Fan Art Friday, Cosplay Edition

Hey, everyone! I am headed to Sydney in a matter of days. DAYS!

But it’s almost Friday, so instead of packing I’ve spend the morning on this Hallowe’en FAF, starring you guys in wonderful steampunk and Uglies costumes. (Sorry if I’m missing a few names. I had a lot of these pics around.)

Let’s start with this awesome Stormwalker contraption:

That is one cool cosutme, though I fear it would be less than optimal for dancing. (Note that the kid on the right is wearing a Whoopie Cushion costume. Hmm.)

And here’s an awesome Mr. Sharp pumpkin:

I have a theory that the internets have improved pumpkin carving, because the potential audience for pumpkins is so much larger. Instead of mere dozens of people seeing your carving work, thousands will!

Here’s Dr. Barlow by Jett, complete with dog-with-streaked-fur-as-Tazza!

And now for a plethora of Deryns!





And Lizzy:

And, because I am disorganized, another anonymous!

Julia sent me this goggle-gif:

And here’s a Deryn and Alek pair, anonymously (as in, I forgot the names) from Twitter. Wear your steampunk geekery with pride! At work!

A quartet of steampunkers from Mallory, because more is better!

And this comic from (argh, can’t find the name!, showing what Alek and Deryn dressed up like this Halloween:

The dialog is, of course, a joke about Alek’s sticky-outy ears.

Finally, a Special Tally-wa from Ally-wa, complete with hoverboard:

Don’t forget, the Show Us Your Steampunk contest is still happening over on FaceBook. Just take a picture of yourself in a steampunk outfit holding a copy of one of the Leviathan books, and you’re in. Just click here for details.

44 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday, Cosplay Edition

  1. 1) Sabrina is one of my best friends HURRAH SHE MADE FAF! 😀

    2) The drawing is by ThePrinceofParties – I actually posted a link to it in the last blog’s comments. (I absolutely adore that drawing, because a while ago I mentioned how I thought Newkirk was exactly like Sokka and then SHE DREW IT. *dies*) (Unfortunately I don’t have a dA account, so I can’t tell her I came up with that. :()

  2. *just noticed this, excuse me I’m kind of out of it* And… Fan Art Thursday, this week, I guess?

  3. Want to give credit to my dad and uncle who helped me make the stormwalker
    XD. These books are the best books I ever read. Thank you:D

  4. I was Barlow for Halloween. My parents will not let me post a picture. Excuse me while I die, please. 🙁

  5. @Lauren: Your costume was great. Funnily enough you and Sabrina have almost exactly the same haircut… I was confused for a second, because I was like, “That looks like Sabrina but her costume was different…”


    Makes me want to cut my hair short because you two look so good in it, but I always hate it when I cut my hair short so I will dismiss this crazy idea before I go out and cut all my hair off and have to wait for an excruciating amount of time for it to grow back.

    Sorry. Very tired.

    Anywho, gist of this comment: Lauren – love your costume and your hair. *jealous*

  6. O.o I sooooooooooooooo happy that i’m in FAF!!!!!!!!
    Ireally am honnord Scott. You know what i was thinking, Scott you really should make a book about World War Two!!!! Cuz you really did the Leviathan Sirice really well. I LOVE READING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is my first time commenting and i exited about doing it.

    SOOOOO YESS Lauren your costume is really good, my mom did the same thing that hannah did, she was like”Hey look Sabrina i thought you wore something else.

    and BillG, AMAZING Stormwaker!!!!!

    Back to questions for you scott, So i’m also on NaNoWriMo and my problem is, when ever i start writing a book i know what i want to happen, but instead of staying on the strate path i go wandering through the mountains and end up coming out 500,000,000,000 miles way from where i want to be how can i fix that without righting an outline, cuz i detest them

    now i feal like i’m just blabbing so i’ll just shut up.
    well Love ya Scott and if any one wants to find me on NaNoWriMo I’m SMBookworm

    Shes got swagger!

  7. OHHHHH…. LOL THIS IS ODD. I am not the Lauren who played Deryn. I am the Lauren (aka Jett) who played Dr. Barlow. xD

  8. @Lauren:

    *headdesk* I fail. That was an awesome costume, too, though – you even striped your dog!!! (Who’s adorable, btw.)

    I apologize for my lack of a brain.

  9. @Hannah-la

    xDD it’s okay. I didn’t realize her name was Lauren, too. I usually used Jett but then I started using Lauren so I think I’ll go back to Jett. I wasn’t really thinking it through.

    But thank you! I found like everything except the bowler at TJ Maxx for less then $30. My mom put two shirts together to make the one I’m wearing in the pic. xDD she’s awesome and I fail. It was my sister’s idea to make my dog Tazza. I did like nothing except resolve to be Dr. Barlow. //shot

  10. Lol! TJ Maxx is an awesome store.

    I was going to be Barlow for Halloween, but I was too lazy and ended up being a Slytherin instead. 😉

    What’s your dog’s name, btw? (I have four dogs, so I’m kind of a dog person… Actually, funny enough, I think you and I are the only ones who used our dogs in our cosplays. Weird, right?)

  11. Definitely. Her name is Sandy. xDD original name, right? But she is ten, I think. Not sure. But she is a gold retriever mutt. I have two cats. I took one cosplay picture with my cat Wiz as Dr. Barow’s loris lol

  12. Hah! There is a picture of my on the website! I actually was not expecting that… Now I am happy 😀 Today is suddenly a much better day. I will have to inform Tess that she is now a famous kitty… Or at least more than just to me 😉

  13. I love the loris as Perry the Platypus! Cutest. Thing. Ever. If I had time, I would totally write a crossover fanfic where one of the lorises has to join the OWCA . . .

  14. The loris is Perry the Platypus? I didn’t notice! 😀 My little sister is watching Phineas and Ferb right now!! 😀

  15. Ah, love the Deryn pumpkin! If I could carve worth a damn I’d do something similar.

    My god, am I the only male fan of Scott Westerfeld?! I’ve seen enough pictures of Westerfans to conclude that they are roughly 90% girls. Not sayin’ there’s anything wrong with that, merely making a pointless observation. But I am a victim of curiosity nonetheless.

  16. Hahaha! Lauren (the Deryn) she’s my best friend and I am SO jealous of her awesome cosplaying. We’re planning to do a Deryn & Barlow cosplay soon…I’m gonna be Barlow!

    But @ all the cosplayers and artist, you are freaking amazing. I love this stuff, FAF is something to look forward to each week.

  17. @The Joker-la: I think there are plenty of guy Leviathan fans, maybe girls just tend to cosplay and send photos more? I dunno.

  18. @Brittany P: By the way, you were asking on DeviantArt who came up with the Newkirk as Sokka thing – I did! I just don’t have an account on dA so I couldn’t say so in the comments of your drawing. 🙂

    BTW, love your stuff. You’re completely my favorite artist on dA. 😀

  19. ^Also, I may have been telling that to everyone I know. I’m going to stop repeating it now, so, yeah. Sorry for driving y’all nuts. 😉

  20. @Hannah-la: I saw! I saw your comment up top, plus someone on deviantArt remembered it was you 🙂 I put in an edit in the artist’s comments so everyone would know! Hope you don’t mind me borrowing your idea c:

  21. @Brittany: I just feel obnoxious for having posted it everywhere. 😉 And I do not mind you using my idea at all. I completely loved it. 😀

    Maybe at some point my mother will let me get a deviantArt and I can flood you all with some Newkirk as Sokka artwork of my own. Except I can’t draw guys to save my life. *headdesk* Whatever.

  22. This is realllly late but I’ve just gotta say WOW to the Deryn-cosplaying-Lauren…you look exactly like Deryn O.O love it!!!!

  23. Wow to Lauren from me too. Um, Scott-la, I know you’re tired and everything, but it’s friday again. I see no more fanart.

  24. My fave subject is History and while looking through some of my books i found a picture that reminded me of Leviathan and I couldn’t but wondering is this something that Scott-la could’ve seen for an idea of Leviathan. First World War (Great War). Maritime war, 1917. A German submarine, captured by the French, stranded in the Strait of Calais. The picture I saw looked like a beached whale. (shruges unsurely)

  25. My dad said I should dress up as Deryn for Halloween XD. I got both of my parents obsessed with the Leviathen series than introduced the books to my school. You would not believe how many people wanted to read them.

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