Art Reveal Democracy

It’s June 1, time for another art reveal! And it’s time to decide which of the fifty-something pieces of art in Goliath should be unveiled next. Which will have the perfect mix of mystery and appetite-whetting spoileriness?

It is up to you, the readers, to decide . . .

Will it be the enigmatic interior of illustration Number 1?

The extreme high angle of image Number 2?

Or the threatening weather vista of Number 3?

Leave your votes in the comment thread below. And don’t just vote. Debate! Squabble! Cajole! Enjoin others to your cause!

And enjoy.

Also check out this fanmade countdown timer to the Goliath release! (Man, that’s a long time from now.)


The splendid librarians of Seattle have launched Steampunk Summer, which means they’ve hidden copies of both Leviathan and Cherie Priest’s awesome Boneshaker in s3krit locations around the city. If you live in Seattle, check out the comments thread here for clues on how to find them!

Then read the book, initial the back, and pass it to a friend or re-hide it.

Then go back to the Steampunk Summer comments thread and leave clues where you hid the book (and where you found it, what you thought of it, etc.).

Then claim a free book at the Library as your prize!

This sounds like fun.

Update 2!

As usual, you have all voted early and often. I will close the balloting at 300, and then the art shall be revealed!

290 thoughts on “Art Reveal Democracy

  1. Can we see all of them instead?…

    Blegh, alright… I choose: Number 2!

    I want to say 1, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that one anyway by the look of the votes.


  2. I say, that instead of voting and fighting amongst ourselves over which picture should be revealed, we should instead rally together and DEMAND Scott show us all three! Who is with me?

  3. ok ok….to stop with all of the madness of everyone choosing #1 i choose #3. i mean come on!!!! it’s gonna reveal the most spoilers!!!!

  4. just to be one of the wining side
    No 1…
    beter know the steat of the book and not the REALY important part… so the begining please…

  5. okay, not ur best spoilery pics Scottsters…… but #1 by FARR-

  6. NUMBER 3.

    We already know that Deryn’s secret will be revealed in the middle of a storm…so I’m most interested in that. And it’s a freaking battle scene, so who DOESN’T like that? 😀

    (Plus number one just seems like Deryn trying to get the Dummkopf to wake up.)

  7. Has anyone noticed the strange rounded object poking out of the top of the box in #1? Lots of people say that it’s probably only Deryn dragging someone out of a sleeping bag, but look at the mysterious object! No sleeping person could be that tall! Maybe it’s a new beastie! I think I’ll vote #1.

  8. PS I still say we gang up on Scott and make him post all three. There are more of us than there is of him!

  9. oh by the way Mr.Scott the counter is very depressing. I mean like very very depressing and it is making me wish my life away…*sigh*…

  10. Ah….I think I’ll have to vote for number one….because it looks like Deryn is pulling someone out of a sleeping bag, and like the title says, very carefully…..and there’s a random arm draped over something in the back…..and for some reason the pic reminds me of a morgue…, Deryn is steeling a dead body or something….

    So number 1.

    Because I mostly want to make sure that isn’t a dead body she’s pulling out…

  11. Why would you want to see something too spoilery? It would only make waiting for the book even harder!
    I chose number one because I feel that it will be entertaining and probably won’t leave me thinking too hard afterwards about what is going to happen.
    Still….why can’t the book come out NOW???? gahhh!!!

  12. Number 1 just because there’s a random arm in the background. Yup, that’s my way of thinking.

    Actually, not that’s not really it. At all. I’m just going to be strange here and say it’s just probably the least revealing of the plot. I know your probably like “What’s this? A fan not trying to figure out the plot of the book?” But what’s the point of being excited about reading a book if you already know everything that happens? Personally, I like to figure things out as i read the book, not by poking the author so he’ll tell us everything before it come out. (other fans: please don’t kill me for saying that)

  13. number one!
    did you see that random person’s arm in the background? He’s out cold! K.O
    I don’t know who that is or what deryn did, but I sure don’t mind finding out!

  14. @Winston Churchill

    I didn’t quite say I preferred the first one because there were people in sleeping bags. I just pointed out an observation about that picture.
    Anyway, I do prefer pictures with characters rather than action pictures. The expressions the characters have tell something interesting. And action is more exciting when you read it. 🙂

  15. Ya’ know…….
    I guess I’ll have to go with # . . . . 1!

    I figure that the 2nd one has Deryn on it, and the 3rd. . . . I’ll get back to ya’ on that one.

  16. OMFG, NUMBER ONE!!! btw, I totally wish I lived near the steam punk thingy 🙁 so sad I can’t participate

  17. I can’t deside! Both one and three look sooooo interesting. But in picture three it could just be some machine or something.

    So I choose 1!

  18. 1- for most of the reasons already stated, and because that looks like it might give the most hints on the plot.

  19. I feel like number 3 has a lot more to reveal than the other ones, there seems to be some sort of kite tail on the side. So I’m going to go with number 3, but decide soon so we can all see it ’cause they all look so good!

  20. It’s National Show Your Fans Your Appreciation Week…can’t you be generous and unveil all three?

    You’d have some seriously happy people.

  21. I vote for #1 ’cause it’s Deryn! I love Deryn! I also love Choco which is what you HAVE TO NAME THE OTHER LORUS. Please. I also wouldn’t complain if you just decided to reveal all three pictures at once…but then again, what would you do if you revealed all the art by september? There is only 108 days, something something hours and something something minutes and something something seconds left!!!!

    *Please don’t have a bad ending — that would make me sad. And you only my 2nd favorite author* 🙁

  22. #1… Specifically because it sounds and looks the least exciting imo. We should save the best for the book’s release!

  23. I vote for number 1! I’m really curious to see what Deryn’s doing, even if it doesn’t look the most “exciting.” I wanna save the most action-packed ones for the book, where they can accompany the text and really wow us.

    And I just want to take a moment to say thank you and tell you how much I utterly adore the Leviathan series. You inspire me. <3

  24. Number one all the way, mostly because Deryn’s face is visible already and I want to know what he’s doing. He looks like he’s angrily pulling a sack of flour, perhaps.

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