Bonus Art Reveal!

The lovely folks at the Indigo Teen Blog are hosting a special Bonus Art Reveal for Goliath! I also gave them some text describing what’s going on in this Chapter 15 image, which is a BIT SPOILERY of me! If you don’t want spoilification, go look but don’t read my text!

You have been warned.

Click here to see it.

You may remember this image as one of the nominees for an earlier reveal. So those of you who voted for it and lost, victory is finally yours!

Comment here or there, as you wish.

(For you USians in the audience, Indigo is a retail book chain and online store in Canada.)

56 thoughts on “Bonus Art Reveal!

  1. Why the sudden art reveal? Oh, probably to promote the book. I chose not to read the text. Me no likie spoilies!

  2. “wondersome” indeed
    so…six more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!c….a….n… w…a…i…t.. n…o… m…o…r…e…

  3. @ lily: I betz that he be in there! IT IS VERY WONDERSOME! I’ve been going about moaning and complaining like “UGHHHH… the last book in my favourite series is coming out in SIX DAYS!!!!!” (more like six YEARS)

  4. So how do u think that website got ahold of that picture? Some underground spoiler network??? the things I would do to get in there…. HURRY YOUR BUM UP AND COME OUT ALREADY GOLIATH!!!!! said in the nicest way possible.

  5. two words: AWE. SOME.

    I can’t wait to NOT do homework and look at this picture some more!!!!! WORDS CAN’T EXPRESS MY EXCITEMENT.

  6. Thank you for the warning!
    Awesome illustration (I skipped the text).


    My professor approved my final project proposal for my Digital Modeling class today, so I will be using Maya to model the Sultan’s automaton and throne room from Behemoth for class!


  7. Beautiful art. And while reading the text, it hit me that Goliath comes out in three days. Really crept up…

  8. yay victory!!! I love adventure and I LOVE Deryn 🙂 I started re=reading Bohemoth today to get a reminder of what happened 🙂 I was supposed to read Leviathan for the fourth time before Bohemoth but I was in a pickle :\ so yaaaaaay! can’t wait till next week!!! :DD <3

  9. engine pods…..OH MY BOWLER HATS!!!! ALEK IS ALWAYS IN THE ENGINE POD!! And why else would deryn be trying to get there??? SAVE HIM DERYN! SAVE HIM AND THEN TELL HIM YOUR A GIRL!!!!!!!! And then, u know, get married. HAPPY ENDING!!!!!

  10. @flashstick
    oo flashstick why dont you comes on forumz that much! also you needs to show us pics of that when u done

  11. Hmmm…. It’s been so long since I’ve read Behemoth that I might have forgotten some parts… I hope they weren’t important. I want Goliath, but I have to finish the book I’m reading now (Wicked).

  12. Oh! I was just frantically looking for my pen. I thought I lost it. Come to find out, it was behind my ear the whole time…. I do that all the time! That’s what happens when you’re supposed to be doing work and you get distracted looking at author’s websites…

  13. Speechless. Words alone cannot describe how much I’m bursting at the seams in anticipation. Seriously. Whenever I think that Goliath comes out in six days I feel PHYSICAL PAIN. Right i my chest. NO joke.

  14. @Sophia
    YES YES YES!!!! I feel the exact same thing!!!! Here it comes again! Ok I’m like literally shaking with excitement (and a little bit of pain from being so excited) I could explode all over rite now!!!!!!!!

  15. I dont think its healthy how much i get excited for all these things!!!!!!!!! especially when it’s the worlds greatest book thats coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  16. I officially love my e-reader. Pre-ordering Goliath as an e-book means that I don’t have to go to the bookstore – it will show up on my nook-color at midnight, the second it becomes availible. *will get no sleep* Since September first, I have reread Leviathan and Behemoth… twice. I NEED GOLIATH NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Love the reveal, but I don’t get it. How’s the text spoiler-y? He just described the situation. Is that his definition of spoiler-y? Or is it just that my definition of spoiler-y is everyone dying and exploding?

  18. Five days. So close, but so far… Oh well.

    Does anyone else feel like all the clocks at there house/school are broken, time is crawling by so slowly?

  19. GAAAA!!!
    Also, i had to revert to puting my hand over the text on the screen becasue my eyes have no self-control

  20. Oh Goliath please hurry and come me out!!! Why is it takeing so long!!!!?? You’d think as the 20 gets closer it would b easy rite? WRONG!!! It’s just getting harder!! Why are days so long?

  21. YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! During the vote, they may have won the battle, but people (like me) who voted for this won the war!!!
    *did not mean to sound so arrogant ahem*
    Wonder what happens during this scene *knowing look*

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