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Yesterday at 2PM, me and a hundred-ish fans from the WesterForum hung out for about an hour and a half, and I answered many questions. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, I’ have compiled them into this blog post, typos and all! (So. Many. Typos.)


“What kind of juice do you like?”

There are many juices I love. Mango! Pear! (Especially pear cider.) Apple!

“So Scott there’s been a rivalry going on (on the forum obviously) , based on the question : If the crew of the Leviathan got in a fight with Special Circumstances who would win? What’s your opinion?”

I think in a close-quarters fight the Specials would win, because they’re too quick. But in a proper battle, the Leviathan could mess them up with strafing hawks or bat-poo without ever being in danger.


That info will be released at Leaky Con and Comic Con. THAT’S ONLY A FEW WEEKS. But I can’t tell you anything now, except maybe . . . you will SEE HIM.

“Did you use the same models on the cover of Goliath that you used on Leviathan and Behemoth?”

Yes. Same models, same photo shoot on the same day. Sometime I’ll show you guys the unaltered photos.

“At any point in Behemoth, does Dr. Barlow know that Deyrn is a girl? It has been a topic of great debate.”

Hah! Not saying now, but you WILL learn the answer to that in Goliath.

“Have you ever met someone in real life who reminds you of your characters?
Or vice versa.”

Hmm, not really. Although sometimes I see someone and say, ‘Whoa, he/she’s a total pretty!’

“Nice to meet you, btw. (and tell hi to Justine (Mrs. Larbaleister (sp?)) for me, please!)”

It’s Dr. Larbalestier, in fact.

“Can Justine cook?”

She’s a great cook of Thai food, and she wants me to add that she’s a good boxer too. (She’s been taking lessons.)

“What TV shows do you watch?”

Game of Thrones, Treme, just finished Vampire Diaries,

“This isn’t really a question, just a comment. I thought you’d like to know that I used to like history, and Leviathan made me love it again. I might even try writing something historical-ish myself. ”


“Is Lilit lesbian/bi? (Please say yes.)”

They didn’t really have those categories for women back then, but she would be if she was alive today. (Strange but true fact: Male homosexuality was illegal in England back then, but female homosexuality wasn’t because lawmakers REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT EXISTED.)

“In Uglies, there are many messages, some obvious, some not so much. What messages/lessons do you want readers to take away from Leviathan?”

Hmm. I think that the big theme is about how different sides of a conflict (war or just ideological/technological) see each other, and how that can change when people are forced to work together.

“What kind of music do you like? (Do you like Florence+and the machine?)”

I like minimalism and trip-hop, and I don’t know of this Florence person.

“What is your opinion on the Hunger Games? (Will you see the movie?)”

Want to see the movie. Liked the first book, but didn’t read the others.

“When will you go on tour?”


“Would you like to join my band of Ninjas?”

I have already infiltrated your band of ninjas!

“Do you like writing about diseases? Peeps was about parasites, Innoculata had to do with a virus and in So Yesterday the main characters dad is a Epidimiologist (I think).”

I love all kinds of biology, like beasties too. Studied philosophy of biology in college. (Yes, that’s a real thing.)

“Scott-la, in the Uglies series who was the most interesting character to create?”

Hmm, maybe Mr. Simpson Smith, because he talked funny and had a very different view of the world from everyone else.

“Is there a ball, wedding, or some other formal scene in Goliath?”


“Will we ever see Deryn in a dress in the final book?
I need some hope..

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  1. Thanks, Scott! This helps a lot. I missed this Meet Up, and looking through 60 something pages to find all the questions you answered it tough.

    “Special Bond” = SHIPPER FUEL. We’re a strange bunch. It doesn’t take much to make us happy! I’m sure all the shippers out there squeed with joy.

    Thanks again!

  2. Mmmm, special bond. That’s good enough for me ๐Ÿ˜€ and yes she’s married, but it’s an alternate universe. KILL ALAN OFF.

    (Alan Barlow, I think that was her husband’s name. I did research it.)

    And that historical fact about it being illegal to be gay is absolutely true, and furthermore, it was specifically Queen Victoria herself who didn’t make it illegal to be a lesbian because she didn’t believe women capable of it.

  3. Great questions and great answers!
    The July picture reveal is coming up, and I think this month, instead of having 3 censored illustrations and having us vote on which one we want to see, you should reveal just the TITLES of 3 pieces of Goliath art and have us vote based on the name. This could be fun since some of the picture titles can be pretty misleading from what they actually depict…just a random idea, ha.

  4. It was a great meet-up! Thank you so much, Scott for answering our questions!
    I hope we can have another meet-up again soon!!!

  5. This just makes me love you even more.
    You’re my favorite writer ever, you know. You have the most amazing stories and you’re so nice to us fans! I wish I had been there for this forum meetup, I guess I’ll have to go to the next one, whenever it is!
    Though I do have a question: What is this Croy project I’m hearing about? I recognize it but I dunno the context. Is it in the forums or the blog? XD

  6. (my new humble name 8D)
    thanks so much again for answering our questions and posting it up here so that I didn’t have to go back and read them all from the forum to my friend. XD

    And @kay101
    I enjoy this idea -3-

  7. I missed the meet-up!!!
    But WOW I thoroughly enjoyed reading those questions! I was laughing so hard I’m surprsied my mom didn’t ask me what the heck was so funny!
    I now have the urge to go the grocery store and buy myself some mango juice!!!!!
    And we ARE allowed to harm things in fanfic? Yay, I have been inspired to write dramatic fanfic!

  8. i cannot wait for goliath and “the croy project”!!! are you going to keep calling it the croy project scott-la? that might be a cool book name just so you know:D

  9. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Also, if everyone dies in ‘Goliath’ I will be sad. If everyone dies besides: Deryn, Alec, Dr. Barlow, The guy that is good with machines and ran away with Alec and Volger but I can’t think of his name, bovril and his presipitious (wow, I really mangled that word. I think) and Deryn’s brother (her dad already died, and he supports her choice to dress like a boy, unlike her mom), I will feel sympathy, but not be balling. Oh yeah, and Deryn and or Alec can not like any one else or end up with any one else or die BY LAW OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What do you guys mean by Croy? Do you guys mean the dude from Uglies? I’m a bit lost. I know it’s supposed to be secret, but are you referring to the character?

  11. perspicatious….Shelby. and i wish i could have did the whole forum thingy…but i was too busy going on bubbly rides at a carnivle…o well, at least i got to see the results of it! excited for the Croy project! and i didnt see many typos this time…they must be well-hidden…
    o if anyone wants a good book to read, read ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth! good filler book till ‘Goliath’ comes out….

  12. I’m back, unfortunetly for y’all.(Yes, I KNOW I spelled that wrong.) Um, excuse my lack of knowledge, but what’s Croy? Another Westerfeld creation that I was unaware of? All this talk of it makes me intrigued.

    So everyone dies? I’m sad now… ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I’m happy to hear of Lillit and Eddie Malone’s return in Goliath. They were my two favourite new characters from Behemoth by far. Well, excluding Bovril, of course.

    And I totally agree, Scott-la; pear juice is mind-blowingly good. Pear nectar that is.

    “Say it.
    Say the words I see behind your eyes.
    If it’s not hard to say, then it’s a lie.
    And though you think we cannot heal, but we can try.”

    – James Smith, James Cleare and Heather Robb.

  13. I would totally freak out if I saw you at a convention. Or in a library. I almost fainted when I met you in Justine in Allen TX last year. Sigh… Apparently I am behind because 1) I didn’t know about the Croy Project, or the graphic novel and 2) because I never asked you about pie. lol. Oh, and Scott? Don’t forget to make us Fort Worthians happy by dropping by. Justine too, because we love you both. If you do, I might, just might, take you to dinner. lol. (I’m vegetarian too, so no worries) Happy writing Scott!!!



    Next time I hope I can make it to the forum meetup and ask him what he would do if he had Fakir’s / Drosselmeyer’s ability to write stories that change reality.

    Eheheheheh. IM SO HAAAAAAPPPY.

    Oh, and Im also sad after reading all of this because the release of goliath is so far from now!!!!

  15. OMG I love when Scott post all these Q&As because he never seems to come where I’m around so I can go to them. ๐Ÿ™

    I love how much he loves Peeps because that was the first book of his I read!! Hehe it actually earned me the title “Parasite Queen” in my Biology class last year because when we started learning about the parasites I already knew all of them and then some. Thanks Scott!!!!!

  16. I vow to make the next meet-up and ask Scott about pi!!!!!!
    I can’t believe i missed it ๐Ÿ™ soooo many things I could have asked him! Oh well at least I can share my new quote with you people that bother to read the comments.

    “when there’s a bee on your toe don’t kick the ground, kick the air.”
    -Ally Prince (a friend)

  17. Well that was awesome i was laughing through some of it, come to utah that would be awesome i would love to go to one of these but i can’t there never close enough

  18. Thank you so much for posting this! i didnt want to miss it but i had to ๐Ÿ™
    Cant wait for goliath and the Croy project!

    PS (if you ever get a say in where you go on tour, come to northern alabama. Please =])

  19. This made me laugh (after a facepalm):
    Male homosexuality was illegal in England back then, but female homosexuality wasnโ€™t because lawmakers REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT EXISTED.

  20. Lilit. Gay? Hahaha! The day Scott confrimes this, I will dye my hair blonde.

  21. โ€œDid you name Volger Ernst because that was the name Archduke Ferdinand named his son?โ€

    Yes! Bonus points to you! He is the Ernst I erased from history.

    โ€œAre we going to see some sword fighting from Alek, Deryn, or particularly Voger in Goliath?โ€

    Yes! There are swords! And a thing thatโ€™s not QUITE a sword.

    โ€œWhat color are Derynโ€™s eyes?โ€

    Donโ€™t know. Brown, I think. (Further research revealed that they are BLUE.)

    The people who asked those are amazing! Y’all totally read my mind! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yo Scottmeister, I’ve been doodling some Leviathan desktop things and puttin up on the web as fanart (Totally free to use, no moneez in Teh Lepperkan Kings pockets)….do you mind that? I wont make any more if you do…although I’ve been asked for a Varlow and a Dalek (LOL Dr Who?) ….

    โ€œWill there ever be a live meetup??โ€

    How would this work? Suggestions?
    —-You pay for us all to fly over to…Scottland. That sounds good.

  22. It took me about ten minutes to figure out what the whole croy project thing was. I am honestly suprised i was not born blonde…ANYWAY the last word -allies- is absolutly PERFECT! I screamed at that point…not sure why but I hope I didn’t wake anybody up…
    LUV U SCOTT-LA!!!!!

  23. Hey Scott? How come it says 08:24 on the page when I posted it right after mid-night? (I thought it was cool how I read it on the 27th and posted on the 28th, then again very weird things amaze me) Anyway I got off track again -I’m very good at doing that- guess your going by your time. Can’t wait till your in New York and the times not TOO different (It is different isn’t it?)

  24. Gah…I read your books again today when I was in the hospital for 19 hours…and you know how bloody annoying it is when you just put down “secret!” to a question?!
    You’re brilliant! Keep…post-productioning Goliath!
    Aaaand….I hope you weren’t lying about Lilit coming back. She’s so cool.

  25. Oh. Nuther question: Will you ever come to Oregon? So few authors do…makes me feel left out.

  26. Those were some awesome Q&As! If there really is going to be movies made about the books im very excited but also sad because a lot of movies r way worse than the book and that wouldnt be fair to the people who havent read their awesomeness first. P.S. the suspense of waiting for goliath is driving me crazy!

  27. I don’t like these answers… especially the one about the last word in the book. Especially because it was lower case so it wasn’t talking about the countries, so… so… Now I think Alek and Deryn won’t get together, because, in my experience, authors like to dangle these things in front of their readers and never fully develope it… I’m talking to you, Nix.

  28. @Edward V – but he also mentioned a ‘CERTAIN KISS’ in Goliath. Alek/Deryn = wild fangirl squeals, anyone??

  29. @Nikka-La Thank you so much!!!! I don’t own ‘Leviathan’ and ‘Behemoth’, so can not do research.

    !Nora Barlow If you are really Nora Barlow, couldn’t you get rid of Alan yourself?:)

  30. @ Shelby…you’re very welcome! and i dont have the books either…i got them from the library. so i couldn’t do research either. I just like words…i’m a nerd like that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. OMG, YOU’VE NEVER WATCHED HOUSE, MD?????????? SERIOUSLY????? You would love that show. It’s not reality, it’s a medical mystery/ drama! Plus, it’s inspired by Sherlock Holmes, only House solves medical mysteries, not mysteries of missing gems or lost husbands or poisons (can you tell I’m as much of a Holmes fan as I am a House fan? I love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes’ mysteries.) He’s sarcastic and funny as h*ll.

  32. Ha you watch princess tutu too? yay! im not the only one!
    anyways, now i REALLY cant wait for goliath. very intersting about lilit. . . wonder how that will turn out. grr i hate waiting. Thanks for answering all the questions though, very good of you, though answering SECRET to some of them is sort of cheating, i think:).
    also very intersting about volger. i should do my homework. its very cool to learn about the actual history of the time period in leviathan, you learn a lot. . . o and ignore that last post, ha i hit enter too soon

  33. …….I totally forgot to come to this……well…..son of a biscuit maker…..


    Anyways…..I had a few thoughts while reading this….one is that I was never actually a fan of VolgerXBarlow….I think it’s because they seem too much alike to actually have any sort of functional relationship….they should just be good friends.

    Another: If there was a Leviathan video game I’d totally buy it.

    And if there was a Leviathan lego set I’d totally buy that too.

    It is so awesomely-epic that you watch Game of Thrones. I watch it too. And it’s such an awessome-sauce show.

    EVERYONE DIES. THAT IS SO AWESOME. AND I TOTALLY CALLED THAT ENDING. ((my go-to answer for any and all questions asked about any book))

    I want to see this “not quite a sword” thing. Then I will make a reproduction of it using chicken wire and duct tape and hang it up in my room.

    My friend and I were discussing Leviathan while high on caffine, so I asked her, “What is Volger’s first name?” and she responds, “Count Duh!” XD It was Highly amusing.

  35. โ€œWhat was your favorite part of Goliath?โ€

    The part where everyone DIES. (heh) Or maybe a certain KISS.

    i ofically love scott.

  36. Thanks so much for posting this!!!! I’m bummed i missed it but reading this made me feel like i was almost there. SO EXCITED

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