Fan Art Friday (1 of 4 left!)

Let’s start with some non-Leviathan stuff, as this site will be ALL Leviathan for the next two months or so.

First from the world of Midnighters, is Jessica Edge’s wonderful flame-bringer tattoo:

As you can see, it’s very faithful to the book. (And perhaps a bit fresh and ouchy-looking as well. Aloe vera!) That’s the second Midnighter tattoo I know of out there in the world. I wonder if there are any more . . .

And now a rare piece of The Last Days fan art. It’s Minerva, as interpreted by Spearare:

Appropriately seductive and mysterious, IS IT NOT?

And now from the Uglies world, we have a character from Extras. Nana Love as drawn by DolceCircee:

Very manga-liscious, which is entirely apt.

And another from the Uglies series, but from the absolute other end of the character spectrum, we have Dr. Cable.


Yes, rather intense. But great use of shading.

And finally, to recover from the scary, here’s some Alek and Deryn hanging out from Julia D (jurodo):

Heh. I’ve always suspected there’s a trunk full of dresses waiting for Deryn back in Scotland. But maybe she burned them all!

Okay, enjoy your weekend. Twenty-five days till Goliath. And only a week till the next (and final) art reveal!

64 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (1 of 4 left!)


  2. Love all the fanart! The one of Minerva is particularly well-done….and I sort of want a Midngithers tattoo….we’ll see 🙂

    We’re nearly at Goliath! Thank goodness!

  3. And she only suppossed to make you mildly scared. But I LOVE the Alek and Deryn hanging out. (Sorry about the 2-part comment. I hit Submit by accident)

    So close to Goliath!!!
    Scott will you please tell us the missing word from the word cloud? Please, please, please? If not before Goliath is released the day after? PLEASE, DO IT!!!!!

  5. the tattoo isn’t hurting any more but the pictures were taken right afterward so it was PAINFULLLLLLLL. but i love it. this is gonna be the longest 25 days ever…

    hehehe funny stuff xD
    3 more weeks? er 3 more fridays 😐 sigh….

  7. 25 more days?!? SO CLOSE BUT SO FAR! Luckily though, I’ll probably be finished reading my current book in that time, so that’ll be perfect timing!!

  8. That picture of Dr. Cable looks scary as crap. She looks like she’s going to jump out and eat your face!

  9. i agree! rawr! ergh, wus hoping for more leviathan fanart, sighsigh, but last one wus funny =p hee hee

  10. omg. isa started reading midnighters an it awesome, also scotty i has been a dilligent fan, and has converted a skeptic over to the dark side. he started leviathan yesterday and he wus totally obssesed by the tenth page! i has succeeded in my mission MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH ;b

  11. @jessedge
    how much does a tattoo hurt? wut would you equate the pain to?

    @julia chrono
    u sure?

  12. @scotty
    will there be a leviathan movie? i-sa wond-rin, the thought has been rattleing round in me brain, and all my friends want to know to!!!! 0_0

  13. I loved the fanart. I also can’t wait for Goliath!!!! It has a special count down spot on my drase erase board in my locker.

  14. The drawings of Alek and Deryn lead me to ask, what WOULD Deryn wear if she ever went back home? Pants are so much more comfertable for her that she might not want to adjust back to corsets ect. ect.

  15. 25 days for Goliath! mmm…here in Italy there is just Leviathan in bookshops. I need to know more about Behemoth (I want to read it!) …I think we’ll waiting for Goliath too but I have no idea when we could have it published… D: ((sorry for my strange english))

  16. The clouds are looking rather ominous….maybe I’ll see the Leviathan come sailing out of Hurricane Irene!

  17. *squealdies*oh my god, you featured my ‘comic.’ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much Scott-la! Oooooh, I love the other pieces, even though I’ve never read those books.

    Question! Will you tour stops be strictly leviathan-themed, or should I read all your other books to get in the loop?

  18. Julia-
    “Question! Will you tour stops be strictly leviathan-themed, or should I read all your other books to get in the loop?”

    Mostly about Leviathan, but I’ll also be talking about the Uglies manga and movie, of course. And I answer ALL the questions.

  19. The last one (the comic) was awesomeness! I be new on here, so no, I didn’t randomly Apparate.

  20. @steampunk101
    well, i agree! don’t burn the corsets though, because they have whale bones in them and if u burn those, they smell reeeeeeeally bad! just another horrible thing about them, THEY WONT DIE AAAAHHHHHH!

  21. attack of the zombie corsets, the victorian age clothing article that wont go away! bum bum baaaaaa! *scary music*

  22. @deryn sharpie- And her mom would wonder what the hey that smell was AS she was burning them. It would be like “Deryn, what’s that smell?” “Uuuuhhh… the uh, soup must be burning!” *Deryn gets busted*

  23. Like that last one. God, isn’t Deryn just awesome?

    The second from last; JESUS, that’s creepy! Those eyes! I’ll probably have nightmares now. Thanks a lot.

    Midnighters? The Last Days? I’ve stupidly only read Leviathan! What even are these? Whole novels, or short stories, or what?

    And when is The Manual Of Aeronautics coming out? I’d love to know a date.

  24. @The Joker-la

    The Midnighters is another one of Scott’s book series. The first one is called The Secret Hour, the second is Touching Darkness, and the 3rd is Blue Noon. (It’s an AMAZING series) The Last Days is the Sequal to his book Peeps, which is also one of the best books on earth. I totally recommend all of them!

  25. Dr. Cable artist: sorry I was kinda mean about your drawing. It’s really very good and the more I look at it the more I like it. It just freaked me out. A LOT.

  26. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m losing it! Goliath is sooooooooooooooo close to coming out! 23 days now! I’m dying! I need it! I’m running out of fanfics that feed my daily Dalek craving! AHHHHHHHH! I’M DYING AGAIN!

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