Headed up to Ecotopia

Yes, I’m still on tour. So. Very. Tired. Well, this is an auto-update. But I assume I’ll be tired by then. I mean now. Um, whatever.

Below are my next few events, in Washington, AC (the one Above California) and Oregon.


Friday, October 7

Not 5PM as previously advertised!
Central Library
1000 Fourth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

This is a Secret Garden Bookstore event, so you’ll be able to buy books.

Saturday, October 8

Seattle Center
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109

In addition to the solo appearance at 2PM, I’ll be doing a YA panel with Nancy Holder, Cecil Castelluci, and Hope Larson at 12PM.

Only Geek Girl Con attendees can enter, but this looks like a really cool con, so you should check it out and maybe come.


Sunday, October 9

12000 SE 82nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97266

Your handy store locator.

Sunday, October 9

Oregon Convention Center
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

Wordstock Festival Site. Note that it’s $7 to get in, but it’s free for anyone 13 and under.

Check my Appearances page for all tour data.

28 thoughts on “Headed up to Ecotopia

  1. I could never have the energy to do all of the traveling that all of these authors do. Especially since they travel by plane. I’ve never ridden on a plane before, but they seem kinda scary (and a little bit dangerous considering that a lot of them crash). I admire the people in the writting business a lot!

  2. yes! i will be at wordstock!! scott-la, i don’t have any ideas about what i want you to write in my books… use your creativity? but I’m gunna be there!!

  3. I love that he wrote all of these ahead of time and just set them to post.

    I also love that I only JUST figured that out. *headdesk*

    @Books Before Boys: I would love to travel this much. And I adore flying – but my dad and my grandad were both jet pilots, so I may be a little biased. I dunno, something about being a freakin’ huge metal vehicle that for some improbable reason can FLY thanks to our understanding of physics – and the fact that it happens EVERY DAY… It’s just SO cool.

  4. But I would get really tired. Too many plane trips will do it to ya. (And I’m tired all the time, so if I get published and do a tour like this, near the end of it I’ll be like, “Hi guys! Before we start, here’s a heads up. I’m exhausted, and WHEN I’m exhausted I start acting really drunk. No idea why. SO. If something stupid comes out of my mouth, just give me a moment to right myself and then we’ll continue as usual.”)

    And I really do act drunk when I’m tired. *mystery that shall never be solved*

  5. So, Wordstock is basically Woodstock, just with with more sex and drugs. And much casual nudity. Am I right? 🙂

  6. But stoned-out Twilight fans aside, I have a question for Scott-la. I have asked it before, but hopefully he’ll listen this time; when is The Manual of Aeronautics coming out? Please provide a satisfactory answer. And while you’re at it, what might the future, or rather the altered past, hold after the end of Goliath? I know it was supposed to be a bit of an open ending, but I also know why; ’cause you’re sadistic, Mr. Westerfeld. You intentionally left it a squick unanswered, so as to incite mass hysteria among your fans, dammit! It’s all been a part of your ingenious, unoriginal plan. You may have finished the series, and resolved the story, but in doing so you’ve raised more questions. That tactic is as old as One Thousand and One Knights, as you said yourself in Goliath, but it hurts people all the same. Very clever, you evil genius.

  7. @Joker-la: Couldn’t help but agree with you on the open ending note. I HATE it when authors leave the ending vague, and say “Well, you can imagine whatever you want.” I WANT CLOSURE!

  8. @The Joker-la: I was at ATBF, and he said the Manual of Aeronautics will be out around July 2012.

    It’s all part of his maniacal scheme to write a fourth Leviathan book and not tell us. Though, now that he’s finished the series, I’m really excited to see what he’ll come up with next. 😀

  9. Scott!!! Why must you torture me so?!?! D: So close, and yet….so far away! Why cant you be in Oregon like…..tomorrow?!?!?!

    An why so dang far away?!!?! Central Oregon is so awful pretty this time of year! Pleeeeeeese Scottmeister, Im beggin you!!! Please! DD;

  10. Oh pfft! When I opened this page I could have sworn that the title read Headed up to Ethiopia, not Ecotopia! XP

    Someone please teach me how to read.

  11. thank you for coming to seattle!! did you get a chance to enjoy our marvelous coffee and rain? my sister thought it was hilarious how the auditorium was borderline ikea, and yet we were in the swaggiest glass building in the pacific northwest. she was laughing at the curtains, i was laughing at the jokes…are younger siblings just easily entertained by upholstery?? thanks again!!!

  12. I was there and it was awesome.

    Thanks for the stop at the library! You made this Leviathan fangirl very happy!

  13. please scott came to portugal!! i know that we are a really small club of fans, but we love you so much!! please came here!!

  14. Hi! I just met you today when you came to the Barnes and Noble in Portland. Thank you so much for coming, you were absolutely fantastic to listen to! 😀

  15. @ Hannah-la JULY?! I don’t think I can wait that long. Maniacal scheme, indeed.

    As for a fourth book, I wonder what that might be. Would he continue Alek and Deryn’s story as agents or whatever with the Zoological Society of London? I dearly hope so. I mean, I know they’re fictional and all, but I love those two. Perhaps they’ll go on to discover a new species, like Sasquatch(s?) or something. That would would actually be pretty cool, I guess.

    I’d love some closure too, TheWordMaster. It wasn’t the most open ending ever, but still, WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS POST-GOLIATH? After that last chapter “by” Eddie Malone things get a bit hazy. So they go to England, get a job from Dr. Barlow at the Society, and then what? Are there more adventures, maybe with finding Sasaquatch or something? 🙂 Do they marry, and if they do, does Alek change his name to Aleksander Sharp, as we all want him to? Who becomes emperor of Austria now that Alek renounced his title? If these questions are answered I may finally rest easy.

  16. @The Joker-la: TRUST ME IT WILL BE WORTH IT. We saw previews of what was in it and ohmygosh, it’s going to be epic.

    Well, we know that Emperor Franz Joseph names an heir in Behemoth – it’s mentioned, remember? (I think it was Behemoth, anyway…) So he’s probably the heir. I think it’s probably a safe bet that Alek and Deryn end up together, I mean, the marrying age was a lot younger then. (Not as young as fifteen, or whatever, but I’d say that 18 is probably an okay bet.)

    I honestly think they’d be more like spies for Doctor Barlow. 😉

  17. @Jess: lol When I fist opened the page, I though it said, “Headed up to Epcot” as in the one at Disney World! I thougt, “What? He can’t book sign at Disney World. Only Disney authors can! He’s a liar!” but then I actually read that it was “Ecotopia”. Hehe……. ooops.

  18. I understand that this tour has been very wearying to you – but we fans appreciate your perseverance. Thank you very much for speaking at Wordstock in Portland, Oregon last Sunday. Your discourse on illustrators was excellent, and you were very gracious answering what must be the same questions over and over again at each stop in your tour!

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to Portland! It was a blast! Not only was it an excuse to get out of the house, but you are the first author I have ever gone to a book signing for, and You are just amazing over all! Your presentation on Illustrators was hilarious and very informative! 🙂 I can’t wait for the Manual! to see the details and intricacies is going to be AWESOME!
    Oh, Deryn has inspired me for my character that I will be playing at the Seattle Steamcon this weekend.
    Have a great rest of the tour! And thank you so much. 😀

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