Sequential Fan Art Friday

I’ve been getting a lot of sequential Leviathan fan art lately, series of pictures that tell a story.

You will also note that all the fan art this week has something of a THEME.

But first! Remember that the April meet-up is almost here! Come to the WesterForum and ask me all the questions you want.

For USians, it will be tomorrow (probably today by the time you read this):
Saturday, April 9 at 8PM Eastern Time, 7PM Central, and 5PM Pacific.
For you here in Australia, it will be 10AM Sunday (April 10) on the east coast, 7AM on the west coast, and 9:30AM in Adelaide.
And in London . . . I’m afraid due to all the time changes, it’ll be 1AM, Saturday night/Sunday morning. Sorry, Europe!

And now for our first piece of sequential fan art, from Ana Lind:

Heh, heh. That one’s from the book, but the next one is from an entirely different reality. From Sydney H:


So compare those two little stories: one comic, one sentimental. That’s the thing about characters in disguise, you can go for comedy or for pathos, because the act of hiding oneself lends itself equally well to either. That’s why crossdressing is such a popular fictional device, from Twelfth Night to Tootsie.

On another note, are you getting the THEME yet? if not, check out this more comic take from Tobuishi at Deviant Art:

Okay, that was a bit unexpected, even mysterious! But yes, lots of fan art lately in which Deryn and Alek get together somehow. I WONDER WHY.

And finally, though neither sequential nor get-togethery, a lovely portrait from Audrey E:

Tazza . . .

See you all at the meet-up!

47 thoughts on “Sequential Fan Art Friday

  1. Awesome! I love Fan Art Fridays. I haven’t seen the first and last one. I like Deryn’s loopy face in the first comic, and then the drastic “Barking Spiders!” change. Ha ha she’s such a girl! That had me cracking up. And I like the drawing style of the second; I want Alek’s jacket.

    But wait, Deryn has boobs, lol? The Leviathan is smiling in the background.

  2. Loved yours Audrey…really random compared to the other but still awsome… and Mr.Scott i think i might just have gotten your message πŸ™‚
    Love fan art fridays!!!

  3. The last one is really cool. Alek looks like a rockstar, Rollin Stone-ish? Dr. Barlow looks very regal. And Tazza looks very playful and fun. He sort of reminds me of my neighbor’s dog. Everytime I read the third one I blush…then I laugh.

  4. I really like 1,2, and 4. Number three makes me feel a wee bit awkward. I guess it was creative. 2 and 4 look a little bit like Keith’s art, but without the black ink style.

  5. Haha funny and romantic at the same time!

    Comedic romance+Tazza=total awesome

    Thanks, Scott!

  6. I’ve seen all of these on deviantART (I’m always on there looking for fanart)! I absolutely love them all!

  7. Mr. Scott, why did you say the 1st one is by Ana Lind when it says on the art that its by Ana Dor?

  8. Haha Scott’s “I WONDER WHY” reminds me of JK Rowling’s reference to hints about Ron/Hermione being anvil-sized =P

  9. I’ve seen all of them except for number 1! Also, the second one has been my favorite fanart of The Leviathan for a really long time. Its just soo adorable!
    I love Fanart Friday’s (even though its saturday right now… lol) I look forward to it on here every week. =]

  10. Thank for putting my pic up Scott! You inspire me to draw so many things!

    LOL -> Third picture……. Alek’s like SAY WHUT.

  11. Oh, I see what you did there, Scott. Typing ‘Ana Lind’ when ‘Ana Dor’ is clearly written on the comic. ‘Lind’ and ‘Dor’. ‘Lindor’. Like Lindor chocolate? Yes/no?

  12. Ah! Number 2 is Stkidd’s from DA – all her Leviathan art is amazing. You should feature her all the time – she even started an Alek/Deryn group on DA.

  13. Reuben D you rock. <3 <3 <3333

    thanks all for the compliments! and thankyou thankyou scott-la for the feature :3 it means so much to me.

  14. Oh, good gracious. How did you find that one? I’m flattered to have been posted by the creator, but also simultaneously rather embarrassed. It’s based on a meme, for whatever that’s worth in my defense. ^^;

    I /did/ draw actual fanart, as well. You know, not involving bosoms or memes. For whatever /that’s/ worth.

  15. *headdesks* I missed. The meet. @_@

    Anyyways, this fanart is beautiful. Very much so. Tobuishi’s made me laugh so hard, and Audrey’s was just amazing in form and I loved the style <3

  16. “Lots of fan art lately in which Deryn and Alek get together somehow. I WONDER WHY.”

    Mr. Westerfeld, you are such a tease~! I absolutely cannot wait for Goliath!!

  17. These rock! πŸ™‚ the 1 and 2 ones r my favs… The first one made my say! It’s hilarious! πŸ˜€ and the second one is just SUPER cute! πŸ™‚

    I love fanart Fridays! Yay! πŸ˜€

  18. Please oh please oh PLEASE!!! get Alek and Deryn together somewhat or another!! i like these comics because they actually do that! Please make them get together Mr. Scott!

  19. Totally agree!!! I want these two together already!!!:3
    Imagine the moment when they do… AWWWWWW!!!

  20. wow….. #3 was a bit unexpected……. but still awesome! My favorite is #1! Sudden girly moment! Lets just hope when she actuelly tells him she a girl she doesn’t severely embaress herself (like shouting it to him from a high window or somethin) and though that would be funny, I still dont want her to embarass herself to bad, shes too awesome…

  21. …I now want to see a Volger/Barlow pic for some reason.

    Speaking of which, I reread Behemoth yesterday, and found something interesting. Near the end, when Dr.Barlow is ranting about Deryn’s bond to Bovril, I believe she means to finish her unfinished sentence with something about how it only bonds with another person if the two people are made for each other (or something to that effect). It would also explain how our other loris obtained a mustache…I think (yes, I do believe that Barlow and Volger are made for each other, in a creepy-ish way).

  22. ah-mazing!!! first one, awesome, love the woozy deryn. second one, movie-worthy, very emotional and love the progression of pictures. fourth is quite good. the third is hilarious! honk! honk! becuase all boobs do that…

  23. This reminded me, I had my little sister (age 13) read leviathan. She read the first page aloud and pronounced Aleks full name. She said “Prince Alkaseltzer”. And yes like the cold medicine. Then she came and told me she kept getting Dylan and Deryn confused, cuz she thought they where two different people. This book isn’t that complicated, is it?

  24. heh heh….alkaseltzer…

    Somehow I can see Deryn saying something like that. Was Alkaseltzer even around back then?

  25. Btw, I applaud Deryn #1 for being able to bend her leg back that far. I sure can’t do that!

  26. ha, sry this is my second comment. did anyone else notice the whale in the last slide of the third one? lol, its supposed to be the leviathan! so much less intimidating than the ‘real’ thing.

  27. Seeing these makes me think someone should really do a Leviathan series graphic novel. Maybe by whoever drew The Walking Dead.

    Personaly, I think one and two have the best art but nothing cracks me up more than three. NOTHING. The faces are just perfect. Spot-on.

  28. Oh my god the “Grab My Boob” meme!
    I love these!
    “Cassy! Grab my boob!” *rainbow* ~lesbians~

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