I’m on tour and not posting much, because Goliath just came out! But my auto-updator keeps clanking along, and today’s update is the info for my California events. (Check my Appearances page for info about the whole tour.)

What will you use this comment thread for? I don’t know, but don’t put spoilers here. Put them in the comment thread of this post!

Wednesday, September 28

1010 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Click here for the facts.

Thursday, September 29

140 Kentucky Avenue
Petaluma, CA 94952

Event info will eventually appear here.

That is all.

53 thoughts on “California!

  1. See you tomorrow, Scott! (asighehnb9iehg9ehj!!!)

    Seriously procrastinating on my shirt, but I should have it done in a couple hours. /squint

  2. I’m glad that there’s no spoilers here. I still haven’t purchased the book yet, but I did have to get Algebra 2 For Dummies. Not the book I wanted to get… I hope that I can get Goliath soon so I don’t have to avoid this website anymore.

  3. Hah! A comment thread to relay this bit of news-
    My brother and I really enjoyed your KC visit. (Although I’m pretty sure I dragged my brother along, but whatever.) His comment was that he was surprised it was funny and you were like a ‘stand up comedian’, which is a Good Thing, I’m sure.

  4. BLAH. D: I CAN’T GO. I.WILL.DIE.NOW. unless i show up and surprise everybody.

    SCOTT/CKOTT! are there any more tours that you’re doing in the future in which you show up in california?!?!?!?! (pleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyes)

    I will attempt ninje-ness and try to show up in LaVerne.

  5. OH MY GOD! I’m going on Wednesday! I’ve got this awesome steampunk costume and I’m debating whether to wear it. Should I? Please someone dress up with me!

  6. i love your books!!! especially the third Leviathan book, Goliath, i bought it the day it came out and finished the same night! i absolutely love your leviathan books because they are adventurous and a really good love story! if i were you i would greatly consider making this into a movie, if you have been considering it than please make it into one, it would make me jump for joy to see it in the theaters.

  7. Oh man. I just moved to Santa Cruz which is within an hour’s drive of both Menlo Park and San Francisco. If I had brought my car with me, I would be super excited right now. Blast exorbitant UC parking fees.

    I hope you have an good time in NorCal! Maybe I’ll catch you on your next tour.

  8. When your Leviathan series ends, there is a dark beginning. Europe rise without a scratch from World War 1, but more World Wars are on their way. The Second World War ends with German occupation on Europe, and the Third is the rebellious Nazis and the Fourth are the Soviets. Leviathan may have ended, but dark times is yet to come.
    Even though the age of steampunk ends, new technologies are coming.

    If you don’t want to make another Leviathan series, then someday when I became an author, there will be another. I wanted to be like you but not as skilled.

    Oh, and I live in California, but I won’t see you anywhere. You’ve inspired me, Scott.

  9. Also, thank you for the romance between Alek and Deryn. A badass and strong-willed tomboy and a venerable but also a strong-willed boy. Something new to me. But there should have been more kissing pictures in Goliath…

  10. YAYYY!!!!!!
    Your coming to Round rock!
    I’m so happy!!!!

    After I read Goliath, I had to make this video-
    I would be honered if you posted it on your blog 🙂
    (Though I understand their are about a million others that are a way better than it) Please, at least take a peek!
    That much would be awesome!

  11. It was friggin AMAZEBALLS meeting you Scottsters!! your jokes were Kane and hysterical at the same time… (plus the bookstore totally had Carrie Ryans signed books <3) but I kind of have a couple questions- cuz I'm lame and the moment you started your whole lecture thingie I sort of forgot them

    1. So with the Missing Black Woman thing, did you create it, was it internetie, or whatever??

    2. When you made the Word Cloud- what wasthe word you "spoiler"ed out??

    3. (and finally) in Goli, WHERE THE HELL WAS "crashing a bash"??

  12. gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh curse tennis practices! It would have been a 2 and a half hour drive for me to come tonight, but there was no way I could get out of tennis. 🙁 I know you don’t really have a say in your tours, but I hope that in the next one you manage to come all the way down to San Diego. If you ever do come here, I will be bringing along about 10 people who I have converted to your books. 🙂

  13. Hello, all. There isn’t really a line of conversation to this comment thread, but I wanted to make something known:

    I just got sorted into SLYTHERIN on Pottermore. Anyone else? (I thought I was a Ravenclaw… *sad* *oh well*)

  14. SCOTT I’m so angry right now!!! I went to istanbul and took a picture of me outside of the blue Mosk (because there was a scene in Goliath there, well sorta it was just where alek met Eddie but whatevs) with behemoth JUST FOR YOU !!!!!!! thinking that I might get a chance to give it to you on you tour but I guess you have a serious problem with my state because YOUR SKIPPING IT!!!! I went through a hoard of obnoxious carpet sellers to get that picture!!!! One of them followed my mom and I all the way to the stairs and wouldn’t go away until I shouted at him in a (quite convincing) brittish accent!!! GO AWAY YOU BLOODY CARPET SELLER, AND FOR THE 10000th TIME I DON’T WANT A CARPET AND, NO, THIS BOOK THAT IM HOLDING IS NOT HARRY POTTER!!!!!! And now I guess I’ll just have to go to your house and give it to you then, cuz I did not go through that nightmare (well actually it was sorta fun) to hit this roadblock! See u soon Scott-la.

  15. I was in la verne! hi peoples! That book signing basically made my LIFE! I wore no costume. (sadness.) but i wore my “not a muggle” button ’cause I was being lazy and didn’t have time to get a costume. Maybe pink shirts count? … (cuz’ I wore one at la verne!) Bye!

  16. @ one person
    Heyyyyyyyy!!!!! Ouch that hurt. That comment was supposed to be said sweetly! (for goodness sake I went to Istanbul for him of course it was ment nicely)

  17. @Clanker Rose OH HAAAAAI. Nice to see you posting here!

    @Selin: Oh wow, that’s cool! And don’t worry about One Person. It’s just Carmine101 with an identity crisis. (And he’s always a meanieface.)

  18. @ jacquie-la
    good question. i’ve sotra gotten used to seeing her (well i would guess its a her….) comments around. HEY SHARPIE!!! WHERE R U?

  19. @selin: Yeah I know. At first I thought maybe she was Deryn@Leviathon, but then I remembered the whole -spof thing so… yeah.

  20. Hi Scott! I’ve just finished the Leviathan and Uglies series and it is soooooo bubbly. Have you ever considered coming to Memphis, TN? (We’ve got great BBQ and blues music.) Thx a lot!

  21. @ One Person You know what? GREAT IDEA! Dark times ensue after a deceptively short Great War. That’s a better plot point to start on than anything I’ve yet come up with (and trust me, I’ve come up with MANY after reading Goliath a mere week or so ago).

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