Fan Art Friday (11 days away edition)

This is our next-to-last Fan Art Friday before I go on tour. Blogging is really hard on the road, so FAF will be restricted to shots of costumed people at my appearances. (Which will be cool, but not the same. And mostly on twitter, where I am @scottwesterfeld.)

But luckily, this is an excellent FAF!

This first bootiful drawing was tweeted at me by @marksmaster, and is a really sharp-featured color sketch of Deryn and Alek hanging out and kind of smirking, like they share some sort of SECRET or something.

Check it out in full size, and you will be amazed.

Also tweeted at me was this comical bit of non-canonical non-cross-dressing, from Shenli:

It’s Alek’s expression that rocks it. He looks so happy.

Now for some cosplay! Debuted at Dragon Con last week was Heather L’s interpretation of Dr. Barlow. Note the bee theme! The little jeweled bee is sewn onto the bowler, and the train in back is usually bustled up, but I’m showing you the down version so you can see how bee-like it is!

I’m always pleased when little quiet scenes, like the bees, make it into fan art. (This just in: This costume won the Best YA in Show at Dragon*Con! And believe me, the competition there is world-class.)

From Grace is this sketch of a scene from Behemoth, in which Volger hints at Deryn that he knows her secret, while Eddie Malone is standing right there!

That’s my most comical scene in that book, so I’m glad it has this comic-looking sort of treatment. Heh.

And here’s another nice one from Miyu999 (whom we met in last week’s FAF), showing Lilit, Alek, and Deryn all, you know, hanging out:

Very sweet. (And a bit complicated.)

Not everyone draws, of course, so here’s cool versions of Dr. Barlow and Lilit, as created by Kayla on

Pretty cool for e-paper dolls.

And to round out this week’s FAF, here’s an awesome sketch of Leviathan characters from sorcaron1379:

Actually, it’s just Deryn, Alek, and Volger in various costumes. But I’d love to see a full-cast drawing in this style. (HINT, HINT!)

Like the title of this post says, we are only 11 days away, and my tour starts even sooner! Check out my Appearances page to find out if I’ll be coming near you.


59 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (11 days away edition)

  1. Eleven days AW-AY! Eleven days aw-AY! ELEVEN DAYS AWAY:):):) I loved all that fan art! Keep up the good work, peopl!

  2. Yay! 10th comment! maybe one day ill finally be first! by the way i LOVED the one of deryn lilit and alek together! the rest were really cool too! especially the e-dolls thing! i didnt know u could do that. CANT WAIT TILL GOLIATH!!!!

  3. This is awesome (but sad. almost the last FAF)!
    Maggie M. if you read this comment, 11 days left!

  4. alek is on the right again! except in the first one.
    hey has anyone noticed that alek’s hair is always either spiky and messed up or kind of gelled to a point in the back?

  5. YAY! I’m so happy you posted my fanart (the first one, I’m @Marksmaster) 😀 I was also at Dragon Con as Dr. Barlow, but I didn’t see the other Dr. Barlow! Funny, enough, I also had a bee on my hat! 😀 TOO MUCH AWESOME!

  6. wow this fan art is GREAT!!! deryn looks just like i imagined her. talk about eleven years…… feels like forever!!! is a bummer you wont be able post as much on tour!!!!!

  7. What’s kind of funny is that I’ve spent so much time on Deviantart searching for Leviathan art that I’ve already seen most of these xDD

    All amazing 😮 and we all can’t wait for Goliath. SO CLOSEE!!

  8. I love fan art Fridays. I must now find some sort of costume. Perhaps a bowler hat and combat boots? Kind of a Dr. Barlow mixed Deryn look? Like if they were related or something……
    And I love Alek’s facial expression. I must learn to make epic facial expressions like that.

  9. wait, darn, i was going to glue smarties to some jeans and go as smarty pants. wait! i can do both! yess!!! double awesome-smarty-super-boffin for halloween!!! i luv my thought process!

  10. Heyyyyyy…Yeah, that Doll Devine one is mine.
    My heart skipped a beat when I saw that, and then dropped when I saw that “Diane” made them…
    Diane is my moms name, and I used her e-mail to send these to you…My real name is Kayla!
    Sorry ’bout that!

  11. oh aleks expression is priceless. HEY SCOTT!!!! COULD YOU PLEASE TRY TO FIND MORE PICS AS DERYN IN GIRL FORM????? AND IFFFFFF DERYN DOES GO GIRL IN GOLIATH, WILL THERE BE A PICTURE??? and yes the capital letters represent shouting so mr.westerfeld will hear me down in Australia.

  12. Oooo, yes, PLEASE Scott-la, give us a picture of Deryn in full girl regalia, preferably illustrated by Keith Thompson.

    “You’re the wind that blows my sail, you batter me, you batter me.”

    – The Spring Standards

  13. Thanks for featuring me, Scott! 😀 Lovin’ all the fanart~~ I think it’s so cool that you actually look at things like fanart and fanfiction (and anime). I’ve never heard of an author who does that! XDD

    I’ll attempt to take you up on that *hint hint*. No promises when though. 😛

    also ten is like a round number so that makes it better? Right? RIGHT? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am going crazy

  15. Wow peoples art skills never cease to amaze me. all this art is inspiring, that last one makes me want to go write a song on my mandolin. (yes art often makes me want to do that) Keep drawing everyone. TEN DAYS TO GO!!!!

  16. My favorite is the last one!!!!!!!! I like the deryn on the right with the white shirt and tie. But the deryn below that is a close second cuz the look on her face is like “oh my bowler hats, what did you do now”

  17. @deryn sharpie-spot you can get bowler hats at pretty much any halloween store, mine came from Museam Replicas and is a nicer quality than generic costume bowlers, it depends on how much you want to spend.
    @L.ScribeHarris-sorry I did not see you at D*C someone else told me they were dressed as Dr. B but that was earlier in the day so I didn’t see her costume either.
    Just to be clear I won best in show at the YA Lit costume contest not the big all of D*C contest/masqurade. I must admit I did not think I would win because there were so many great costumes in this smaller event, I thought the Katness weding dress thet light up would win Best in Show

  18. I wrote a comment yesterday, but I don’t think it showed up! Well anyway,
    It’s coming up so close now!
    Anyway, back to FAF. I’m sure you heard of Dalek Week, Scott. If you wish to, you could totally do a feature on just that! There were TONS of great fics and drawings! :>
    Also I’m thinking of cosplaying as Barlow for Halloween… Either her or Fionna from Adventure Time. It’s so hard to choose!! ;-;

  19. Around how long would you be at each of the events on your Appearances page? I’m ((sort of)) close to La Verne, but I have a class that lasts anywhere from 4:30pm-6:30pm, and it would take me… a while …to get there. I don’t know how long these things usually go on.

  20. @L.Scribe Harris- I spent most of my time in my silly costume. I had a full length black vinyl dress (found at a thrift store), cape, belt and the top of Vader’s helmet from my husband’s old Darth Vader costume sunglasses and black lipstick. I carried a plate of cookies that were made of model magic and craft fur (wookie cookies with real wookie! What kind of cookies do you want from the dark side, chocolate chip? they are a little chewie….) and a big button that said “Come to the dark side we have cookies” I was in the parade in this costume because I did not want to mess up Dr. B.
    Next year we’ll have to get a group shot!

  21. also I spent most of my time in YA Lit and Alt. History panels. Did you see the helium remote control shark and clown fish? I really wanted to make one into a Leviathan!

  22. HeatherL : I totally saw you there! I remember laughing at the “dark side cookies” meme reference! I might have been in my BSG costume then. 😉 Next year, we will totally have to coordinate a group shot. 🙂

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