Goliath Is Totally in Stores!

If I haven’t messed up my auto-scheduler, then today is the day that the final book in the Leviathan trilogy comes out! So, like, go purchase it, if you want.

It looks like this:

Note that the comment thread of this post is NOT for spoilers! That thread will post tomorrow, after you’ve had a genteel sufficiency of time to read the book. (You lot with the ARCs, just hold your horses one more day!) This thread is to blather about whatever, to brag about how you scammed a copy early, and to make your final predictions of who will kiss/kill what and when!

Hey, look! It’s me hanging out with Alan Cumming:

Want to buy the audiobook? Check your local bookstore, or order from one of these fine online stores:


Tonight I will be in Missouri showing images from the book and explaining how Keith and I worked together. Here are those data. (Note that the address is not the one I posted a month ago, but it is correct!)

Tuesday, September 20

1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
St.Louis, MO 63131
(314) 994-3300
(with Pudd’nhead Bookstore)

Click here for a lovely event poster, and here to pre-order a signed book.

And here’s my Appearances page, in case you want to check where I’ll be the rest of the tour.

Oh, and here’s the end-papers!

Click here for zoomable bigness. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

104 thoughts on “Goliath Is Totally in Stores!

  1. According to this months Dymocks catalog Goliath doesn’t come out till the bloody 15th. I found this out the same bloody day I came back from Japan. My mind is exploding! And then I just had to watch the add for Avatar the legend of Korea! I am a fool, full of frustration! >.<

  2. PLEAZ tell us all that like Uglies, with Leviathan the phrase ‘trilogy’ really means 3 books plus a spontaneous companion novel!!! I’m sure all westerfans would love that 🙂

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