Uglies Manga Cover

Hey, all. It’s Friday and time for FAF, but I’m delaying my weekly fan art feature till tomorrow.

Why? Because it’s time to reveal the cover for the Uglies manga, also known as Uglies: Shay’s Story!

The image is by Steven Cunmmings, the interior artist. It’s a picture of Shay herself, presumably just emerging from being made pretty. She has that pretty vacant look in her eyes. Of course, the book starts way before that, several months before the novels before the novels, in fact!

Click here for an interview with me and Devin Grayson, my co-writer on the manga, with Girls Read Comics Too. You’ll also get some images from the books.

Click here for my own FAQ, answering your questions about the books.

And here for the original announcement about the series back at San Diego Comic Con. More art to look at!

And finally, here’s the back cover of Shay’s Story, with all the promo copy.

See you tomorrow for Fan Art Friday (um, on Saturday).

Bonus Info
Forgot to say: The first book in the Uglies manga series comes out Feb 29, 2012, in just under 100 days! There will be three books in all.

114 thoughts on “Uglies Manga Cover

  1. YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!
    OMG!! I am a huge Shay fan!! Is it wrong to say I like her more than Tally?

  2. Shay was always my favorite character. (Ugly Shay and cured Special Shay anyway. Brain-damged Shay annoyed me)

    WHEN DOES IT COME OUT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    This is worse than waiting for Golaith

  3. I have an important question- At one point you said that you wanted to tell the story of how David got his scar; Will it be in the manga? Because it seemed to me that him and Shay were pretty close, so maybe he said.

  4. We know the story starts from before Shay and Tally met, but how much of the story does the manga cover? Until Shay meets Tally? Until Shay turns Pretty? Until they’re Specials? Until Extras? And is it all in one book, or will this be another Trilogy?

  5. OMG 0MG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! So pumped for this!!!

    Shay was always my fave girl character, but Zane is my all time fave! Whenever i like a guy hiscode name is Zane. 😛

  6. so hey Scottsters, skipping all the eclamation points and things, ill just stick to one question- MY BIRTHDAY IS FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE RELEASE, ARC PLEASE?! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSEE

  7. Yay! I don’t really like manga but still yay! And 3 means 3 only with 1 more as a surprise companion, right?

  8. Yay! Preeety… haven’t read Uglies, but I shall attempt, (key word being attempt) to before the manga thing. (By the way, Scott, it be Sunday. Fan Art Monday, anyone?)

  9. Heehee we’re all so impatient. Was he supposed to leave for Australia this weekend? That (unless he forgot) is probably the reason he forget Fan Art… Saturday? Sunday? Monday? Eh, I dunno.

  10. February 28th!!! I’m very excited… Also Scott-la, it happens to be monday…. What happened to tomorrow?!

  11. @Awesomesauce: That just made me burst out laughing here in class… Everyone is staring at me now. 😉

  12. I guess Ckott offcially missed Fan Art Friday now, since it’s actaully closer to the next Fan Art Friday than the one we’re waiting for

  13. OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS thank you Scott!
    I have read the series twice just finished extras for the second time!!!

  14. @Hannah-la: lol thanks
    @Sophie-la: It’s art made about a certain type of media by fans of that media.

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