July Art Reveal (Voting)

It’s almost July 1, and time for another art reveal! As usual, YOU get to decide which piece of Goliath art shall be unveiled.

This time we have no less than four pieces of art to vote on. Three are the former defeated contestants, just in case you’ve changed your minds about them, but the last is all new.

So will it be the high angle shot from the June reveal, Number 1?

Or the threatening weather vista, also from June, Number 2?

Or the also-ran from way back in March, Number 3?


Or finally, there’s this new one that you MIGHT find intriguing . . . Number 4.

Leave your votes in the comment thread below. And use this space to wheedle, coax, and inveigle your fellow fans to your cause. Because democracy is good.

I shall close the polls after 250 votes.

278 thoughts on “July Art Reveal (Voting)

  1. Number 4 is probably winning and even though it looks interesting…I have to say number 2!

  2. #3 please, Mr. Westerfeld. I see bowler hat and what I think is a loris, so I vote for 3!

  3. for looks like it would tell me more new things about the books. and it looks plan cool!!!!!

  4. Ooh, the first one looks to be the LZ 14 Zeppelin. Tho, it says the crew drowned in the North Sea.

  5. Ilike picture number 4. I love west’s books. It has made me mad for steam punk books. Can’t wait until book 3 comes out.

  6. I was going to say 3….. BUT THEN u said there was a fourth one and it totally got my interest!!!!!! 4 or nothing!!!! BTW, isn’t a Kappa a Japanese water monster?It some sort of legend in Japan?? Does this mean they’re in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMG!!!!!*trying to breathe*) I cannot wait until Goliath comes out!!!

  7. okay something is coming out of the water or something and it just looks awsome so 4….duh!! 😀

  8. I’m going to say 4,
    only because I have a small attention span and this one is NEW and SHINY!

  9. I totally vote for number 4:Kappa Surfacing. I really want to know what it is! Isn’t a kappa a creature from Japanese mythology? It is so awesome!

  10. Of course I would love to see each one but I have to go with number four. It looks like a new sea creature.

  11. Current votes are standing at:

    Number 1 – 26
    Number 2 – 18
    Number 3 – 47
    Number 4 – 123

    It’s kind of obvious who’s gonna win…

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