July Art Reveal (Voting)

It’s almost July 1, and time for another art reveal! As usual, YOU get to decide which piece of Goliath art shall be unveiled.

This time we have no less than four pieces of art to vote on. Three are the former defeated contestants, just in case you’ve changed your minds about them, but the last is all new.

So will it be the high angle shot from the June reveal, Number 1?

Or the threatening weather vista, also from June, Number 2?

Or the also-ran from way back in March, Number 3?


Or finally, there’s this new one that you MIGHT find intriguing . . . Number 4.

Leave your votes in the comment thread below. And use this space to wheedle, coax, and inveigle your fellow fans to your cause. Because democracy is good.

I shall close the polls after 250 votes.

278 thoughts on “July Art Reveal (Voting)

  1. ahhh…. as of 159

    Number One: 23 votes
    Number Two: 9 votes
    Number Three: 29 votes
    Number Four: 64 votes

    Stop voting before I can refresh the page! Urgh! lol

  2. What is wrong with you people!!!! All number 4 is is a water monster or something. Wouldn’t you much rather see #3? I mean look at the name ” Two headed messenger”. Granted its probably just a two headed bird but is there anything NOT intriguing about a 2 headed bird? Plus I see a bowler hat that doesn’t guarantee that Dr. Barlow is in the picture but some doctor is. There is definitely a loris in that picture and come on who doesn’t love a loris?
    I’ve done my best to persuade you now all you can do is vote for # 3. It probably won’t be enough *sigh* oh well. NUMBER 3!

  3. wow I just realized I wrote a HUGE comment and didn’t even say one of the things I wanted to! @Scott will you ever reveal the missing word from the word cloud? Please please please do it I really want to see it!!!!

  4. I choose number….. 2!

    Haha, but I doubt this on we will be choosen, but it looks very interesting! But, whatever one wins i know I’ll be happy! Yay!

  5. Eh…which shall I choose…
    I know what a kappa is due to many rpg games i played XDDD
    And I see bovril in number three…
    and I love bovril and his cleverness…

  6. Picture 3 or picture 4…? I’m going to have to say picture 3 please, though I see that might not do too much for my cause. πŸ™‚

  7. I wish to cast my vote for number four. I presume that a terrifying monster will be surfacing from the waters. It may prove useful in my third rising to power.

    But of course, you will choose as I wish. I may have a…*slip* of the wand if events turn out otherwise. >:)

  8. They all look good, but I think I’ll go for number 4, just because it’s the only new one in the running. But I also want 3 and 2… πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t think I can’t decide between 3 and 4, but I think I’m getting 4 as it looks rather INTRIGUING.


    1&2 are just airship pics 3 just looks like a box with bovril and barlow next to it.

  11. i dont think thats brovil with dr barlow i think thats her beastie
    i think #4 is gonna win and reading the discription of what the creature in real life (or myth) makes me wonder what its doing in the book, also they arnt on a beastie in that pic it looks like they are on a clanker navy ship

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