Fan Art Friday (no longer fortnightly)

Welcome to FAFNLF, which of course stands for “Fan Art Friday—No Longer Fortnightly!” Given that Goliath comes out imminently, I’m going to do a FAF every Friday until I go on tour.

Now, I promised you tour dates in my next post, and you shall have them in great detail tomorrow, August 20. That’s exactly one month before the book comes out.

And now some arts. The theme of today’s FAFNLF is “Not the Usual Suspects.” That’s right, there will be no Deryn, Alek, or Tally! So let us begin with a bit of Newkirk fan art.

It’s called “Like a Boss,” from fellie220:

Heh. It’s good to see Newkirk mixing some attitude with his altitude. (Bada-boom.) And yes, after that Huxley crash at the beginning of Behemoth, he has some bragging rights.

Next is some cosplay from theonlybandgeek99 and her photogenic friend Renee:

So who is this contemplative figure, exactly? Onlybandgeek suggest that it might be Alek and Deryn’s daughter, who “steals her late father’s sword and her mother’s middie uniform.” (But when I first saw it, I figured it was Alek borrowing one of Deryn’s outfits for a little cosplay session of his own. Heh.)

From Braeden, here’s a cool Cyklops Stormwalker created in the game Spore.

Pretty slick, huh?

And waving goodbye from Not the Usual Suspects FAFNLF is Special Shay, from Serena:

Okay, that’s it until next Friday.

You: But I thought you said you were posting the Goliath tour dates tomorrow.

Me: Oh, right. I’ll definitely do that.

You: Are you sure.

Me: Um yes. Or Sunday.

You: Why can we not TRUST you to blog things when you say you’ll blog them?

Me: Because of my busy life! What with all the . . . tweeting and stuff. Look, it’ll be sometime this weekend, unless you’re in an Australian time zone, in which case it could be, like, really early Monday.

You: Pfff.

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