “frowned” is very wee, and “effulgent” nowhere to be found. Sadly, “barking” is smaller than I thought it would be, and “perspicacious” totally missing! (But don’t worry, “Bovril” is happily medium sized.)

Best of all, the dreaded “just” is either not there or too tiny to see, so that’s another bad habit of mine expunged. Yay.

If you’re a writer, this old NaNoWriMo post of mine will give you a few more hints how to use word clouds in your own work.

See you on Fan Art Friday!

167 thoughts on “Goliath Word Cloud

  1. Haha! Brilliant. Ima liking that cloud you have there πŸ˜€

    But I agree! The lack of ‘barking’ and ‘perspicacious’ is quite sad…

  2. Gaah~ The ‘spoiler removed’ space is simply driving me insane! I must be crazy indeed to try to figure out what word/words were there by simply the shape of the space. >_< Worth a try, no?

  3. Seeing the name Deryn is large and Dylan is quite small proves that Alek discovers Deryn is a girl.

  4. That is a really cool tool! I’m almost afraid to try it on my novel. πŸ™‚ But I will. Tomorrow. For now, I need sleep.

  5. True, Kaitlin. πŸ™‚ I’m excited!

    I like how “end” and “message” are together.

    But I am sad that “last” is so large. πŸ™

  6. I didn’t see girl, but I did see “Malone,” “New” and “York.” Slightly ridiculously excited.

  7. Eddie’s back!
    PS If any of you watch Hetalia, get out your handy dandy Behemoth and find that picture of Malone.

    Now go look at a picture of America from Hetalia.
    (Psst! here’s a linkhttp://media.photobucket.com/image/america%20hetalia/spottedcherries/America_new.png?o=383)

    Now compare them!
    Weird, huh?
    If Eddie had blonde hair, he would look just like America!

  8. Umm…sorry everyone that link totally didn’t work out. Or at least on my page, it made the whole thing flip out!

    Anyways yes, I did noticed the “Miss” and “girl” and all that jazz. I really don’t think many conclusions can be drawn from that though because 1. Deryn thinks about her secret all of the time 2. There are bound to be new characters.
    Has a lot of potential nonetheless!
    @Nicola- Good job on “New” and “York”
    Another one at the bottom that you might not have noticed was “world.” πŸ˜€
    One that gets me excited is “cargo” and “message.” From the “two headed messenger” and the picture where Alek and Deryn are in a cargo bay, this helps direct us where the plot will be going and what we can expect from Dr. Barlow! Some other words that go along with this – German, Clanker, Istanbul, weapon and walker (ps weird pirate walker?) (relating to cargo…maybe the goliath is something already on board the Leviathan?)

    Also I would like to point out some weird word pairings in here just by chance.
    -Alek’s lady (bottom right :D)
    -This isn’t weird but it just made me happy that one of the words is “barking”
    -This one made me sad. Idk if anything will come of it, but does anyone think it’s a bit ominous that the words “never” and “last” are inside Alek’s name?

    Awww… πŸ™

  9. Muahaha!!! *Over analyzes* I saw ‘girl’ and had a spaz attack! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly it is a bit small BUT IT’S STILL THERE!!!! I also saw ‘Istanbul’ which made me think a bit too hard. (Why are they still talking about Istanbul if they’ve already put it behind them?) And I didn’t see ‘Goliath’ anywhere… hmmm… (I do see ‘hands’ and ‘hand’ which I find really random and weird- even if it is a really ‘hands on book’.) ‘One’ is pretty large in the middle, I wonder what that’s about… I see ‘room’… interesting…. Well… this has been my favorite spoiler post so far! (Besides the pictures, nothing can beat them!)

  10. One of the big words is also “mr.” I can just imagine….

    Bovil: /Mr/ Sharp!
    Deryn: Shut up!
    Alek: What does that mean?
    Brovil: /Mr/ Sharp! /Mr/ Sharp!
    Deryn: Arrg!
    Alek: /Mr/ Sharp…hmmm….
    Borvil: /Mr/ /Mr/ /Mr/ /Mr/ Sharp! Mr.!
    Deryn: Shut-
    Borvil: S-H!
    Deryn: You’re-
    Borvil: A-R!
    Deryn: Trap-
    Borvil: P! SHARP! /MR/ SHARP!
    Deryn: Beastie!
    Alek: *clueless*
    Borvil: /Mr/!
    Alek: Mr…hmmm…
    Borvil: Sharp!
    Alek: Mr. Sharp? /Mr./ Sharp….hmmm…wait….GOD’S WOUNDS!


    pgbjdhmnde omg alek is going to start using her real name

    Also, i am surprised to see Newkirk’s name as well! I was assuming he wouldn’t be that important here. Hmm.

    Rogers is a new character, I assume.

  12. Aww the ‘never’ and ‘last’ inside Alek’s name is really depressing. But I did notice a ‘Rogers’, which is probably some new character that will have some huge affect on the plot, making our heads spin and then explode…. Maybe not.

  13. No, I thought Rogers was a person on the Leviathan. Isn’t he the person who substitutes for Rigby when he gets hurt?

  14. And i wasn’t surprised to see Newkirk there. I always kinda thought he would play a bit of an unexpected role in the series! Well, I can only read and see!

  15. I don’t see the word ‘Japan’ so maybe in Goliath, it was a red herring and we aren’t actually going to Japan, but staying in Europe.

  16. Bah! The removed spoiler is driving me insane! But I love straining my eyes to read every word! So…

    1. I love seeing “Miss” and “Malone.” And also seeing “face” next to “door” made me laugh really hard!
    2. I hate seeing “walker” and “Klopp” so small. And no “Tazza”!
    3. I am uber curious about “Roger” and “Hearst” <— isn't that a newspaper publisher?
    4. Where is "Goliath"?

    I like thinking that "kissed" could be the removed word as Iana said. <3

    I can't wait till September!!

  17. It made me uber excited to see that “Dylan” is really small… Especially if Alek were to use it throughout the whole book… πŸ˜‰ Volger and Dr.Barlow’s names are bigger! πŸ˜€

  18. I love the word count i love it soo much but i wanted to see the spoiler thing oh well…………………..

    LOVE IT <3!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. *_* Whoaaaa, I love this idea XD It’s rally interesting to look at it and wonder why is that in there~~
    And by the way, I LOVE the “spoiler removed” XDD I laughed at it helplessly, wondering what is in there too! *o*

  20. I’m somewhat glad that you removed the spoiler…BUT I ** POSSIBLE SPOILER POSSIBLE SPOLER** see the word “girl” and if that has shown up on the word cloud then that has to mean two things:
    1) you used girl quite enough
    2) not many females, let alone girls, are characters/appear in this series…unless you decided to do something totally different?

    oh well, guess I won’t find out until the book comes out -sigh- but if I’m right…I am TOTALLY happy with my awesome perception πŸ™‚

  21. also…I don’t think “kissed” is the word (though i sorta want it to be) but it’s REALLY BIG so…I don’t think so :/

  22. I love to make these! Eep!

    I think the spoiler word is love, cuz the space looks like it would fit there…. Hmmmm….

    This thing rules! πŸ™‚

  23. AGGGHHHHHH!!!!! YOUT GOING YO MAKE MY HEAD EXPLODE WITH EXCITEMENT AND POSSIBILITIES!!!! HURRY UP AND MAKE THE BOOK COME OUT!!!! Meheheh. I’m eager to meet “Rogers” and see what roles Count Volger, Eddie, Dr. Barlow, and Newkirk’s roles will be. *fangirl squeal*

  24. If this spoiler word is “Kissing”, then they must do a lot of it, because that is a pretty big space.

  25. Um guys? What if the removed word was something like “death” or “killed”? I guess its just a possibility, I’m not trying to be negative! Also, I like Nicola’s suggestion of it being “Tally”. That would be cool, but unlikely. One word that made me nervous was “officers”. In fact, you can take words from the cloud and form the sentence “Officers took Deryn away.” I pray that Deryn isn’t found out and arrested for being a girl! These are the main worries going through my head. (Not the Tally part of course.)

    On the positive side, loris, Bovril, Volger, and Barlow are decent sized!

  26. The Spoiler word cannot be “Kiss” or “Love” because the space has a capital letter a shortish letter (unless the first is an ‘R’) a tall letter and one or two short letters (depending on the tall one).

    I like the pairings “good loris”, “already sir Alek’s lady”, “think Newkirk”, “Deryn came first”, “Bovril saw enough”, and many more.

  27. Man, this sure makes today, my birthday, pretty awesome. Just icing on the cake. Just going spend some time scrutinizing the words and call it a birthday present to myself.

    Personally, I don’t think ‘kiss’ or ‘death’ is the spoiler removed, unless, of course, a lot of people die, kiss, think about dying, thinking about kissing, or thinking about kissing a certain somebody while dying.

    I don’t know. That last one was kinda random . . .

    Can’t wait for Friday!

  28. well these are he main words i see


    Dereyn’s is a term tha would be used by SOMEONE ESLES POINT OF VIEW…and tee are only two views XD

  29. My guess is since Deryn’s name is so humongous then it’s probably not just her thinking it. And, it’s possably strategicly placed next to Alek’s. Hopefully.

  30. Will you post the un-edited version after the book comes out? I don’t want to be spoiled, but I must know the missing word!! =]

  31. jemmy1213 also notice that least is also within Alek’s name….
    Anyway, I like the word group Deryn’s message.

  32. OMG, guys did u guys see that the name “Dylan” that Deryn uses is SMALLER that BOVRIL… Like, does that mean it appears less often? If it does then I guess maybe Alek finds out Deryn is a girl pretty soon, like mid-way soon! OMG, I love this.

  33. Spoiler might be….next place they travel to?

    And I hate to break it to you Scott-la, but “just” is definitely there. πŸ™‚

  34. Did anyone else notice the little word ‘feet’, cause i’m kinda concerned. I’m also bummed out because i can’t find ‘Dummkopf’ anywhere, that was my favorite word in the last book, i even went through and wrote down all the pages someone says it- i am such a nerd.
    At least Bovril is fairly big. B)

  35. The fact in itself that “Deryn” has been used an exceptional amount more than “Dylan” is very, very exciting.

    Yes, I see ‘girl’ and I see ‘new’ and ‘york’. ‘Captain’ looks like it was used an incredible amount. Understandable, I suppose, but hopefully it being used that much means something special. (Deryn taking control of the Leviathan, anybody? Bah, wishful thinking.)

    I’m glad to see Malone is there too, I liked him. πŸ™‚

  36. To people like Emmiline and jemmy1213, Scott-la mentioned with the last cloud that Leviathan is a very action-y book so words like ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ will show up a lot when runny, climbing, sliding down from a huxley, or controlling a walker, for instance πŸ˜‰ ‘Walker’ is also there, which surprised me. Walker chase, anyone? πŸ˜€
    Anyone else notice ‘first’ ‘came’ ‘aboard’ ‘Leviathan’s’ In Deryn’s name?
    ‘Miss’ and ‘girl’ made me squeel <3 Miss Sharp? 'Lady' could fit into 'Lady Boffin', though…
    ….I can't squeeze anything out of the blank word. Maybe it's the "Goliath" by a different name, the two-headed messenger, or some new name/ creation. But, it's not 'kiss' or 'dead'. They'd have to be kissing/ dropping like flies throughout the book to make it that big!
    'Never' and 'last' are too big D':

  37. I also agree with Sarah B!! Please, Scott-la, let us know what the censored word is after the book is released!

  38. If you compare it to the word cloud he made for Leviathan Alek and Deryn’s name are about the same size, same with her. Though there’s no doubt that Alek should figure out Deryn’s little secret.

  39. Did anyone notice that if you turn your head sideways (or your computer/paper/etc), the cloud resembles Bovril sitting?

    I wonder if there’s a reason for Alek and Deryn’s name being perpendicular to one another.

    I think the spoiler word has to deal with the document that the late Pope wrote out saying that Aleksander is the rightful heir to the Austrian-Hungrian throne and the war.

  40. Hi Scott, really enjoying the Leviathan series. Just curious, was this series in any way inspired by the artwork in a book called ’50 fantasy vehicles to draw and paint’ by Keith Thompson? The reason I ask is because a number of illustrations in the book could’ve come straight out from your books! Especially check out pages 54, 74, and 124–spooky! Anyways, looking forward to part 3! Thanks, Pauline

  41. I wonder if the hidden word is kiss…………… But I’m looking for little words and my mind is going crazy thinking of hidden meanings!

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