August Art Reveal

Hey, I’m back from Hawaii. Which looks like this:

In addition to hanging by the pool, I saw a whale while kayaking (dangerous scale discrepancy!), inspected a volcano by helicopter, and braved a tiger shark alert several times. Plus, ate lots of pineapples.

Pics will be provided soon.

As you know may have noticed, the August art reveal was hosted by my pals at For any of you who missed it, or wanted to comment on it here, check it out:


There’s lots more to discuss, given the exciting news at Comic Con, so I will be posting again soon.

26 thoughts on “August Art Reveal

  1. I havnt gone to Hawaii (LAWL. Actual comment. :D). It seems so pretty there though…Im jealous of Scottmeister
    1) He kno\ws what happens in Goliath
    2) He’s been to Hawaii! D:
    3) He’s….Scott.

  2. Ahhh Scott-la I love when you share your amazing vacation photos with us- it makes me feel like I’m on vacation.
    I LOVVVEEE the art reveal for the month! I just went to hearst castle last month so it’s reallly cool seeing it with the leviathan in goliath….I wish the leviathan would’ve been there when I went!

  3. I saw the pic and loved it! Also, anybody who needs a book right now while waiting for Goliath, I highly suggest the 100 Cupboards series. They are almost as good as the leviathan series so far.

  4. Hawaii=Awesomeness.

    Also, I’d count this month as a double reveal. The io9 article AND my B&N store set out the Behemoth paperbacks a week early and I got to read the excerpt from Goliath. Sweet! (and apparently Newkirk has skills now 😛 )

  5. I love the art! It has me speculating things about Goliath!
    Hawaii??? Lucky… The whale thing must have been EPIC. Are you sick of pineapple?

  6. For anyone looking for a solid replacement series for leviathan while we all wait for the new book, I recommend:
    Relic masters
    The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel
    Blood of kings
    The AMULET Graphic Novels (#4 is coming on september 1!)

  7. so I love how you show us this awesome picture, and the first thing I notice is the feet in the corner.
    Anywho, Hawaii looks nice but the first place on my list of places to go is either Scotland or Germany, I love how I would trade Hawaii for Scotland.
    But I’ve always wanted to go even before I read Leviathan. * stares dreamily into the distance * One day.

  8. @ Cambelle When is the official release date for Behemoth in paperback? Barnes & Noble’s Website ain’t tellin’.

  9. Thanks for all your kind praises.

    Gayle: Actually, Behemoth comes out in paperback THIS NEXT Tuesday! That’s August 9. Thanks for reminding me.

  10. I’m so confused now!!!! I thought that the Leviathan was going to Japan, NOT AMERICA!!! Holy cow I NEED this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. scott-la same question as bookworm 1000
    as for the art reveal, in my opinion its slightly disappointing. because the other art reveals were so exciting, this one, well just wasnt. but a great job by keith thompson as always!

  12. I was so thrilled when I realised I could read the text I forgot you said it was fake 🙁
    September seems so far away now…

  13. glad you’re enjoying them pineapples Scottsters. One question…

    If the Levi is coming to California, are you?!? Pretty please?? I know it’s not your choice, but PLEASE COME SCOTTSERS!!

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