Southwest Touring

Still on tour—headed for Texas and Arizona next. Here’s my info for the next few days.


Monday, October 3

6428 South McClintock Drive
Tempe, AZ 85283

This store is working with me to send signed and personalized books (almost) ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. That’s right, I will not only sign the books for you, I will write whatever you want in them! (Within reason. Ahem.) Go to this link for details. Remember to put your personalizations (like, “To Space Ninja!”) in the comment field of the check-out screen.

Wednesday, October 5

1758 South Val Vista Drive
Mesa, AZ 85204

Here’s the event info.

That’s it!

Check my Appearances page for the rest of the tour info.

37 thoughts on “Southwest Touring

  1. Because Scott is basically the main event – the whole festival is steampunk themed because of him.

  2. Scott, I wish that you were coming to Indiana!!!!! Everything here is so boring, all that we have is corn and apple trees, it’d have been the greatsest thing EVER if you’d come I would have been like “OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. …the poster looks AMAZING. I like how it is a mixture of western- and steampunk-themed styles, and yet “SCOTT WESTERFELD” (Only the most important author in this whole thing, of course) is in wonderful eye-catching BIG PRINT. I mean, you’ve got the gears, the clanker-stuff and the….well…red/yellow/orange of the wild west. It even goes somewhat with the Goliath cover, since that is black and yellow-themed, too.

    But I always wondered why all the books after Behemoth suddenly changed the cover styles….I mean, I loved the cover of the Leviathan. It was so…cool-looking and steampunkey…why change the pattern?

  4. Well, my parents relented and bought me Goliath. And, um… Let’s just say job very well done by both Mr. Westerfeld and Mr. Thompson. I loved it, but it’s really too soon for me to really like, discuss it, because I know from reading re-reading Leviathan and Behemoth that I’ll probably like it even more once it’s sunk in. However, I will say this: the last illustration. It’s beautiful, but WHERE’S BOVRIL?! I mean, how could Keith Thompson forget Bovril? That’s the only problem I really have with Goliath. But I do want to quote something that sort of pertains to the ending.

    “Dirty people take what’s mine, but I can leave them all behind, they can never cross that line, when I get to the border… Salty girl with the yellow hair, waiting in that rockin’ chair, and if I’m weary I won’t care, when I get to the border!”

    – Richard Thompson

  5. Don’t live anywhere near the Southwest, but just thought I’d go out and say I just can’t get into Goliath! Only read the first chapter and can’t bring myself to finish the rest because I know the sooner I start the sooner the series will come to an end! D: Advice? Anything other than “All good things must come to an end?”

  6. Oh! I just rembered. I was babysitting a while ago, and I wound up watching Phineas and Ferb, and the villian guy, Dr. Doofensmirts or somthing like that, did something really stupid. I forget what. Anyway, he then facepalms and calls hin self a dumkopf. (did I spell that right?)

    I freaked out, and then 10 year old sort of inched away and asked if a was okay.

  7. yes, im commenting for the second time on here since april fools day and again i have to say i would just absolutely die if Mr. westerfeld didnt come to Colorado, where i live, cause he is such an amazing authour. i would also like to again say that i would die if Mr. westerfeld didnt make another book or series about alek and deryn. i NEED another book. and while im at it ill spoil and say i NEED to know how alek and deryns relationship works out, cause i dont know about you guys, but i dont think deryns brother, Jaspert, and deryn’s mom are gonna be ok with her being with a nobleman, an austrian one at that, and wat ever did happen to jaspert? sorry im really rambling on arent i? well thats enough said for me rite now

  8. Scott, is there a special talk thing at the Austin Book Festival or just signing? Just signing would be good, but I thought somewhere I heard you do a talk thing.

  9. Um, Bella d., what are you talking about? I mean, Deryn being an Austrian noble(wo)man and that?! What book did you read, some crappy fanfic claiming to be Goliath? Because if that’s the case, I’ll enlighten you: at the end of Goliath, Alek says stuff this, throws his pope-signed scroll that makes him emperor of Austria into the Atlantic Ocean, and he and Deryn go to ENGLAND, London, to be exact, and basically become zookeepers of the London Zoo, ’cause Dr. Barlow gives them both a position in the Zooalogical Society of London. Or did you not read the last chapter by Eddie Malone, also?

  10. Scott, did you have to come to Texas on the weekend? My mother works weekends and I cannot make it to either event. Sigh… Couldn’t you have come to Joshua Texas, instead of Austin??? Its just two and a half short hours away… Sigh. If only I could walk there…

  11. Thanks, Scott for staying after five! I would’ve been really sad if I didn’t get my fave author to sign my book. I also loved all the things you said in the panel. Especially about being the crazy attic uncle who wears lampshades as hats.

  12. @Scott: I was at the ATBF yesterday, and whilst the Manual of Aeronautics looks AWESOME, I will not buy it unless there is a photo of your diorama. Or at least post it on your blog.

    PLEASE. Everyone deserves to see the diorama.

  13. @Hannah: Lol! I was there, too. I got to Scott, like, five minutes after five, but I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get to him. But I did, and not only that, I got to Maureen Johnson, too. 🙂

  14. Scott, will you be totally creeped out if I bring 15 of your books for you to sign? Two of them are for my friend, if that makes it sound better. I am so excited you are coming to Changing Hands! I practically live and work there.

  15. …Wish I could be there. 🙁

    Sadly, I’m stuck on the East. And it’s raining. And there’s no chocolate.

    Such a sad, sad, place.

  16. @Hannah-la: My mom went and got in line for Maureen Johnson, while I stood in the very back of Scott’s line. I also had time to buy and have signed Jennifer Ziegler’s book.

  17. @Hannah: I did the same thing – I deployed one of my friends to stand in the Maureen Johnson line.

    Hey, you saw Scott’s diorama, right? That thing was amazing. HE NEEDS TO POST IT.

  18. @Hannah-la: That was the best diorama I’ve ever seen! “Instead of fighting him, I did something much worse. I made a diorama.” He needs to put I up here. Or auction it.

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