Steampunk on PBS

A neat little ten-minute video from PBS’s Off Book series.

Watch the full episode. See more Off Book.

Pretty cool, huh?

In other news, here are a couple of places where you can order signed copies of Goliath:

I’ll be in St. Louis on September 20, doing a library appearance for Pudd’nhead Books, and will be signing any mail orders they’re holding for me there. Note that when you order from Pudd’nhead, you’re paying full retail and for shipping, but on the online order form you can add a personalization, like “To José” or “YOU ARE A NINJA!” (Within reason, of course! If you kill my hand, it shall haunt you in scary ghost-hand fashion.) You can also order signed copies of Leviathan, Goliath, and the Ugies series this way!

Click here to order from Pudd’nhead.

Another option is Amazon, which has a signed edition. This is also full retail, but if you’re a regular Amazon customer, you get their free shipping or whatever. These books will not be personalized, because I signed them a while ago. (And Goliath is the only option.)

Click here to order a signed edition from Amazon.

That’s it for this post, but don’t forget to check out my Appearances page to find out if I’m coming near you on my upcoming tour.

57 thoughts on “Steampunk on PBS

  1. Am I the only one obsessively checking the website for FAF? 😉 It’s Friday – IT HAS TO COME UP AT SOME POINT!

    I think I may have too much free time on my hands. Lol.

    In case you can’t tell, I am SUPERDUPER EXCITED OH MY GOD AAAAAA
    I TOTALLY wish I could go see you! Perhaps I can talk my mom into taking me up to New York for a signing~ Eeep!
    Also, you probably heard of Dalek week, maybe you could do a feature of some of the art/fics for it! There were so many talented pieces! (And coughcoughiwrotestorieseverydayofthatweekcoughcough)

  3. What is this mysterious and amazing apparently appropriately titled “DALEK WEEK?”

    Whatever it is, it still makes me think of Doctor Who.

  4. Is it bad that my life revolves around this book coming out? I mean, what am I supposed to live for after September 20th?!

    Wait….Skyward Sword comes out Nov. 20th?

    My life now has meaning.

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