Last Goliath Art Reveal

Yes, this is the last one. So I thought I would make it a really good one, even though this image is maybe just a BIT spoiler-y.

So if you hate to experience even the slightest bespoilment, I suggest you turn your computer off now and set it on fire. Then go live in the forest until September 20.

Have you done that? Good. Now I can reveal the September Goliath art sneak preview!

Would you like to see it zoomable? I think that you would. Click here to do so.

That’s it. I have no comments about this image (or its alarming caption). You may interpret it as you will.

See you tomorrow for Fan Art Friday, which will include CAKE!*

*CAKE is an acronym. Real cake not included.

259 thoughts on “Last Goliath Art Reveal

  1. I just finished ‘Goliath’ a few days ago from Galleygrab and I never realized how perfect the description for that illustration was, specifically when reading it out of context. Ha! And I think that’s all I can say without getting spoiler-y.

  2. Ok, since people are contributing their ideas as to how the secret is found out, I think I shall join in.

    I’m reeeeaaaally hoping that Volger (assuming that he knows Deryn’s secret, and I’m pretty sure he has some sort of idea) is the one that tells Alek and then Alek feels hideously betrayed. He confronts Deryn and there is a huge fight, leaving both of them extreamely upset. They still have to work together, however, but they don’t interact as they used to and the tension between them is very thick.

    I’m also really on the fence about wheather I’m hoping that this will be a tragedy or have a happy ending. I love a good tragedy (as terrible as that sounds) but I’m also a sucker for happy endings and giant piles of cheese. Both outcomes would be equally good, but I still don’t know which I’m hoping to see. :/

  3. “Oh the humanity!” Was the famous words uttered when the Hindenburg crashed. Borvrl is saying it because the Leviathan is goin down.

  4. well maybe Volger doesn’t know that Deryns a girl he just thinks she’s gay cause you know he never clearly said that he knew, he only said “there’s something about the way you stand. And your outbursts on Alek’s behalf have also been revealing. But really it was the look on your face just now that removed all doubt”
    Just a posibility on that subject. Im not too sure about this whole picture thing going on cause ive only just finished Behemoth like a week ago so i missed all the other picture reavlingings so if any of you could send put a link down I would LOVE that!!!! and also putting up links for all this information you guys are getting like where did you hear that there making a movie in the book?? anyways.
    I would greatly appreciate all the help.

  5. Oh and another thing. All the picture titles through the book have been rather strange an example; Ok i can;t find any now but still they’ve never been 100% correct if you know what i mean?? anyone??

  6. ;n; WHAT. I took time out of taking my history notes to look at the art reveal and this happens?! DX I SHOULD HAVE NEVER CHECKED *dying slowly* ;n; My history teacher wondered why I was almost crying in the middle of class XD I was like the sheer beauty and amount of how much this picture is making me die on the inside DX at least we only have to wait like 18 days till it comes out. (unless my book comes late =n= then I’m reading it in the store.)

  7. @TheWordMaster: I know that but for bovril to say something he has to have heard it. So unless Bovril Is listening to American radio for some reason…

  8. This teaches me to never procrastinate again. One minute I’m doing an essay, the next minute I wander off to see whats going on at westerblog, see some delicious C.A.K.E …and then this.
    Gimme dat jar, I’m going to go cry for a bit.
    On another note, even more excited for Goliath now!

  9. OH THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!! JUST GET PUBLISHED ALREADY!!! Hope Amazon shipping is fast for this one…preorder!! *hyper*
    Who says it’s Alek and Co. in there? hehehe Germans vs flying girl and Alek to the rescue!!!

  10. I love how everyone’s all “What if it’s not shipped soon enough?” and I’m like “Muahaha!” because I’ve got an e-reader and will therefore receive my copy of Goliath the at exactly midnight on the twentieth.


  11. First of all I’d like to say great job done here by Mr. Keith Thompson but HOLY SHIT! “The Walker Shoots Deryn”?! SHOOTS?!?! Who the hell would shoot Deryn? She’s so badass and… DASHING, I dare say. If there were a way books and the real world overlaped and I lived in 1914 I would… But BESIDES that, who’s controlling the walker, Alek?! And WHAT excactly is she wearing, some kind of mechanical wings? Does she die? Because if she does, I’ll… I don’t know what. Probably destroy something. But bloody hell, Scott-la better supply us with answers when next he posts.

  12. Okay, well, responding incredebly quickly, Scott-la or someone on here removed my last comment because I cussed, which really pissed me off. But anyway, here’s what I can remember of it:

    First of all I’d like to say wonderful job by Mr. Kieth Thompson, but HOLY SH!T! “The Walker Shoots Deryn”?! Why the hell would somebody shoot Deryn?! She’s so badass and… DASHING, dare I say. In fact, if books and real life overlapped and it were 1914 I’d… But BESIDES that, who’s in the walker, Alek?! Does she die? Because if she does, I’ll… I don’t know what. Probably destroy something. Out of grief for a fictional character. That’s how shocked I am.

  13. @ Liana Volger does also start that whole “MR. Sharp” thing, in fact just after that part you just reprinted without permission. 🙂 But who am I to talk? I’ve done that on here too. You know, reprinted without permission.

  14. @Liana and he says “something about the way you stand” which would reveal something about her body, not her mind.

  15. I really wish i didn’t see these photo’s cause now a have a bit of what could happen, and its KILLING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Scott-la, can I just say that you suck? I don’t mean that in a bad way; you’re an amazing author and I love your books and I love that you actually care about your fans, but seriously? Keeping us in suspense in taunting us? Not nice, certainly not nice. 🙁

  17. Dear Scott,
    Is Deryn Blonde with blue eyes? because i have seen many fanmade pictures of her with blonde hair and blue eyes or is she a blonde with dark brown eyes or brunette? just curious

  18. You know what? There does appear to be a movie camara on that walker, which could shoot Deryn, in a different way.

  19. Those wings dont look darwinest, (which I would picture with a type of membrane like bat wings) and the object on top of the walker looks stubby to be a cannon, so I agree with the camera idea but kind of over kill to send a walker to take a pic. Even if that walker looks a little old a weathered…. And bears no German or other symbols…..hmmm

  20. I’m new. Here’s my dialog:
    Alex & derryn on deck.
    Derryn: alec… There’s something I have to tell you.
    Alec: I know.
    Derryn: I lov- what?!?!?!
    Alec: yeah. I know you’re gay.
    Derryn: wha- no, I’m-
    Alec: it’s okay. So am I
    Alec kisses her
    Derryn falls off deck while screaming “I’m a girl you idiot!!!”
    Alec: oops.

    I know it’s dumb.
    In the picture, I think that the clankers shoot derryns fabricated cicada wings, and she falls, but she has a parachute. Or maybe it means that they try to shoot her and miss. but it’s totally a gun

  21. I simply can not believe that I forgot about this! Curse you up comming homecomming week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CURSEEEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOOUUU.
    Anyway . . .
    Deryn’s got her wings!
    Wait- does that picture say- HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY SHIZ.
    My stupids eyes misread the picture. I thought it said that Deryn shoots the walker and that it had some complicated name that started with a ‘d’ not that she get’s shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *facepalm*
    Ah, now I feel so stupid.
    I’m not sure if I can wait for Goliath, I made my parents promise to go to walmart that day. Either that or I will take down the only book store in town for it. If I don’t get it that day, then my parents will have to suck it up and pay for a verson on my nook and a real page by page book. >:D

  22. Shoot, I just remembered!!!!! I’m @ camp when Goliath comes out!!!!*screams* OMG, now I have to get it later!!!!!!!!! How will I live with myself??!!! Oh well, at least I’ll be living in the forest…. kinda. Hopefully Deryn will live through this!!!! And as much as I love the camera theory, I really think it’s going to shoot Deryn, gun-wise…

  23. I still stand by my theory that the walker looks oldish and their are no marking like on other German walkers, I think Alex must have escaped with his men and stole/found this walker and Deryn is sent to find him

  24. Do you guys think that the whole “HEY ALEK, IM A GIRL” will really happen Mulan style? with the whole deryn getsshot caption and the hint about the wings???

  25. two words, Awesome Sauce! Dude, I love the walker. note how totally American it looks.
    I Can’t wait for this book but at the same time I’m sad it’s ending. :’)

  26. Hmm…

    Ok. I’ve decided.

    My interpretation of the picture:

    They could very well be in California or some other sort of desert state of the U.S. BUT what if they were in Mexico or something? (but why would they go to either of those places?)

    I don’t think I like the idea of them shooting a movie…idk why, it just seems a little….counterproductive. Unless it’s a sort of I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine sort of deal they had to make….Either way I’m rooting for the outcome of Deryn getting shot in the shoulder or something. And falling off a cliff.

    And those wings look pretty Darwinist to me as far as whatever sort of fabric-like material that is used to catch the air, but the frame that’s holding it together looks sorta Clanker. This could very well help the theory of them being in California; wasn’t it mentioned in Behemoth how America used both Clanker and Darwinist technology?

    Either way. Only 15 more days.

  27. Two ways this could go: 1.) She dies. 2.) They go all Mulan on us. And considering hoe badass a movie Mulan was, let’s hope for number 2.

  28. Well personally id like to think it’s them shooting a movie, but Im still not certain and i don’t think Scott’s the kinda writer that’ll us the whole “Mulan” thing. I think that if it were to be a gun it will either shoot the wings and Deryn will go flying into the giant canyons underneath her, of will somehow be hurt in a small way and then Alek will do something crazy warrior while Deryn’s in the hospital or at least sick so she can’t really do anything and Alek will come talk to Deryn once his epic solo journey ends and Deryn will tell Alek all the little details (being a girl) and im still not sure how i picture Alek to react i dont think he’ll be all “OMG I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (snogging snogging snogging) but i don’t think they’ll wait 100000 years before finally realizing there meant to each other. |
    That’s how i think it’ll work out.
    oh and maybe they think its a camera, but truly its gun so they actually shoot Deryn??????????????

  29. sorry some phrasing issue’s there :S it’s really late and i only re read it after i submit’d it.
    My bad 😀

  30. Two thing I think will happen Deryn is dying and tells Alex that she’s a girl or something dramatic were Alex saves her life

  31. hmmmmmm…
    that thing shooting Deryn as a suspicious lack of guns. Wonder how that’s going to work.
    so, she’s obviously in a desert, probably in America or Mexico, and there’s a cliff behind her and a giant walker in front of her. but that’s okay, because she’s got these cool wings that i really can’t tell whether they’re darwinest or clanker but i’m leaning towards clanker and MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED A LITTLE!
    also. Why no cake? that disappointed me beyond measure (crys in corner)

  32. I JUST REALIZED THAT GOLIATH COMES OUT IN TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!! and who’s stupid idea was it to release goliath on a tuesday? now i’ll be forced to stay up all night reading it then be dead for school on wednesday! (*grumbles and wants to swear at Scott even though it isn’t his fault and also can’t because I LOVE HIS WORK SO MUCH and if i curse at him i might hurt his feelings and make him stop writing and then life as we know it would cease to exist and I’M STILL FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I didn’t have enough exclaimation marks yet)

  33. You r rite!!!! IT SHOULD COME OUT ON FRIDAY! OR SATURDAY!!!!! I am thinking about taking my “one hooky day a year deal” with my mom to get this book.

  34. Oh. My. God. Ahhhhhhhhhgggggggg!!!!! I. Cant. Wait. Goliath.
    And my birthday is three days after goliath comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am turning 12 september 23!!!!!! Yay! Yay! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 🙂 :):)

  35. What I think’s gonna happen is deryn finally tells alek shes a girl and they fight, he storms off in a raging anger and gets himself caught. Then deryn comes to save him. And just as she about to get shot she jumps off the cliff and pretends to die. Then alek will find a way out, and he goes off to find deryn but meets up with volger, he goes back to Austria-Hungery and sees and english paper that deryn was to be hung for traitory for helping alek, for what ever reason ’cause i don’t want to list only one. He goes Glasgow to see Jaspert and her family, but finds her with another boy, the two were planning to go to london togather, but she doesnt want to go after she saw volger and klopp, and then alek and her live happliy ever after. Lolz.

  36. BARKING SPIDERS 8 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not wait, it sucks for me cause i have an older sister and so we’ll buy 1 copy and she wont let me read it until she finishes cause well she’s the “OLDER” one and so she’ll either cry or laugh and will just be sitting in my room with a pillow over my head I cannot wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I have the itching feeling that the massive clinker thing that shoots Deryn out of the sky is the Goliath.

    On another subject, it looks like Deryn now has an addiction to Red Bull.

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