May 1 Art Released Delayed

Sorry, but my promised Goliath art preview has been delayed due to the NEWS.

As a New Yorker who lives (part of the year) less than two miles from Ground Zero, this result has affected me in an unexpectedly emotional way. Closure is a real thing, apparently. But in a couple of days, I’ll be back to normal. And there will be ART then.

I am having cake now. (Cake, also a real thing.)

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52 thoughts on “May 1 Art Released Delayed

  1. I was going to come and yell at you for lack of Goliath goodness, but now I just wanted to let you know that if I could, I would be giving you a giant bear hug right now. Seriously, I bet every fan here would come together, support you, hug you, and bake you even more cake. We love you Scott-La!

  2. <3
    Today is an amazing day.

    Also, do you play Portal or just make random references to it?

  3. Rest assured, I feel quite good! It’s just an unexpectedly *draining* thing.

    (And, yes, the cake is not a lie.)

  4. That’s like…..some form of blasphemy…..which is unforgivable.

    ….But youre awesome and are therefore subject to IMPROV immortality, so you dont have to worry about the punishment such actions bring.

  5. I live in Northern New Jersey, I use to be able to drive 15 minutes to the Hudson River and see the towers, so yeah I know exactly how you feel. Enjoy your cake, I’m going to try and sleep. I think the world will feel a little different tomorrow.

  6. At first I was disappointed because of the lack of a release, but since you have to bring out the big guns to fight depressing emotions (as in cake) I understand, and all is forgiven. I would send a cake but you’d probably die of food poisoning, and none of us want that. Feel better!

  7. I would bake you goodies, too!

    Hugs and thoughts for you, Scott as I’m sure there is a huge mix of emotions going on. I’m dealing with my own mix these last few days. Just down the road we had massive destruction, but the tornados missed my house.

    in north Alabama

  8. humungas hugs from Wanda Vaughn alice artemisvsvenus lotti-wa myst47
    Dont forget to say purdilicious

  9. hope your felling better… bakery and all that stuff allways work(to me are cupcackes)

  10. I’ll pretend I missed your slight Portal reference….for now.

    My heart goes out to all those affected by the terrible things bin Laden has done- and for those affected by the recent weather conditions. There was some bad weather out here in Virginia, but not as bad as those down in Alabama. May whoever you believe in help guide you on to a better tomorrow.

    Look at me still talking when there’s science to be done….science homework, that is. Better start that while I’m at it.

  11. Hugs to you and everyone else ^^ I hope you feel better. The death Bin Laden is a relief to all Americans. Just thank God everyone here is okay. It really makes you think…

    (And the cake is not a lie. The PIE is. >D Enjoy your truth cake.)

  12. The cake is not a lie, finally.

    I’m so glad he’s dead, but it’s kinda weird- most of my remembered life has had the threat of bin Laden hanging over me, so it’s strange now. I understand ^^

  13. I’m not celebrating because bin Laden’s dead( though thats kind of a good thing) I’m celebrating cause we still have FREEDOM!!! (and cake 🙂

  14. @TheWordMaster- yes, Mudkips can be purple, when they’re shiny. *Pokenerd*

    But anyway, it is weirdly draining. One part makes you think, yay, that’s good; but for some reason, it just feels odd.

    And I’m also strangely scared for some reason. .-.
    *Noms pretzels, for she has no cake at home*

  15. @ Anna. I could understand why. The worst may definitely be yet to come. It COULD be over, or it could get worse. Only time will tell, but for right now, I’d like to think it’s going to be a good thing.

  16. @ Anna Then again, I’m not really sure how to feel about all of this either. It doesn’t really /have/ a feeling…It just feels…weird…

  17. I also felt strange when I heard the news. I figured it was a good thing but at the same time I really couldn’t believe it… then when I was finally telling myself I was just being ridiculous, my World History teacher brought up some points; This basically just means that the al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization Osama had been leading, is now without a leader so they will just get a new one that we will have no knowledge of. Until then they will basically go into anarchy (as organizations without leaders do) and most likely just try to kill as many people as they can. Which, if it does happen, is terrifying because members are all over the world. So I’m just going to watch how many people die in the near future and hope the numbers aren’t high or terrorist related. I’m so hoping this is wrong. I just want to enjoy Osama being dead.

  18. I do hope you feel better! I wish I could understand, but I was tiny when 9/11 happened, and have no memories of the day.

    [[Read the following big, long, depressing paragraph at your peril.]]

    Unfortunately, though, while it’s great that retribution has been had and bin Laden is dead at last, it’s still a bit like you chopped the tail off a lizard. Sure, it lost it, but the tail’s just going to grow back, and keep growing back, until someone finally kills the entire lizard or it dies of old age (people stop joining because they realize how awful it is.) Osama bin Laden’s death is great news-finally, he gets a small ounce of justice (though death is far too light a punishment for him) served to him for what he’s done, but the war on terror isn’t over yet.

    Sorry for the kind of buzzkill. However, I do hope you enjoy your cake, and feel free to celebrate that there’s at least one less monster in the world. ^^

  19. Feel better!
    I guess it is really a good thing that Bin Laden is dead but… people I know are speculating it might just lead up to a huge mass attack or something.
    But he did deserve to die. Actually, he probably desvered a lot worse. Because of him millions of innocents have died and here in the US people have become paranoid to the point that some people think anyone living in the Middle East or anyone who practices Islam is evil.
    Really, Islam is a beautiful religion like any other, but like any other religion people have found a way to warp it to fit their agenda, and that’s what Bin Laden did. Now some USians will all sleep a little sounder, because they’ll feel better.
    It really is a strange thing to consider… and lots of people have mixed feelings.
    Too much has been going on in the pat few months.
    I should stop ranting….
    Anyway, we’re not mad that we don’t get art. Juts try to feel better soon and enjoy your cake.

  20. dear Fox Scarlen
    such a sweet thing to say and comparing it to a lizard great idea 🙂 im so happy “he’s” dead ( i dont like to say his name hes an evil person and his name shouldnt be mentioned!) if anyone has anything to say plz email me at

  21. I’ve had to play so many funerals for soldiers killed because of this guy…

    I’m glad he’s dead.

  22. My Grandfather was one of the people he killed 🙁 (sob) i am sorry to all of you who lost a friend or relative because o him i know how you feel:(

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  24. I watched Obama’s announcement to the world. I was ahppy that Osama is dead, but I personally would have liked his death to be more ‘theatricle’. Death was too good for the bastard, but it’s still good to know one maniac’s gone from the world.

    Unfortunatey, the cake is a lie, but the cookies are definitely real.

  25. It’s a relief he’s dead, but now I can’t help but wonder if it’s just going to make tensions worse…. Ah well, cake will always help break the ice in international conflict. 😛

  26. Still waiting for the book “Cake” to come out… 😉 Tally-Wa needs more page time.

  27. Though I wasn’t affected directly (since I was six when 9/11 happened and I don’t live in New York) it was still a shock for me.

    I mean, for nine years of my life I’ve known that Bin Laden was more or less the brains behind 9/11 and that he’s a bad man and that we’ve been tracking him down but he seemed to slip through our fingers at the last second. Then all of a sudden….he’s dead. Just like that.

    It makes me feel like I’ve been free falling in the air for nearly a decade then I suddenly crash through a window, and the glass shards are flying everywhere. It’s like I know exactly what happened but there’s just so much chaos in my mind that i’m confused…

  28. …is it sad that the first thing I noticed was that one of the firefighter’s last name is Hickey? (No, I’m not trying to be mean or immature! My friend’s last name is Hickey, that’s all.) 😀

  29. Cake and anything sweet is wonderful and powerful enough to help you through events sometimes even you best friends can’t help with, kinda depressing, but its a fact.

  30. Just to add:
    One of my friends put the whole situation in some of the best words ever.
    “I’m glad he’s dead. That dude was a dick.”

    No candy coating, no nothing.

  31. @Anna: I think your friend summed it up quite nicely. Truer words have not been spoken.

  32. @Anna: Gots to agree he was. My dad heard it on the radio I heard him shout “It’s about time!” the neighbor looked over the fence and gave us a weird look. It was a very *face palm* moment, but I swear he’s never been happier.

  33. Don’t worry, I know EXACTLY how you feel.
    Being a fellow new yorker and all, I was watching the news and I almost started crying because I saw that day ONCE and never again do I want to see papers falling from a black sky.
    To be honest I was pretty glad justice had been done, because it gets me reaallly mad to have people mess with my city. And my poor dad’s work building is near there so he saw it all….

  34. Wow. The power goes out for a week and us folks in Alabama miss everything. First the Royal Wedding and now this! Grr. As amazing as no school due to power failure was, I still wish I had seen the original news coverings for both.

  35. Oh, he WAS an egregious douchebag, to be sure. But was he really just a terrorist out to destroy the good Christian nation of America for no good reason? And, was he even the perpetrater of 9/11? How can the supposed death of this guy be considered closure for the many victims of that tragedy? Do you really believe that the CIA, one of the most powerful organizations in the world didn’t know where he was hiding all this time? Do you really believe he wasn’t in cahoots with with the CIA somehow?

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