Fan Art Friday Fortnightly from Hawaii

I’m on vacation, but I’ve put together a quick FAFF for you! (Because of the love.)

It’s always funny to me how fan art and fic is often a response to a very short, throwaway scene. Like the one in Leviathan, when Deryn is faking a bit of shaving. It’s cool how these little slices of the character’s normal, non-dramatic life are so compelling.

So here’s “Shave Like a Man” by Mcl-Jessie:

And here’s a slightly more intense scene from KuroPhillyDip, featuring the Leviathan series’ second-favorite couple:

And another picture for you lady boffin lovers, from Marielleaster:

And here in a comical vein, “Lessons” by Awesometastic:

Okay, I’m on vacation, so I’m outta here. Thanks to all you fan artists, everywhere!

Don’t forget, the next art reveal will be hosted by So check in with them throughout the day next Monday, August 1.

74 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday Fortnightly from Hawaii

  1. Its not up and its day 3.

    I am not very pleased.

    We are having a conversation about this over on the fourms.

  2. Scott, I’m getting desperate. I NEED my monthly dose of Goliath art! This does not seem very nice of i09.

  3. if it wasn’t creepy and illegal, and if I lived closer, I would probably break in to his house and steal a copy of goliath. Who wouldn’t?

  4. I geuss he doesn’t call himself lazy for nothing! I would never say mean about him unless he called himself it first. Also that was said to make light of the situation and should not be interperated as angry or mean, the same can be said of everything else I have written.

  5. Scott-la, COME ON!!! WE’RE DYING HERE!!!
    Well, maybe he’ll make up for the lateness with a romantic AlekxDeryn picture 🙂

  6. I NEED the art reveal! September 20th is way too far away. Please please please please please post it…

  7. i just checked out the new art reveal and it was AWSOME! less action but the USA was finnaly shown. YES!!!

  8. I love it! It’s absolutely amazing, Keith you are an astounding artist! I am sooooo excited for Goliath!! 46 days cannot go by faster!

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