Fan Art Friday

At last! Here is another edition of Fan Art Friday for your art-viewing pleasure.

But first . . . it’s time for another meet-up on the Forum. For those of you who don’t hang out there, the Forum is roughly 99% of this site. It has over 30,000 members and about half a million posts. And once every couple of months, I hang out there and answer ALL the questions.

So let’s do one next Saturday, June 25, at 2PM, US-EST. (Sorry, I know that’s the middle of the night for Australia.) Come one, come all, and I shall try as always to answer as many of your questions as humanly possible.

And now to the fan arts . . .

As previously moaned about, I have read a bajillion fan fics, and it’s really too hard to choose just a few, because so many are so good. But I will choose just ONE, because it was quite off-center and unexpected. Even original.

It’s set many years before Alek or Deryn were born, when the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife-to-be Sophie first met. Now because there are historical characters, this might not have been a Leviathan fan fic at all. But there is a big WALKER at the beginning, so it totally counts.

Check it out, “Prague”, by’s Cardboard Edward.

And while we’re talking fan fic, here’s some fic-related art, a cover created by LinnetLove for a piece of fan fic by Victorian Bombshell (Hah, I got two fics in there):

From Brazil, here is Irwin Dias’ dyptich of disturbing delight, featuring Dr. Cable and Special Tally:

Scary Special teeth are scary!

And now for a big bunch of pencil pieces. First, from Mercedes Amanda, here’s a picture from the ever-popular (and complicated) theme of The Lilit Triangle!

A cool split personality Deryn from Michelle, The Clanker, and color pencil sketch by her:

From Angel Sun, a CUTE manga-style Deryn and Bovril:

And finally from Ellyn, here’s a pre-crossdressing Deryn, looking discontent in her non-uniform!

It’s actually kind of weird to think of Deryn in a dress, isn’t it? And that’s the way it should be, too.

Enjoy your weekends!

62 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday

  1. i love the fan art, it’s always so cool, and we have all been waiting a long time for it.

  2. *screams!* thats two of pictures! sorry but really when i saw them there i screamed i love the other fan arts to the first one is awesome

  3. I hate to say it Scott, but you wimped out on Fan Fic Fan Art Friday. You know it. And don’t think you can get away with putting lots of lovely fan art to detract from that.

    But I appreciate it was a tough choice ๐Ÿ™‚ and the fic you picked (or both) are brilliant.

  4. Oh I do love that “Prague” story. Very well written (which is very important) and out of the box. Card Board Edward’s other stuff is really good to (I highly recommend).

    But Scott, you really should have put one of Julia456’s things up. They are very good and she keeps the characters in character. Really, for the next Fanart Friday you need to put up a link to Quite Peculiar (filled with many fun drabbles and whatnot!)

    One last note: you would pick my wedding day for the next forum meet up. Sadly I will have to miss the meet up because I will be drinking mimosas in preparation of being stuffed into a dress (which has a corset tie. I don’t care what Deryn thinks, that thing sucks me in and I love it!). Anyone willing to ask him questions for me?

  5. @ Books Before Boys
    I think Tally is creepier than the special…Sorry Tally!

    My fave is Deryn and Bovril by Angel Sun!

  6. @Mallory: CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING MARRIED! Is it gong to be a leviathan themed wedding? It should be ;D

    Loving the first poster!

  7. No! The last one was my birthday and this meet-up is the day I go to Japan and China. Oh well…I think it’s time to sneak into business class and steal their wi-fi (:

    By the way I love the art!

  8. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that second to last sentence? Address……That just seems wrong to me….but I’m dyslexic so what do I know?

    (inner thoughts: Address….A dress…Address…. a dress?….Address? *confusion*)
    Art was awesome nonetheless.

  9. I am infact the sender of the drawing in here, but I am not the artist. I even said in the e-mail that Amanda is the artist. She drew it on her computer with a digital sketch pad!

  10. @Julia sorry it will not be Leviathan themed LoL. There’s not really a theme, it’s just blue and green and tables with composer names instead of numbers (although there are a lot of German/Austrian composers. Including Mozart)

    @Regan: I noticed that too! But I had just gotten up from a nap when I read it and was like “it looks wrong, but it has to be right because Scott wrote it. And he’s a writer so it has to be right.” But yeah, it totally isn’t. LoL.

  11. @Mallory: Well, in that case your big day is doomed to disastor. Nahhh… I’m kidding… I think… I mean I know…

    haha, “it has to be right because Scott wrote it.” DEFINATELY.

  12. …Hi. This is, erm, Cardboard Edward.
    …I can’t even begin to say how flattered I am. I’m kind of shaking right now. Oh, god, I’m…. I can’t believe this is happening.
    Thank you, so much. Thank you anyone who recced me- any of my fics, thank you all of my readers…
    And thank you Scott. I can’t even begin to explain how amazed I am, right now. Thank you so much.

  13. I noticed the address thing xD Everyone makes mistakes… or maybe it wasn’t a mistake… hmm….
    Anyway, awesome art!

  14. Yus!! Finally!!!
    Thank you Scott!!! I’ve actually only ever seen one of these…the Victorian Bombshell cover thing.

  15. Great fan art, but I had to calm down my friend, SepteChromaJ, because she was having an emotional breakdown that her fan art wasn’t accepted. You know, the “vampire and werewolf” one?
    But still, great artwork

  16. Lol. I should totally be asleep but i made the mistake of checking twitter and I’ve been lacking in posts xD so anyways…YAY fanart 8D I love all of the leviathan fanart artists ;-; they’re all so good <3 I especially love the colored pencil one because I like color D<. Also because I've recently become re-obsessed with the Uglies series, I love the one with doctor cable and tally. X3 I shall get around to reading fanfiction soon F< but that's my input on that. I shall SLEEP.

  17. And @Julia. My apologies I totally forgot there was another Julia on here xD I’ll make a habit of going by Julez. (even though this comment was unneeded i make a lot of mistakes sooooo F<)

  18. Haha, I noticed the ‘address’ thing but I figured…Scott’s human too.

    Or maybe…in each blog there’s an error, then when you put them together and intricate Goliath based cipher has been in front of us all along???

    Or maybe I’ve watched National Treasure too much.

  19. @Moonie CONGRATS!!! Ah, I love that fic so much! Such an excellent representation of the fandom. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. @Julia (comment #19 and 20): Don’t you just hate having a popular name? I’ve never been to an American school where there isn’t “the other Julia” in my class. XD

  21. SORRY Mercedes and Amanda for the mix-up. Yes, I put in a bunch of art and then realized I hadn’t credited it, and was sloppy. Fixed now.

    Pikol: Tell your friend SepteChromaJ that I didn’t get her piece. Did she email it? Send it again. (Email is an imperfect medium.)

    And thanks to everyone for pointing out my typa. I know those are annoying.


  22. I have to say I really hated the special Tally (no offense intended) but it looked nothing like how i pictured special Tally. I have to say to me it just looked like a very creepy and deranged person with sharp teeth and a bad choice in facial tattoos. Oh well can’t please everyone.

  23. @Oral disaster101
    yeah, i thought the dr cable and special tally pictures were weird too.

    SCOTT YOU MADE ANOTHER TYPO!! (i dont even know if i spelled that right)

  24. Thank you, Holly and Julia (with the numbers, haha)
    (pssst just one feature is not enough, they need their stuff up here too. Seriously.)

  25. Thank so muuuuuch Scott!! xD I’m really happy! \รต/ That everybody likes of my draws! =D Muitas pessoas no Brasil gostam de Ulgies series! I’m anxious for the movie! Congratullations Scott!

  26. @Regan
    He might have had spell check on, accidentally typed ‘adress’ instead of ‘a dress’, and the spell check, not recognizing it as a real word, changed it to ‘address’.

  27. hehe….typos are fun…that last one u did scott, it had to be on purpose!!! admit it! anyways….love the fan art…havnt read the fan fic yet…working on getting there. but yay!! cant wait for the “Uglies secret” to come out… ^_^

  28. DAMN!!!! Don’t fix typing errors! Do you have any ide of how enoying it is to read a comment where it say’s there’s a typing error. AND YOU JUST CAN’T FIND IT!! T.T

    @Julia and Julia: you should be happy: I haven’t met on person with my name.


    (Summer vacation just started here:)

  29. I have two little things to say here. Both only semi-related ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) There is a cute little computer game out there called “The Fool” that has a steampunk-y chapter in it. It’s a hidden object game about a kingdom that’s terrorized by a Dragon, and the Fool follows it to save his princess. It goes through a mideval village, a steampunk city (you get to fix an airship!), and like an ancient greek or roman city in the clouds. It’s not too difficult, but it is cute, and the artwork is incredible!

    2) I think that for a choir feild trip over spring break next year, we will be going to Prague, Hamburg, and other locations mentioned in the Leviathan books!!!!! I am soooooo excited! ๐Ÿ˜€ But it will only happen if enough people sign up. So fingers crossed!

  30. I’m finally up to date! Yeahs!

  31. i love the one with deryn in a dress! it seems like somthing alek might make her do when he found out she was a girl. It amuses me!

  32. I am so excited for the meet-up, I had to miss the last one because of a piano recital, but I’m glad to come to this one.

    And going back to some old meet-ups, I remember once asking Scott why Specials had sharp teeth! ๐Ÿ˜› (And also asking him if I should call him Mr. Westerfeld……. I’m sorry, I believe we decided to go with “Scott-Sensei”)

    Also, why don’t we have some Uglies fanfics? They have some really good ones on…….

  33. I fixed my name xD

    @ Julia xD I’m so proud of this mix-up. I honestly never meet any other julias. I guess that there’s a direct correlation between having the name and being a fan of Scott’s books 8D

    and Scott *shakes finger* Typa..

  34. Oh, wow. Special Tally scares me a little. Unfortunately, I’m only on the first book and I now know Tally becomes a Special. Great. :/ Nah, I don’t really care.

    Anyway, I was in a bookstore the other day and there was a steampunk display, including Leviathan, Behemoth and Boneshaker (plus the Boneshaker sequel that I haven’t read yet and can’t remember the name of).

    Gonna be reading those fanfics in a minute.

  35. Typa…typo…see what he did there. You’re so witty Mr. Westerfeld ๐Ÿ˜€

    I can’t make the meet-up either because I’ll be at work, waitressing and enduring awful karaoke. It’s a hard knock life.

    Will someone ask questions for me?

  36. I LOVE angel sun’s deryn/bovril piece. I swear, Westerlies must be the MOST talented bunch of fans :-D.

    Dang it, I gotta work on saturday during the forum meet up – but have fun!!! ask good questions all!

  37. Awww man i can’t make the meet up either i have a swim meet (for all you non-swimmers thats like a competition) which i will totally rock at but still i will probably dreaming about all the Goliath info i missed during my races. If I suddenly start choking on water only you guys will know why ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I am not going to be here on Saturday. So, can anyone who is here comment on all the important ‘Leviathan’, ‘Behemoth’, and ‘Goliath’ facts? Mainly ‘Goliath’? And by important, I mean EVERYTHING! Please? Pretty please? Pretty pretty please? With a cherry on top?

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