Fan Art Friday Fortnightly from Hawaii

I’m on vacation, but I’ve put together a quick FAFF for you! (Because of the love.)

It’s always funny to me how fan art and fic is often a response to a very short, throwaway scene. Like the one in Leviathan, when Deryn is faking a bit of shaving. It’s cool how these little slices of the character’s normal, non-dramatic life are so compelling.

So here’s “Shave Like a Man” by Mcl-Jessie:

And here’s a slightly more intense scene from KuroPhillyDip, featuring the Leviathan series’ second-favorite couple:

And another picture for you lady boffin lovers, from Marielleaster:

And here in a comical vein, “Lessons” by Awesometastic:

Okay, I’m on vacation, so I’m outta here. Thanks to all you fan artists, everywhere!

Don’t forget, the next art reveal will be hosted by So check in with them throughout the day next Monday, August 1.

74 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday Fortnightly from Hawaii

  1. Second comment. Not first, but good enough.

    The art is particularly good this time. Will be sure to go to for the art reveal.

  2. I love all the fan art(or is it fanart?) pictures. Especially the drawing of the second favorite couple of Leviathan, Dr. Barlow and Count Volger.

  3. YES! I’m in the top five for once! WOOHOO! I love all the art for this faff.
    Especialy Lessons. I also betted 3.00 that Newkirk knows Deryn’s secret before Alek, so please let it happen! I don’t wanna lose the 3 bucks! So once again, good job guys.

  4. Oh, I’ve seen that shaving pic before!

    And am I the only one who doesn’t think that Volger and Barlow would make a good couple??? Am I the only one who doesn’t like that couple? Can’t they just be really good friends like Booth and Brennen from BONES and like Beak Seung Jo and Yoon Hae Ra from Playful Kiss??? Seriously! They would not work out at all!

    Now….Still all the art is very nice. I really want to make something but not anything I think of doing is particularly clever. And I want to get a new Deviantart Account because I hate my current one. :/

    Hmm. Newkirk learning Deryn’s secret before Alek, huh? Once I read a fanfic about Newkirk realize that Deryn liked Alek….I’m sure you can imagine the shock that Newkirk felt, especially during that intolerant time period! XD

  5. Just saying Booth and Brennen are a lot more than just friends. I do agree that Volger and Barlow should just stick to being friends.

  6. I don’t really care about Volger/Barlow, but I do want Alek to hurry up and learn the truth one way or another! Love the fan art! Keep ’em coming!

  7. Glad to see that Mr. Westerfeld has not been eaten by any dinosaurs yet. Or fallen into any volcanoes.

    @ Jessica:
    I agree. I never thought that Volger and Barlow had any chemistry. I was unaware that they were supposed to. (Or were they not supposed to? Is it just an opinionated discussion?)

  8. The second and third drawings are AMAZING!!! I could never draw that well, haha! And the fourth one’s funny 😀

  9. Still hyped up from learnin about the movie! OMG! but the second fan arts the best, Barlow and Volger would make an awesome couple!

  10. WHERE DID ALL THE UGLIES FANS GO???????? Also, if I have fanart I made, where do i send it

  11. I LOVE the first picture. It’s so striking with the brown and white.

    @Jacquie-la – I’m a huge Uglies fan!

  12. Ahh, I live in Hawaii! That would be super cool if I would be able to see you! Haha, that would be probably creepy for you though…. You may not even be on Oahu, so I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

  13. Nice art, Deryn is so funny. The Volger/Barlow make a good (interesting?) duo but I wouldn’t say couple. Maybe “couple” as in they make things interesting for the story? Idk. But great art, have a great vacation, Scott-la!!!!

  14. I love the picture of the Dr.Barlow; it’s very detailed and she looks very pretty. She looks a lot younger in that picture than I normally think of her. 😀 How old IS Dr. Barlow anyway?

  15. @Jessica

    OMO! You watch BONES, DRAMAS and read Leviathan? :O!!!!! Are you possibly my long-lost sister (or clone?)?!!!

    I kinda like Varlow, but I know it’s not going to happen….ever. So, I have resigned all hope….D’:

  16. You know, this is a little off topic, but I think I’ve figured out the reason for Bovril’s existance and what role it might play in Goliath. It’s more than just a cuddley creature. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the story, but if you remember the part in Behemoth where Alek tells Deryn about the scroll bearing the Pope’s seal that makes Alek emperor of Austria if the current one dies, he mentions beforehand that Lillit likes Deryn and that there’s no way Lillit could like him, because if she did, he’d “have to run a mile.” When Deryn asks why, he replys: “For heaven’s sake, Dylan! Lillit is a commener; far more commen than my mother. I grew up thinking I was unwanted, that my existance was a nusiance. I could never do that to my own children, not in a million years.” But if you survey the text carefuly, you find many clues that point to BOVRIL being much like a child to both Alek and Deryn! It bonded with BOTH of them, remember? Dr. Barlow even says so! She also said that “it wasn’t designed to bond with two people! Not unless…”

    I arrived at this conclusion about four months after reading Behemoth. It took a lot of thinking and re-reading the book to deduce that, with the evidence gathered, Alek and Deryn COULD, in fact, get married. Their children wouldn’t inherit anything, but that wouldn’t matter because they already have a kid, Bovril! Bovril probably wouldn’t want to inherit an empire, anyway…although it is very perspicacious. 🙂

  17. Gaby- Just because it’s never going to happen doesn’t mean you have to resign all hope! Varlow FTW!

    Varlow is my favorite pairing, besides Alek and the Leviathan in ThePrinceOfParties’ DA comic! xD

    Also, did I miss the io9 update or has it not happened yet?

  18. Am I dumb or am I the only one who cannot find the article to the art reveal?

    For those who HAVE found it, could you please (please) post a link for all of us who seemingly can’t find it?

  19. So it’s not just me that was looking all day yesterday on and saw absolutely nothing Leviathan-related. :S

  20. ):.< I'd better get it soooonn…8D yesss loooving the fanart! great!
    @The Joker-la, that makes a lot of sense! (:

  21. wow apparently that last comment didn’t post properly? “I’d better get it soon” is about the art reveaall…XDD

    On a side not, please come to Iowa, preferabley between the quad cities and Iowa City.

  23. in reference to my name i am angry about how long the book is taking but am a dedicated fan

  24. Oh good, and here I thought I was the only one who couldn’t find the art reveal.
    They probably forgot or something.
    Too busy writing undeserved derogatory reviews of The Smurfs, I’m sure.

  25. Hi guys,

    io9 has a Facebook. I’m sure if everyone asked them NICELY when they are going to post the art reveal and if they can a comment here linking us to the post, they will. Derogatory comments get us nowhere.

    Here’s what I left:
    “Hi io9,
    I was wondering when are you going to post the art reveal for Goliath? If you have posted the next art reveal, could you please post a comment on Scott Westerfeld’s blog linking us to the reveal? Every person has been waiting patiently to see the reveal since 00:01 AM of August 01, 2011 and not one of us can find it. It would be a huge disappointment to EVERY fan of Scott Westerfeld if we weren’t able to see this art reveal.

    You may post the same thing I did, just erase the quotation marks and my name and insert your own. Maybe they’ve forgotten and need a band of fans to gently remind them that we want to see art!


  26. i just can not wait for the book and need the art reveals to sustain my patience before I go into a no goliath related nervous breakdown

    JUST KIDDING! but I really want to see the artwork from the book

  27. I can’t find the art reveal either….
    WASSUP WIT DAT?????????
    Oh well we still got FAFF, proving that Scott likes us all enough to scour his computer/the internet for fan art even in Hawaii…. so I’m happy! 🙂

  28. I went onto io9’s twitter account and left a message asking when they planned to reveal the art for Goliath. I asked nicely of course. Very professional 😉

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