Goliath Art Reveal

Okay, here we are only a couple of days late, a sneak preview of some art from Goliath!

Click here for a zoomable version. You can zoom it up REAL BIG.

In other news, there’s a new book out now called The Steampunk Bible. It has interviews and art from a bunch of steampunk authors and artists, including three pages about me and Leviathan.

Here’s what it looks like:

Click here to read more about it.

More blogging soon. Thanks for your patience!

84 thoughts on “Goliath Art Reveal

  1. Woo! first comment!

    So yeah, It is awesomeee!

    lol “Steampunk bible” <- awesomeness right there =D

  2. Awesome! “Bears as big as houses”.
    Is that a body kite sort of like Lilit’s?

  3. the bottom one is Deryn. you can tell by the knife on her boot, which was shown in the first art reveal.

    yayyyyy for the picture! and is that Newkirk up there, doing something useful?

  4. Thr art is very beastly. I’m anxious for the Goliath. It looks action-packed. I’m in so much suspence. It feels like I’m watching an Alfred Hichcock film! The audience was always leaning off the edge of their seats in suspence whenever they watched his movies.

    The monster in the picture also looks pretty trippy. I think the beasts are one of the best aspects of this series.

  5. :O awesome picture!!!! *wondering what the package is*
    That Steampunk bible is just something i have to have.
    Is it available in Australia??

  6. Oh-ho-ho. Hullo, Russia. ?

    (Lovely art, and I see why you chose it for an art reveal. Loads of action, plenty of curiosity piquing, and no faces. Well played!)

  7. Oh man that looks amazing. GAH I CANNOT WAIT! one of them HAS to be Deryn. Becuase Deryn is the only one who can pull off something that BADASS.

    You know, funny thing really, I pre-ordered The Steampunk Bible back in January. Now that I know you’re going to be in it, I REALLY CAN’T WAIT TO PICK IT UP *foam*

  8. Russia is a bear, therefore they are in Russia. Oooh yeah, they’re going to Siberia. HELL TO THE YES!

  9. Omg I need the “Steampunk Bible”!!!! xD well I TOTALLY LOVE THE ART AND IT MADE ME FANGIRL OUT MORE THEN USUAL. xDD

  10. The Steampunk Bible…. Thats my kind of Bible!

    Also gots to agree with Shelni, only Deryn could pull that off, not Alek, not Newkirk, Deryn.

    I also hope thats a Russian fighting bear those things are freakin’ awesome.

  11. I think Alek could do something like that. Althought the people in the picture are clearly Darwinist. I never imagined fighting bears being so big.

  12. Fighting bears do have to fight the walkers, maybe I think. Also, showed this to my leviathan buddy (she isn’t as big of a fan) and she asked me if the fighting bear was Bovril. Does that make sense? Not to me.

  13. I don’t know about all this russia speculation. It looks as if the creature has a pointy cone hat (so technical) on, just they wear in China/Japan.

    As usual, Keith’s work is astounding!


  14. Hat?! What are you…….Holy crap your right.. So what do we call IT. Can’t believe I didn’t notice the hat..

    Four or five god forsaken months to go…

  15. Neat! I like the helicopter contraption. Steampunk Bible. That’s something to look for at the book store!

  16. Oooh…it DOES have a hat!

    I like things in hats. Especially if they are dashing English gentlemen who solve puzzles in top hats. 🙂

  17. @ TheWordMaster
    Are you makign a refrence to the Professor Layton games? If so, I agree wholeheartedly.

    I wonder if that’s Newkirk or Alek on top. Prob. Newkirk.

    Still not as charming as that certian English genteleman, though. 🙂

  18. Oh, and by the way Mr. Westerfeld, if we all die of anticipation, you won’t have much of a fanbase anymore.
    Just somethig to keep in mind 😉

  19. yay! I suspected they were going to Russia ever since i saw the two headed bird! 😀

  20. XD when the Americans joining the war want to see the draw-clank fussion thing

  21. Hey Scott… um… could you tell us who the two British dudes in the picture are? Okay thanks bye!

  22. Omg imma spazzing right now! This pic rox! Omg! I believe that beastie is a Russian fighting bear…. Sigh

    I can’t wait 4 Goliath!!!! Eepppppp!!!

  23. O_O The size was not exaggerated….Those are some BIG bears. X’D Looks like something I’D never want to come into contact with. *goes to scrutinize image*

    And now I must go buy the Steampunk Bible e.e I can’t wait ^-^

  24. @Puddles: aha! I KNEW someone on here would get my reference!
    And yes, everything is better when it has a hat.

  25. Someone should make a Leviathan line of stuffed animals like a message lizard, or a hydrogen sniffer ect. along with lego stormwalkers.

    @TheWordMaster and Puddles: Everything is better with hats. Even the April fools day pic, everybody has to admit in that pic Aleks hat was pretty awesome. And I agree that Proff. Layton games is intense.

  26. Joining the hat debate:

    When you use the zoom, the three other people riding the “bear” are definitely wearing Russian style fur hats. Can’t tell if they are ushankas with the ear flaps tied up but definitely NOT conical Asian-style hats.

    Everything looks better with a hat.

  27. I think it’s obviously Deryn, only she’d have the guts to go near the beastie, and for the one with the wings i think its Alek ( who i assume is really hoping he wont drop deryn) , Newkirk isnt brave enough for that!

  28. I love the picture! I can’t wait for Goliath!
    Okay so last night I had the worst nightmare, I dreamed that my school library got all of Scott’s books in. (Finally! It’s tragic) and when I went to check them out they disappeared right as I touched them!! Worst nightmare ever!!! I woke up depressed.

  29. @alice- I came close to shedding a few tears with the Diabolical Box ending…but I bawled like a baby with Unwound Future. So yeah, those games ARE intense.

  30. Yay! The people who voted for chapter 3 got to see it in the end 🙂 thanks Scott, and your emotions about …that news was much felt and appreciated <3

  31. @ TheWordMaster
    The Diobolical Box ending I cried for a bit yeah. Unwound Future…I broke my DS while running for a box of tissues. I think I might have caused a flood. That was one of the saddest things I’ve EVER seen. *bawls*
    I can’t belive there are three of us Laytoniers on here. Everyone else must think we’re nuts.

    and @ Rouge, well put, and ditto.

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