Last Goliath Art Reveal

Yes, this is the last one. So I thought I would make it a really good one, even though this image is maybe just a BIT spoiler-y.

So if you hate to experience even the slightest bespoilment, I suggest you turn your computer off now and set it on fire. Then go live in the forest until September 20.

Have you done that? Good. Now I can reveal the September Goliath art sneak preview!

Would you like to see it zoomable? I think that you would. Click here to do so.

That’s it. I have no comments about this image (or its alarming caption). You may interpret it as you will.

See you tomorrow for Fan Art Friday, which will include CAKE!*

*CAKE is an acronym. Real cake not included.

259 thoughts on “Last Goliath Art Reveal

  1. If Deryn dies…I will rip my hair out. If Alek kisses her I will do a victory dance. If my friend is watching she will do this o.O and i would not care.
    My idea….

    (The walker shoots at Deryn)
    Deryn- Uh on *she dives down into the cliff thingamajig*
    Alek- *looks down from Leviathan* Dylan!
    Bovril- soup…
    Alek- WTF?
    Bovril- Wtf! *laughs*
    Volger- Are you just going to stand their and let your girlfriend die
    Alek- My girlfriend? That was Dylan
    Volger- you mean Deryn….
    Alek- * o.O grabs Bovril and goes down to the cliff*
    Deryn- Alek! *She flies up to him*
    Alek- *kisses her*
    Bovril and Deryn- Wtf
    Alek- You’re a girl Volger told m—-
    Deryn- *kisses him* I love you Alek.
    Bovril- *gags* humans!
    Deryn- *wakes up from dream* aww man it isn’t real.
    Jaspert- What isn’t real?
    Deryn- a dream I had about being a soldier…
    Jaspert- yeah right like THAT’S gonna happen. Why don’t you go ballooning with dad?

  2. ohwut. well. if she’s shot, i suppose they’re gonna find out her identity when she goes to the infirmary…. xD
    five more days :O

  3. Deryn can’t die she’s supposed to get together with Alek! Sorry i’m a sucker for sappy romantic endings…

    Is this somewhere in America? For one, they have desert cacti in the background…

    Mr. Westerfeld, your collaboration with Keith is seriously awesome. You should do another series with him!

  4. My heart clenches at this picture, just the feeling of it. The threat of such a looming machine, the barrels of it’s guns aimed at you (well, Deryn) Best bet, take a leap of faith. Especially with such a wonderful contraption on your back!

    Speaking of said contraption, I got excited. Not the idea of Deryn flying with her own wings (which would most likely be her dream come true….Hm, when did she have a dream of flying with gossamer wings? I saw the foreshadow Mister Westerfeld and I salute you! Of course I could be completely off -laugh-)

    Right off topic, I am an art fanatic and my idol has always been the great Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci. So, seeing a flying machine much like that of the great Da Vinci’s drawings. Has made me so happy, even if it might not have been referenced or thought of (Maybe not, after all I have yet to read the final book). But when I see it, it reminds me of a different version of the Italian man’s dream. Who was also extremely mad for flying. So seeing this truly connects me to the book even more.

    I almost want to gather materials and build Deryn’s contraption! I’d probably walk around Grand Rapid’s Artprize with it on my back, or stand next to the steam pig. More off topic, I apologize but I’m absolutely giddy about this, not just from the picture that Mister Thompson is absolutely wonderful at. (Someone else I look up to in art). But also from the end of a wonderful series. I never fallen into a book so easily and read it faithfully. Although it saddens me to know that the end has come, it also makes me happy that this amazing world, the people, the creatures,and the machines had been created. The story written, and given.

    So thank you Mister Westerfeld, and Mister Thompson for creating and drawing an absolutely wonderful trilogy for not just the young, but for everyone enjoy.

    Also I apologize for my rantings, My mind tends tends to wander and think of all the possibilities that can appear during the current situation.

    Now I’m off to wait by the mailbox for the book.

  5. But why would they use a massive walker with a tiny camera on it for filming? Or maybe they’re filming it from somewhere else and the walker shooting her is what they’re filming.

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