Art Reveal Democracy

It’s June 1, time for another art reveal! And it’s time to decide which of the fifty-something pieces of art in Goliath should be unveiled next. Which will have the perfect mix of mystery and appetite-whetting spoileriness?

It is up to you, the readers, to decide . . .

Will it be the enigmatic interior of illustration Number 1?

The extreme high angle of image Number 2?

Or the threatening weather vista of Number 3?

Leave your votes in the comment thread below. And don’t just vote. Debate! Squabble! Cajole! Enjoin others to your cause!

And enjoy.

Also check out this fanmade countdown timer to the Goliath release! (Man, that’s a long time from now.)


The splendid librarians of Seattle have launched Steampunk Summer, which means they’ve hidden copies of both Leviathan and Cherie Priest’s awesome Boneshaker in s3krit locations around the city. If you live in Seattle, check out the comments thread here for clues on how to find them!

Then read the book, initial the back, and pass it to a friend or re-hide it.

Then go back to the Steampunk Summer comments thread and leave clues where you hid the book (and where you found it, what you thought of it, etc.).

Then claim a free book at the Library as your prize!

This sounds like fun.

Update 2!

As usual, you have all voted early and often. I will close the balloting at 300, and then the art shall be revealed!

290 thoughts on “Art Reveal Democracy

  1. Hmmm. I just looked at the results of the last art reveal voting thingy and these were the results

    Chapter 1 . . . 27 votes!

    Chapter 2 . . . 165 votes!

    Chapter 3 . . . 47 votes!

    It seems to me that most people either all like the same thing, or they look at what everyone else likes and votes the same! 😛
    So from the looks of it, #1 may win after all! :/

  2. I’m going to go with one. I want to know who the disembodied arm belongs to and what Deryn could possibly be extracting carefully. A person perhaps…

  3. …this is really hard. Well #2 is REALLY tempting cause it looks like its got some weird flying beast in it(?) and that ships got aleks family crest on it. but my vote would have to go to #1. gotta love Deryn!!

  4. I wouldn’t vote for number one because it looks like Deryn is carrying a box or something, and you can pretty much tell whats going on in the picture. I also doubt that that’s a random arm, it looks like a sleeping quarters.
    I vote number three because it looks the most confusing! There must be something super important about it.

  5. Number 1! I want to know what Deryn is “extracting”. Is it another mission for Dr. Barlow? I can’t wait!

  6. Guys, don’t forget about “Secrets in the Rookery”! Remember? Even though it was a totally awesome picture, it still told us nothing about the secret itself. We need dialogue, too! I have a feeling that “A Careful Extraction” will be more or less the same.

    Unless Scott is willing to give us some dialogue with the winning picture. How about that Scott-la? Hmmm? Treat us to a quote or two? Yes? No? YES?? You know you want to! XD

  7. I want number 1! Deryn’s face is telling a perticular story that I despretly need to see! Chapter ten must be AWESOME!

  8. I would also enjoy #1 because Deryn kind of looks like a creeper. Ha ha. But two would also be exciting because I have a bloodthirsty love of battle scenes.
    I agree with *Ashleylr*….just because you love us with such a deep love, you should give us dialogue. You said yourself that the Goliath release was a long time from now…what do you think that’s doing to us?

  9. Now that I think about it, I REALLY want to see #1 or #3. 1 because of what they could possibly be carrying and 3 because the background shows lightning and I BELIEVE I see the ocean in the background. Hmm… What to do what to do….. I already voted, so yeah… But I can’t wait to see whichever one wins!!! 🙂

  10. Why are so many people freaking out about the arm above Deryn’s head? It just looks like a random sleeping guy’s arm to me. And I don’t really think she’s fighting anyone, unless you mean fighting to get someone out of their sleeping bag because they won’t get up. Unless there’s something else higher up in the picture that we can’t see, I don’t think having number 1 revealed will show us more than we already know.

  11. Number one! They all look SUPERB but in number one I can see Deryn, and well, that’s just too hard to pass up. 🙂

  12. number one. Simply because Deryn if obviously yanking on something, and I want to know if it’s Alek!

  13. cant u plz just show us all the pics? plz plz plz
    but if not just show me #2 i love battles and stuff
    in pic 1 it just looks like deryn is pulling someone out of a sleeping bag and wat is that gonna tell us about the plot?
    Pic 3 looks pretty interesting but i dont really see how we could gain much out of it

  14. If Scott gave us a choice between “Surreptitious in a Room Full of Messengers” on page 82 of Behemoth, or the picture of the Tesla cannon on page 29, we would probably pick the former, because with the gray box somebody would think ‘Oh, two characters alone. It must be Alek and Deryn sharing romantic thoughts.’ It wasn’t. We wouldn’t even be able to know what they were saying. If we had chosen the Tesla picture, we would learn a bit about the plot. But no, the first thought to enter someone’s mind would be, ‘Aerial battle. Yawn.’ It’s the same with these pictures. Everyone’s picking #1 because it shows Deryn with a strange facial expression pulling on something. Oh yeah, there’s also a mysterious hand. There will probably be nothing interesting in the box. But with #2 or #3, most of the action is in the center, and if one of those two is picked, we may learn something spoilery about the plot.

  15. @Winston Churchill: Exactly!! The first picture may be interesting, but it wouldn’t reveal much of anything about the plot!

    Somewhere earlier in the comments, somebody said that the third picture was probably just a landscape piece. Are you insane? Since when were we ever given a TITLED piece that was just of a landscape?! There is something big happening behind that block! Something, as I’ve said earlier, that probably reveals a huge plot point! Something that really adds to the story!

    A lot of you are picking the first picture because you can see Deryn; because you KNOW she’s there. But just because we can’t see anyone in the second or third, doesn’t mean no one’s there! I honestly cannot think of a single titled picture that does not have Deryn or Alek in it. So you know they’re there!

    I still think the third picture would reveal more about the story and about what’s going on. Chapter 19 would be in the rising action; when things start to get intense before the climax. I want to know what that is! Vote for number three!!

  16. I agree that we’d see more of the plot in 2 or 3(I highly doubt they’re landscapes), but I’m really just interested in pretty pictures :3 So I pick number one!

  17. @Dudley: You prefer “a bunch of people sleeping in sleeping bags” to Firefight in the Sky or the Coming Storm? Where’s your sense of adventure?

  18. Oh gosh, I agree with Winston Churchill…but the pained/determined face of our dear Missssster Sharp in picture 1 breaks my heart…
    I’ll vote for picture 1. *Headbang*
    (Psst Mr. Westerfeld, here’s a good idea. In celebration of the start of summer break here in America, why don’t you release all three pictures? 😀 )

  19. OMG!!! Can’t wait for art reveal friday!!! I choose definetly #1 cuz there’s something fishy going on there!!! I wonder what…
    AAAAAHHHH!! *has seizure* I got to have Goliath!!! (thankfully there’s only 3 months left!) ^____^

  20. @Rachel-wa: I don’t think he should release all three because then what would we have to wait for in the next months until Goliath comes out???
    I say we ought to wait each month for all three… That’s my opinion

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