Fan Art Friday, Now Fortnightly

Yes, having missed fifty percent of the last few Fan Art Fridays, I hereby declare Fan Art Friday to be Fan Art Fortnightly. (It’s not easy being a lazy blogger, okay?)

This part 2 of the Non-Drawn Fan Art trilogy, guaranteed to have zero paintings or drawings, but with lashing of tattoos, cosplay, and photography. (Fan fic will be the concluding edition, in two weeks.)

First up we have tattoos, which are the most flattering/disturbing medium of fan art, because they’re, like, PERMANENT. This should go without saying, but I’ll say it: Do not get fan tattoos without serious consideration!

And yet, kind of awesome.

For all you Midnighters fans, here’s an awesome mindcaster tattoo on a fan I met in Florida. I have forgotten his name! (Sorry, dude. But I follow you on Twitter.)

And showing even more commitment, here’s an unknown rockstar in Russia who is obviously a huge fan of Keith’s!

Photo by Theodor Melmoth.

Note that this isn’t from Leviathan, and is Westerfeldian in no way. But as you all love Keith as much as I do, I thought you’d want to see it.

Finally, here are a couple of non-real facial tattoos. (Non-real being the way to go with facial tattoos, I’d say.) The first is from Rachel, and is a mix of Special Tally and the cover of my (very) adult book, Evolution’s Darling:

And here’s another (fake) Special tattoo, spotted on the Behemoth tour last October:

By the way, if you want to read an academic paper on tattoos and body modification in the Uglies series, click here.

And now for some cosplay! Here’s Saiyuki-15, playing multiple roles:

Yes, that’s some awesome costuming AND jewelry making.

Here’s an intense Dr. Barlow, from FlyingBicycle at Deviant Art.

And now some photography from Zvaella, featuring a page of Leviathan:

Our last piece of FAF is photography plus Photoshoppery, from Ponylov. It’s one of my creations that amuses me the most, Shay’s eye-clock from Pretties:

It appears to be showing five four o’clock, given the angel of the eye and the fact that Shay’s clock runs backwards.

So here’s a mind-bending question for you: Why does Shay’s eye-clock run backward? Yes, it’s partly because pretty fashion is always silly, but there’s also a perfectly reasonable answer. Bubble-headed Tally and Shay never figure out in the books, but I bet you guys can. First correct commenter gets a virtual fist-bump from me.

(UPDATE: Solved in comment 2. But many other good theories have been proposed.)

Okay, that’s it for today. Come back in a fortnight for the all fan-fic Fan Art Fortnightly! Sorry to take so long, but there’s a lot to organize.

In the meantime, those of you in the New York City area should remember that my Book Expo America events are coming up next week! Hope to see some of you there.

87 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday, Now Fortnightly

  1. Wow. Those were some die-hard fans! The eyes were pretty (but kinda creepy).

    Is the answer to your question why the clock goes backwards because:

    Shay didn’t go to the Smoke the first time and she wishes to rewind time becasue if she rewound time she wouldn’t be in the mess she was in?

    Is it because in the books, the society was messed up and backwards?

    Or that the society was moving backwards instead of progressing and going forewards?

    Or maybe its some super-douper challenging, technical sciency answer?

  2. Personally, in answer to your question, I find that her eyes go backward, not only for enviable attention from other pretties, but because Shay herself is a little backward too. She figures out, vaguely the city’s way of controlling uglies’ thoughts with the reoccurring thought of being pretty. She finds the smoke the second time, and does what she chickened out of the first time. When Pretty, she cuts as her own cure, which is done today as well. And as a special, she leads her “cutters” as a sort of cult and is basically the “ring leader.” To me, it seems as though they go backwards to symbolize the rusties, and how she is sort of out of time in her own world. They go backward to show that she is from a time farther back, and thinks upon things in the past. They could, in essence, symbolize her being Crim and the group focusing on the past and all the amazing things that they did when they were Ugly.

  3. Well, finally….but maybe you should take some No-doz or somethin to hype that energy up….barking bum-rag covered in clart. I live for fan art fridays! D:

    And the eye reminds me of my math teachers clock…it’s backwards. Runs counter clock-wise, it does. All the numbers are backwards and reversed too.

  4. Well, I read the academic paper but frankly dude your books are better. Even if they do contain” subversive political images targeted at the young”. Of which I approve anyway.

  5. I was going to say that when she looks in the mirror, but saw that that had already been said!

    Another possible answer could be that she can see the clock without looking in a mirror (if it’s not actually a part of the iris but merely “glued” on), and then it would also be the “right” way because it’s backwards.

    And lastly, given the angle of the eye – the clock should show 4 o’clock, not five o’clock. (It’s tilted).

  6. Whoa, the mirror one is good. I bet it’s that one.

    Here goes nothing: Shay wants to go back to how things used to be before she turned pretty, so having her clock go backwards is kind of wishful thinking that she can turn back time?

    Blech. Yeah, I’m sure it’s the mirror one now!

  7. I saw that cosplay picture on DA! Haha, Aleks short.*laughs to self* And this may sound weird but like that Russian rockstar I would get Keiths art tatooed (if thats how you spell it) on my back, perhaps a Huxley. That be a story to tell the grandkids.

  8. oo the eye IS pretty. And Creepy. Pretty creepy i guess, haha. . . *ahem* anyway, ya the mirror is definelty a good guess, also if you were looking at it from shays point of view, like from her eyes, it wouldnt BE backwards. If she were able to see it even though its on her eyes, it would be facing the right way. Or, it could be the mirror thing, because honestly, when is she ever gonna see it unless looking into a mirror, or water, or some other reflective surface?

  9. My favorite has to be the cosplay.

    If you ever get a Leviathan movie gig, check out Emma Fielding to play Dr. Barlow. She is seriously perfect. πŸ™‚ I haven’t found anyone for Deryn or Alek yet, but I’ll keep looking πŸ™‚

  10. All the other theories are pretty cool too, by the way. Feel free to keep them coming! Leo’s in comment 8 is interesting (and in an odd way the same as the “correct” answer).

  11. Picture 5 is pure win. I’m really envious of your amazing skills!!! What I would do for those necklaces…

    (It’s my birthday, by the way. Just saying… *feeling lonely*)

  12. But I don’t want to wait 2 more weeks Scott-la! Changing the rules is totally bogus! ^^ still, great Fan Art!

  13. Grrrr why does BEA and every single one of my favorite authors being in NYC have to be on a school day?!? Definitely not fair. Hey, Wednesday is Towel Day! Scott, you should keep a tally of how many people you see who know where their towels are.

  14. i thought something was wrong with the midnighters tattoo but i wasnt sure thx allison you set me straight

  15. That’s all awesome. And I never thought that could be why Shay’s eye-clock is backwards….
    I was looking at an app on my Ipod called Random Facts, and apparently, according to Random Facts, in the Netherlands they’ve actually figured out how to put tiny gems in your eyes!!!! πŸ™‚
    If anyone else who comments lives in the Netherlands, please correct me if I’m wrong. You never know if you can trust apps.
    The cosplay is awesome and so are the tatoos.
    The eye is pretty and mysterious…. and Christmas colored.
    The picture with the key is cool, and it would make great clipart….

  16. And as Shay says “…I mean so boring otherwise.” I agree there, I wish I could get jewels like that on my forearm so I won’t have to remember my watch every morning ^_^

  17. Really cool stuff! Isn’t the first picture a polymath tattoo, not a mindcaster tattoo?

  18. Dear peebles/earthling/carbon-based life forms/dudes,

    The world is “supposed” to end tomorrow, May 21, at 6 p.m. If this does occur, many things will happen. First…well, some of us will be gone. The rest of us will have to stake it out until the true end of the world.

    If the world DOESN’T end….I think Scott-La should release the first page of Goliath.Or provide us with another picture.:)

    It’s been nice knowin y’all. Or not. It depends on what occurs tomorrow.


  19. @TheWordMaster: I agree. I haven’t even crossed of half the junk on my stuff to do before I die list! And I’ll never know the end of Goliath!!!!!!! I better live to see monday!!!! People keep saying its a zombie apocolypse, but how do you see that coming?

  20. oh crap the worlds gonna end tomorrow???

    hmmm…….well that sucks i kinda like living actually….

  21. The world end tomorow but that kid chris in my french class said it was today and u all are saying it is tomorow? okay which is it! …. ill check back later to see the answer to my ? but even if we all die today or tommorow ill still get to know the end of the leviathen sieres! take that! when i get to heaven (if the goliath hasnt come out first) im going right to the libray in that mansion god and jesus promised me and im reading the goliath! if you want to have the same chance i do go ask people were the nearest church of jesus christ of latter day saints is located and they will make ur dream of finishing the leviathen trilagi complete!!! oh and did u know christaper pallinii is writing the 4th book in the egron sierise i thouht he said it was a trilagi! oh well it comes out november of this year so lucky us i get to know what happens next and now i dont have to buy that what if book about wat fans think that the fourth book in the eragon sierise will be like and if we die today or tomorow i will die with a smile on my face and a sence of peace i just have a divine feeling that i will… well ttyl to all u peeps out der im gona sip my lemanade and think about the goliath and how cool it will be wen it comes out

  22. ps shay did say why it was so that it looked right to her cause she could see it threw the eye it waz on vitual fist bump to me and scotty westy~la and yes im smirking my bum off plus no no my bum is not frost bitten and we all know niether is deryn’s

  23. Beautiful fan art! But why does the next Fan Art Friday have to be when I’m on a three day field trip with no internet?

  24. Quite lovely, I agree!
    (sigh) But is there any possible way Goliath can be released sooner??

  25. I love seeing all the insightful comments. “Shay is symbolically representing…” Ha! Well, quite frankly, the answer is obvious. When she looks in a mirror, she’s going to see the correct time. It amuses me so that you guys think it represents something. Not everything needs to be symbolic. That would give me a headache.

  26. Gah! No! Two weeks from now? But, but…I’ll be leaving on vacation the Thursday right before you release stuff. AND I’LL BE GONE FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS! With no Internet access! Noes! Scott, do what you did this Fan Art Friday, and be absolutely positively sure to update on the Australian Friday, and not bother to wait around for our tardy American one, ‘kay? Please? ΒΏPor favor? Bitte? *inserts ASL sign for please here* Pretend you can see that.

    Anyways, awesome fan art! I’m loving the tattoos, and that cosplay ROCKS! Seriously, those outfits are amazing, and the /necklaces/! Awesomesauce. Also, the photo’s cool (nice job on the focus) and that is some sweet photo manipulation with the eye! I can never figure out how people can do graphics like that. It’s awesome!

    Also, one little side note. You were right the first time, Scott-la, on the eye being five o’clock. I think it was a bit of a mess-up by the first commenter, and I understand how they got that because of the eye angle, but if you look closer, four of the little ruby-thingies are bigger than the others, most likely indicating twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock. Assuming that top one’s twelve o’clock, going down, your first guess on it being five o’clock would actually be the correct one, discounting the eye angle, which could still technically have the eyeclock upright if you look at it a certain way. So, uh, sorry Leo (the commenter who said this, I believe) but it really is five o’clock, and I suggest you change it back, Scott. Don’t doubt yourself! You were right!

    …Wow. That was NOT a /little/ side note, was it? I apologize. Anyways, yes. Awesome fan art!

  27. The end is upon us, eh? Well, me and all the other “sinners” and “heathens” who are Agnostics and Athiests and anyone who didn’t pray to the right God are getting a one way ticket to Hell, cuz we’ve failed to believe in the One True God and follow His Will to the letter, the Will that isn’t altered or changed in any way by man. You know, the one that my songwriting friend Alex Culbreth refers to as The Will of Man. ‘Cause that’s all it is.

    Oh, by the way, I guess Mormans don’t believe in punctuation. But they believe in the scripture a man pulled out of a hat. Intriguing…

  28. “Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey.”

    – The Beatles

  29. if the world ends today…at 6PM (EST) and there is a big earthquake that makes the world collapse on itself, and then tomorrow anyone who is still alive will witness zombies (oh yes zombies, did u hear about that new little twist??) yeah…suuure the world is definitely gonna end…this guy predicted the same thing in 1994 he was WRONG!! so the chances of him being wrong again are pretty high…not saying that his fantastical imagination and ability to pull an exact date out of a bunch of stories isn’t brilliant, i mean he’s getting paid TONS of money so his cause can thrive…this guy is smart and people are DUMB!! why would he need money if the world is going to end?! COME ON PEOPLE!! frankly, i hope the world does end, it would rid this beautiful planet of all the effin’ idiots!!!!! i’ll laugh if it happens.
    and as for who’s going to heaven and hell…imma Christian but still think i’m going to hell…we all should honestly. i mean what good have we done?? pollution, war, no morals, reality tv, forcing others to believe what we believe because we’re right and they’re not, war over religion, landfills, using all of our fresh water…who has really made any difference? things just proceed to get worse, i have no clue why the end hasn’t come sooner? God is a forgiving God and has given us a MILLION chances, no probably more, but what have we done with those chances?? only a few have stepped up and made a little chip of difference…the rest of us (myself included, don’t go thinking that i think i’m above everyone else) have just sat back and waited for others to fix the world’s problems…others which include the government…yeahhh they do SUCH A GREAT JOB!!! ….NOT!!! they just add to the world’s problems…i swear if the world ends tonight, but enough people survive then the next world should have no government, or you know what? a government like the one in Uglies wouldn’t be too bad…no one would know that they are controlling us…except for the many Westerfeld fans that will inevitably survive, but even then who can deny that maybe, just maybe the Specials have it right? mind control…it’s basically happening already…we are being dumbed down by society and the next generations will be even more dumb, there is too much thrown at us and we are bombarded so much so that we don’t know what to believe anymore. and our consumerism is taking it’s toll. so i believe the “pretty” operation is a smart idea…i mean that’s all anyone really wants right? at least in today’s society. we want to know that we will have food and clothes, and we all want to be like the gorgeous celebrities that we see everyday. at least that’s what we’re told we want. personally it would be easier to not have to worry about everything else, to just live in my pretty little head, though i’d probably either end up a Smokie or Special cuz i either want to be against the goverment or be in control.
    yeah there’s my sick little mantra for today…just figured i’d vent a little. i mean if it happens and that dude was right well then screw me for not believing, though i’m gonna laugh if it does happen. but if it doesn’t happen, i think i’ll be a little disappointed so much hype for nothing…oh wait Y2K, something’s ringing a bell…haha…seriously either the world needs to end or people need to find something else to freak out about cuz this is getting OLD!!!
    sorry for the rant but i doubt anyone will read it anyway, just something i needed to get out.

    ~If i don’t look at you, it’s because i can’t see who you truly are.~

    ~”Kind of galling when you realize that nutbags with cardboard signs had it right the whole time.”~
    -from the movie 2012

  30. I didn’t bother to read through to see if the correct answer was posted… was it so shay could read the time when she looked in the mirror? Also, beautiful fan art this week…

  31. Well it’s Monday and where still alive, no zombies, no earthquakes, nothin’. But my house did suffer from a ant infestation, if that counts.

  32. So….I’m still here. Don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I actually saw a billboard advertising Judgement Day yesterday. I laughed.Hard.

    Anyways, I have enough homework to fill the entire Leviathan right now, so I best get started on that. Scott-la, your zombie apocalypse prep list you did a while back got me all prepared for Saturday. Too bad I never got to use it. πŸ™

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