June Art Reveal

Here is the Goliath art reveal for June, based on your voting!

I was going to wait until 300 votes had come in, but by vote number 222 one of the illustrations had achieved an unassailable lead! Here’s what I mean:

Illustration One: 125 votes
Illustration Two: 17 votes
Illustration Three: 29 votes

With 78 votes left to be counted, even if Illustration three got all of them, number one was still going to win. SO I STOPPED COUNTING, which I’m sure would be cool with the Supreme Court, who are all, like, whatever about this stuff.

So here we have it, Illustration One!

Click the image for a bigger, zoomable version.

Now, some of you may have noticed that it is time for Fan Art Fortnightly, but I have cleverly stomped on it with this art reveal. Why? Is it because I hate fan art?

NO. I LOVES ME SOME FAN ART. But I had foolishly promised to do a Fan Fic Fan Art Fortnightly (AKA FFFAF) and it’s been impossible to choose from among the bajillion weird and wonderful fan fics out there. So why don’t you guys help me out?

Use this comment thread to suggest to each other any awesome fan fictions you’ve found, from any of my books.

And in a week or two I’ll put up some more drawings, because that’s easier.

New Update

Leviathan just sold in Japan! So we’ll be seeing the Japanese version in a year or so. Cool, huh?

201 thoughts on “June Art Reveal

  1. One of Franz Ferdinand and Sophie’s actual sons was named Ernst, you know. It’s just the German version of Ernest (or rather, “Ernest” is the Anglicized version of “Ernst”)… nothing too awful about it. 😉

  2. @The Joker-la, Ha ha when I first heard that Volger’s first name was Ernst. I was like WTH, where is the vowel? But the I was like, oh there it is, at the beginning. But it does look as if it is missing a vowel.

    Volger is just cool like that. 8)

  3. Hmm…While they do not appear to be on a Darwinist ship due to the mechanics behind them, it does rather look like the interior of a Zeppelin. While the device does appear to be electrical in nature, I highly doubt it is a relation to the Tesla Cannon or Tesla’s “Death Ray” because if Nicola Tesla could not make it less than 40ft tall I Highly doubt anyone else could…(thou part of me wonders if this means the Clankers intend to employ something like Wardenclyffe. I mean honestly. If certain Financiers had not been greedy we would have free wireless electricity right now FREE WIRELESS ELECTRICITY can you imagine?! Which would be a HUGE advantage for which ever side decided to employ it in the war.

  4. @ Nora Barlow Thanks and its cool I haven’t been on DA that long

    @Brittany I love that fanfic…I just like completely forgot about it

  5. @NoraBarlow: I have nothing against the name Ernst. It’s just a name you don’t here as much these days,which makes it a little unusual.

    And has it been confirmed by Scott-la that his name actually IS Ernst? If so, I’d like to see where he said it, or see a post about it on the site.

  6. If you guys are EXCEPTIONALLY curious and don’t mind spoilers I could tell you what’s going on in this scene….. or maybe not!

  7. I don’t have a beef with anyone over the Ernst thing btw…I just thought ‘that’s a pretty normal German/Austrian name’ 😀

    Why doesn’t Newirk have a first name? We should invent one. Or maybe he’s too cool to be tied down by two names.

  8. Newkirk’s name is probably something nerdy or weird, like, Phineas, and so he does not tell any one it

  9. @ Cosmosis: Thanks for the spoiler!!!

    @ everyone else: Ok, for all of you who LOVE spoilers, go to comment 126 for an awesome spoiler by Cosmosis!!! Or you (might, don’t know if the link will work) can cheat and click on the link below to view the spoiler!!!!! My favorite part is the sentance ‘true love with a commoner’ because, hmmmmm… What could that mean!!!!! So any way, if you are a lover of spoils, click the link below or go to comment 126!


  10. YAY, the link works! And hey, if you switch the 2 and 6 in the number Cosmosis’s comment, you get the number of my comment. AWESOME!

  11. Oh shoot, I just read the spoiler again. It says something about Alek’s final move. Which probably means he’ll die. Which makes me sad. And makes me hope that I have missinterpreted it. But Most of all means that I will be sad and wondering until October 20. That’s a LOT of days. I was gonna do the math but I’m to lazy. Please Mr. Westerfeld, give me an ARC of Goliath to save me so many days of being sad!

  12. @Shelby….i dont think it means his “final move” as he’s going to die…i think it means more of his final choices. like if he decides let go of the fact that Deryn’s a commoner and the final choice he makes is it. the thing im more worried about is how it describes “a destruction of a city”….i wonder what that could mean?? hmm…well i guess i can only wait until Sept 20

  13. @ nikka-la
    I hope you are right! The city is probably one of the places inportant in the previous books, like Austria, England or Instanbul.

  14. Whoa, hold on, about this “spoiler”: who put it on the website? Certainly not Scott Westerfeld; you think he would spoil his own book? So, who wrote the description? Online gossipers?

  15. It’s called searching the internet, kid.

    If I had my own copy, my post would be more like

  16. @ Tatters5

    Can your guy give me a copy? Please? And pretty please, do not tell us how the book ends no matter how hard I ask. I want to be surprised!

  17. I apologize for sounding like I don’t have it, but I do. like if you want evidence I could take a picture of it or something…. but yeah I have it! I was lucky and got sent an ARC

  18. @ Tatters5

    Is there anything in ‘Goliath’ to make it a YA novel? The first two in the ‘Leviathan’ series had nothing to make them YA, and I have read other books marketed under YA that could be middle school books. But the ‘Uglies’ series, also marketed YA has more sensual content. I just wanted to know if it had anything too…sensual. I do not mind kissing or anything.

  19. @Shelby i hope i have a (sort of) good answer for your YA question…i think it’s more of the fact that the audience has grown up a little. i dont think it will have anything “sensual” in that way. then yet i have never read it…unlike the supposed Tatters5. but maybe it has some context that the original audience hadn’t had. i mean we are a couple years older from when the first book came out. to keep his original audience, Mr. Westerfeld may have made the book more intense (or something…i not exactly sure) for how much we have grown up. that’s what i had some trubles with other series. they didnt “grow up” when i did so i stoped reading them. So maybe it might have some more scary scenes??? i have no idea…i HOPE this is somewhat of an answer….

    and @Tatters5…i dont think you just telling everyone you have Goliath would convince everyone you do. and you said something about taking a picture??? stuff like that can easily be faked with photo shop…i dont mean to be skeptic…but most people are. so the only way to convince everyone would to have Mr. Westerfeld confirm that some people got the book the way you said you did…or else everyone’s just going to call you a liar (which i am not…im just saying…none of this is meant to be taken into offinse…)

  20. Ello!

    Branching off from the whole Tatters5 debate for just one second here to talk about the greatest thing I have ever seen. No,I’m not talking about GOLIATH.

    I’m talking about Super 8.

    If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go now. No really, drop everything and get to a theater. I’ll wait until you’ve come back…

    So, now that everyone’s mind has been blown, let me just say that was the greatest movie EVER. Period. I won’t spoil those of you who haven’t seen it yet, (you can look it up on Wikipedia btw) but you all need to see this movie. Especially you, Scott-La.

    @Tatters5: Niice. Now if you could kindly show us the copyright page in order to verify your claims…

    Now, back to my fanfic. DO NOT DISTURB MEH!!!

  21. @shelby Nothing like “bad” but I think it’s classified as YA because it has a really complicated plot

    I LOVED it. it just WREAKED of Steven Spielberg! it was so awesome I’m seeing it again this weekend!

    I don’t know why you all don’t believe me I just got lucky and got an ARC… let’s just forget I ever mentioned it because I don’t want to start a huge fandom debate on scott’s blog. if you all want to talk to me, add me on fanfiction! (same name)

  22. The Clevnet library has Goliath! I just put it on hold! Now I will be the second person to get it in the Cleveland area! Yes, someone put it on hold before me, unfortunantly. I want to buy ‘Goliath’, but this is a back up, just in case. If only the relese date was tommorrow. Or today. Or some day closer than Sept. 20!

  23. @Shelby, Haha, I’m from Cleveland too. Well, a suburb anyway. But I plan on buying Goliath, so we won’t have to duke it out at the library.

  24. @Tatters5:
    I liked it because it was so much more than the alien film everyone thought it would be. It was a story of tragedy,of friendship, of loss, of rebuilding, of-well, of a lot of things. From the beginning scene, I knew I was in for something great, and the ending was truly spectacular. If it doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar, I’m going to be devastated!

  25. Also, forgot to add that it’s not that I don’t believe you, Tatters5, it’s rather the fact that knowing that you KNOW makes me want to know. And I really don’t want to know….yet.*Shifty eyes*

    *Goes back to writing book*

  26. Omg I can’t Wait ’till September!! The book comes out on my birthday!!!! Must.PreOrder. Gahhh

  27. @TheWordMaster
    You said it all. Super 8 blew my mind. When I first heard about it I thought it sounded exactly like War Of the Worlds but it was so different! War of the Worlds was just an alien invasion struggle movie but Super 8 went so in depth with the characters and their struggles. When Joe let go of the necklace at the end the only thing that was going through my head was the magnificent symbolism.

    Back to Goliath: Sorry! I wish I hadn’t said anything because I think I just made several hundred mega-fans very angry….

  28. @Tatters5…i’m not sure if they were angry…i wasn’t…i was meerly curioius…still am. hehe. u should let me be ur best friend and and let me read it!!! haha…just kidding… 😉

    @TheWordMaster…hmmm all of this talk of Super 8. sounds like an awesome movie…maybe i’ll go see it….

  29. r.e. Is Tatters lying debate – I don’t know how Scott’s publishing house do it, but I know that some send out preview copies to random people to get feedback and see how well the book is received. If there’s any serious complaints, the writer can do quick amendments before the books final print. But usually those selected are bound by confidentiality agreements and such. So if you did get selected Tatters, you probably shouldn’t have mentioned it!
    But it is entirely plausible.

    @TheWordMaster and co Super 8 does look epic, and really vague in the trailer but it had that whole Goonies vibes about it – you know, with the kids all being good friends and all. I’m gonna see it soon!

  30. Now I feel evil… but I was never informed of whether or not I was allowed to speak of it! I let all of my friends read it too… ah well, I can’t undo that. But I get a lot of books early because I know a guy (ie my father). He works with publishers, so I can usually complain my way into getting a good ARC every once in a while. Now everyone is seeing Super 8! Even though we probably all live in different places around the US and Australia we should all see it together! Just kidding, but I really do want to see it again! I made the mistake of looking it up on wikipedia before I saw it (don’t do that), so I knew what was going to happen. It was better before when I knew the nothing that the trailers said.

  31. I haven’t seen Super 8, nor do I intend to unless it falls in my lap, or eyes. For free.

    But about this Tatters5 fiasco; I think I believe you ’bout that know a guy thang, but I won’t ask you to let me read it, deviating from these other commenters, for the lone reason that I wish to exercise restraint in learning the end of the Leviathan series. Instead, I will continue to wait for it’s release, though not patiently.

    But I will not be commenting here for a few days, and you are rid of me temporarily. For on Saturday I will be enjoying a musical performance at Levon Helm’s residence in Woodstock, NY. And if you don’t know who Levon Helm is, consult your family, friends and doctor, and you can take a long van ride to a nice place.

  32. In fact, last year, at Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble (the event I’m going to see this weekend), a friend of mine (who is vice president of the record company that Elizabeth Cook, a musician who played there that night, and is playing this weekend) was waiting in line to get tickets in the parking lot and started talking to another guy in line. At some point in the conversation, the guy my friend was talking to said “By the way, I’m Terrance Malick.” As you may know, he directed The Tree of Life. So, later on that night, Terrance Malick, or one of his “people” approached Elizabeth Cook’s husband and guitarist Tim Carroll and asked if they could use one of his songs in a movie. So now I’ve connected the dots and realized that that movie is The Tree of Life! Pretty cool, huh?

  33. @The Joker-La: You seem to be quite in the know. I think the most famous person I’ve met would be….hmmm…..Either Cal Ripken Jr. (shook his hand) or Bruce Hornsby (saw him while eating dinner). If you don’t know who they are….Wiki it.

    Now, about the Tree of Life. I’m currently in the midst of a Brad Pitt phase (Was a Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, and Christian Bale phase before) after seeing all three Oceans movies. So he’s probably the only reason I’d see the movie. At least….until I get bored and move on to another actor. Daniel Craig looks like the perfect candidate….

    Make sure you have fun, Joker-la! It’s no fun if you don’t have fun.

  34. All you unbelievers who want to know whether Tatters5 has Goliath, I would just like to affirm that she does indeed. I have borrowed and read it from her (she’s a friend of mine). It’s splendiferous!

  35. It looks like it’s after a battle cause it looks like the people on the floor have their arms chopped off. Eww.
    And I think the thing they’re carrying is the goliath!!!!

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