Goliath Is Totally in Stores!

If I haven’t messed up my auto-scheduler, then today is the day that the final book in the Leviathan trilogy comes out! So, like, go purchase it, if you want.

It looks like this:

Note that the comment thread of this post is NOT for spoilers! That thread will post tomorrow, after you’ve had a genteel sufficiency of time to read the book. (You lot with the ARCs, just hold your horses one more day!) This thread is to blather about whatever, to brag about how you scammed a copy early, and to make your final predictions of who will kiss/kill what and when!

Hey, look! It’s me hanging out with Alan Cumming:

Want to buy the audiobook? Check your local bookstore, or order from one of these fine online stores:


Tonight I will be in Missouri showing images from the book and explaining how Keith and I worked together. Here are those data. (Note that the address is not the one I posted a month ago, but it is correct!)

Tuesday, September 20

1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
St.Louis, MO 63131
(314) 994-3300
(with Pudd’nhead Bookstore)

Click here for a lovely event poster, and here to pre-order a signed book.

And here’s my Appearances page, in case you want to check where I’ll be the rest of the tour.

Oh, and here’s the end-papers!

Click here for zoomable bigness. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

104 thoughts on “Goliath Is Totally in Stores!

  1. Hehe, I got my copy yesterday 😛

    I don’t know how it happened, but Amazon shipped it out a day early. And I finished it in like four hours…..

    SO MUCH FLUFF *twitches*

  2. Last Predictions before I go get the book.
    I predict alek is going to get Austria.
    that alek and Deryn are somehow going to end the war.

    Optimistically for all AxD fans, I think they are going to get together…actually it’s more of a hope.
    Not so optimistically for all fans, i think someone that is loved is going to die.

    Very low probability of coming true: Dr. Barlow and Volger getting married.

    NOW I NEED THE BOOK TO CHECK THESE PREDICTIONS!!! Wait is there a 3 book set yet?

  3. I just ordered my copy from the local book store. A friend of mine was in the city and picked up a copy today, and she’s determined not to spoil it for me, but every time something epic happens she’ll message me with something like “AAAAHHHHASKDJKDSJGSASDFDHJKL OH EM GEE!!”

  4. Seriously!!!! Like did anyone see the pic of Lillie and deryn getting married? I’m only half way through but I like to look at pictures before and I didn’t see it!!!!!!

  5. it waaas??? i was on keith’s webby-site and i seed it, and i was all like OMFG!! why scott whyyyyyy!!! *sigh of relif*

  6. Happy birthday to me (and Goliath), happy birthday to me (and Goliath) Happy birthday dear meee (and Goliath), happy birthday to me!!!! (and Goliath) I truly loved receiving this book as a present. It was amazing that it came out on my birthday. I feel so special!

  7. Wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute zum Geburtstag, wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute zum Geburtstag, wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute zum Geburtstag und ein glückliches neues Jahr!

    above is happy birthday translated into german, i think

  8. I’m pretty upset that this is the end. This is such a phenomenal series. But like all good things, this too must come to an end.

    I’m a bit nervous, to be honest, but I’m ready. There’s not been a single day in the past two years that I have not thought about Alek and Deryn’s adventure. I’ve read both Leviathan and Goliath three times each since then.

    I thank you for the amazing adventure that you’ve provided me– nay, all of us with, Mister Westerfeld. Alek and Deryn will always be in my heart

    I purchased the book about twenty minutes ago, approx 8PM EST, when I submit this comment, I’m going to start reading, and probably won’t stop until I’m done.

    Here’s to you, Scott Westerfeld.
    You’re a barking gentleman and a scholar.


  9. I got this book after school today, and I have now finished it. I have to say, it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I loved Leviathan, and I thought Behemoth was even better, but this one beats them both. I wasn’t dissapointed by anything in the book, and I loved how Alek found out how Dylyn was actually Deryn. I could not stop reading!!! This trilogy is one of my absolute favorites!

  10. YAY!!
    I finished about 2 minutes ago!
    I won’t be all spoilery, but for the record, this girl was rather perspicacious when it came to figuring out how characters would figure some things out…

  11. Ugh I had it pre-ordered and unfortunately it hasnt arrived (are pre-ordered nooks supposed to arrive on release date?) so I’ll go run off to the bookstore tomorrow to grab a copy, CANNOT WAIT!

  12. I read Goliath almost a month ago, but it was an eGalley, so I was happy to run to the store this morning and hold a solid copy in my hands.

    Just for the record:
    It. Was. Extraordinary.

    Henceforward, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. Unless you’re a fan of a certain someone.

  13. Just finished it. That was absolutely amazing and I kind of want to read it again. Just thinking that it’s over makes me slightly depressed. Want to write a World War II version?! Haha.

  14. O.O
    Today i used my free class to go to my local book store and flick through the book, and sadly i had no money on me so i couldn’t buy it BUT!!!!! I brought myself a hot chocolate and bit of cake and read JUST ENOUGH to know what happens!! AND I WISH I HADN’T!!!! I ordered my book from Amazon and its not coming till next week so i will slowly drive myself mad while waiting to read it in full…. what a dumb ass

  15. OMGOMG supperrrr excited but I cant buy it and I have to wait till it comes out in the libraries -_-

  16. Dear Amazon.com…HURRY IT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!! I PRE-ORDERED HALF A YEAR AGO!!!! (or close to that amount of time)
    Plus all the bookstores within a 30 minute radius of my house (not including Half-Price Books) have closed, so Amazon is my last spot for books nowadays T^T


  17. I’m so excited!! Today I totally forced myself not to run in when I entered the bookstore and now I FINALLY have a copy of Goliath!!!!!! I can’t wait to read it!
    And the DEDICATION!
    “To everyone who loves a long-secret romance, revealed at last.”
    I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed (and i usually never do that)

    On another note, I’m so glad I get to see Mr. Westerfeld on tour as well! This is so superfantabufluffylicious! (my friend’s word :DDD)

  18. I’m twitching and spazzing right now… Just finished reading. I was home sick from school… And I actually wasn’t playing hookey as an excuse to read, by the way, I really was (am) sick. But reading Goliath made me feel so much better! Oh my GOD, so cute. And I really, really love Bovril.

    Off to reread until the fanfic authors and Deviantartists finish their new Goliath fanwork, at which time I will attack the interwebs to ravenously search for the awesomeness.

    (And also I just noticed the tiny smiley-face at the bottom of the page, and it’s very awesome. But not as awesome as Goliath.)

  19. So…Borders closed down. Like out-of-business closed down. *sad face* BUT! I think I may be able to stalk Goliath at Target or BJs. I hope they have it! I NEED it! I’ve been waiting, like, a year for this (i know you lovely people here on the westerblog know exactly what I’m talking about) and can’t wait to open the book and find out what Scott’s been tormenting us about with too subtle hints and amazing art reveals (though the art reveals just helped sate my need to have the book because I had SOMETHING from the book…like when I didn’t own leviathan but had smaple chapters in Extras and Bogus to Bubbly). This is long, but I hope I can go get the book later! Wish me luck that it’s stocked!

  20. *sigh*

    I pre-ordered the book from my library and it is *still* in transit…..


    oh well, at least I’m the first person to order it in my library out of about 6 others :p They’ve got a much longer wait than me. Well, thats what happen’s when a fangril like me doesn’t have enough moolah to buy the book — we just improvise and make sure we’re the first person to rent it out XD.

    I hope everyone enjoys it as much as i know i will XD


    ….Okay, truth is I was so extremely busy Tuesday night that my mom couldn’t drive me to Barnes and Noble to pick up Goliath. Actually, I’m not allowed to read ANYTHING until I finish annotating a book for class…all 550 pages of it (Max and Leisel,rah rah rah). Seeing that I JUST FINISHED that, I probably will be able to pick up the book by tomorrow….ugh. I fail as a Leviathan fan. Might as well hand in my goggles and bowler hat and go back to worshiping those darn cat books I idolized as a child.


  22. Even though I’d been dropping obvious hints all month, my parents forgot and I didn’t want to be like ‘Everybody drop what you’re doing and get in the car to drive to Barnes and Noble.’ So I waited until the next day….. I got in the car after school and was thinking ‘Did they remember???’ when my mom asks if I saw my present. When I looked next to me I almost had a fangirl heart attack, because there was Goliath.

  23. @Hannah- Lucky. My conversations went something like this:

    (1 month ago)
    Me: Goliath’s coming out!
    Mom: Cool.

    (3 weeks ago)
    Me: Oooh….it’s getting closer…
    Mom: Mm-hm

    (15 days ago)
    Me: I can’t wait to get it!
    Mom: What day does it come out?
    Me: Tuesday!
    Mom: Oh, cool.

    (5 Days ago)

    Me: YAY! Let’s go pick up Goliath!
    Mom: No.
    Me: What? Why not?!
    Mom: I have to work the Book Fair! (at her school)
    Me: :O

  24. @TheWordMaster is it a good book “the book thief” i mean cause my friends said it was really good but nothings living up to the Leviathan standards at the moment

  25. eek!

    just got it from the library! 2 Straight days of reading this masterpiece, here i come!

    btw, doesn’t the cover look GREAT?!? =D

  26. eek!

    just got it from the library! 2 Straight days of reading this masterpiece, here i come!

    btw, doesn’t the cover look GREAT?!? =D Definitely a good model for Alek xD

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