Fan Art Friday (catching up edition)

I’m finally catching up on my FAF backlog. There were two weeks of tour-FAF with a Halloween FAF in between, a missed week due to the Shay’s Story cover (and laziness), and of course all those weeks I missed during tour. But at long last FAF is moving forward!

Here’s one image that was given to me on tour, but was forgotten because it was handed to me on an iPhone, then emailed. (It’s made of PIXELS.) It’s from Alli, is called “NOOOO!” and is a Tesla’s-eye-view of a certain climactic event in Goliath.

Yes, the end of a tesla-sparkle-cane looks like an ouchy place to be.

I like this one of Deryn by Hillary, called “Miss Sharp.” Clearly she’s in female clothing, but this must be a bit after the Great War ends, because it’s 1920s-looking. (I think.)

Really cool clothes, actually. I think Deryn will look excellent in the ’20s, which will also be her 20s. (Alek and Deryn were both born in 1899, after all.)

I LOVE this whale-o-plane combination of Leviathan and How to Train Your Dragon by Adventaim!

It just makes me smile.

And here’s some hydrogen-sniffer love from ladygreyembyr:

I like the texture on this one. But man, hydrogen-sniffers are anxiety-making when you really look at them. That’s what I like about Keith—he’s not afraid to draw some disturbing stuff.

And for you Uglies fans whose ears just perked up, this just missed the Halloween cosplay edition. Specials!

I must say, that line never gets old. I know someone who’s getting it tattooed on their arms, so we may be seeing it here on FAF soon.

Okay, that’s only five FAs, but Friday in the US is drawing to a close, it’s done here in Sydney, and I need to make lunch!

See you early next week for a special poll. (You will enjoy it.)

21 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (catching up edition)

  1. Scott-la: if i sent fan-art like a week and a half ago, should i resend it? Because i dont know if it actually was received…

  2. But Alek had a napkin tied round his mouth during the certain climatic event in Goliath! And he was in a fencing pose. I just like pictures to be true to fact . . .
    PS. My dad got up to page 264 in Goliath a few days ago! It’s the 3rd best page in the book ; )

  3. I has a question… I have a fanart that has absolutely nothing at all to do with Leviathan or any Scott books, and no deviantart at that. It’s steampunky though. Will it do for me to scan it and put a link somewhere?

  4. THANKS SO MUCH for the feature! I’m over the moon with joy! Seriously jumping around the house right now 😀

  5. Great. I haven’t read Goliath yet (I just got it last week), and I saw spoiler-y fan art. I wasn’t even trying to look for spoilers; it was right there in front of me. The very first pic. Oh well. I was warned. Although, it doesn’t really matter to me if its been slightly spoiled. No clue what was going on anyway. Luckily I’m not super crazy about spoilers. (:

  6. *shrug* I knew he wore the handkerchief, but I wanted to show his stern looking mouth and the resolve he had to do the deed. I had a version where he wore the handkerchief, but it didn’t do it for me. #takinglibertiescauseifeelslikeit

  7. I love the specials costumes. “I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have to” how many times do they say that throughout the series?

  8. I’ll predict the poll:

    Should Scott write another Leviathan book?


    *sigh* If only.

    All the artwork is great! I love ‘Miss Sharp’. Fun.

  9. How do you pronounce Leviathan??? I just started the book (chapter 9) and so far I have heard 4 different pronunciations! Please help me someone, because I always repeat every word in my head when I’m reading (who doesn’t??) and it’s really bugging me 🙂

  10. Lev-eye-uh-thawn. Or atleast I think that’s how you would spell the pronunciation.
    I love the How to Train Your Dragon/Leviathan picture!!!

  11. All this about your new book makes me eater interested. I’ve already ventured to the mall of shopping and found these books and I’m pretty sure by the end of this week I’ll convince myself to buy them with the money I pretend I can spend. I am very intrigued and this fan art for it makes it seem that much better.

  12. Awesome! Hey, does any1 know if there is any Uglies auditions I can try out for? that would be amazing!

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