Uglies Manga Cover

Hey, all. It’s Friday and time for FAF, but I’m delaying my weekly fan art feature till tomorrow.

Why? Because it’s time to reveal the cover for the Uglies manga, also known as Uglies: Shay’s Story!

The image is by Steven Cunmmings, the interior artist. It’s a picture of Shay herself, presumably just emerging from being made pretty. She has that pretty vacant look in her eyes. Of course, the book starts way before that, several months before the novels before the novels, in fact!

Click here for an interview with me and Devin Grayson, my co-writer on the manga, with Girls Read Comics Too. You’ll also get some images from the books.

Click here for my own FAQ, answering your questions about the books.

And here for the original announcement about the series back at San Diego Comic Con. More art to look at!

And finally, here’s the back cover of Shay’s Story, with all the promo copy.

See you tomorrow for Fan Art Friday (um, on Saturday).

Bonus Info
Forgot to say: The first book in the Uglies manga series comes out Feb 29, 2012, in just under 100 days! There will be three books in all.

114 thoughts on “Uglies Manga Cover

  1. I really only like Shay without the brain damage, because when the city gives her the lesions, she becomes too much of what they want her to be.

  2. In the middle of reading Behemoth… can’t wait to finish it and read Goliath! And I’m sure Scott has a good reason for missing FAF last week. Let’s all be patient and wait for the next FAF!

  3. I love the uglies series! You should write extras from Tally’s point of view (Tally is by far, the best character in the book..) because its just more interesting to read about how she feels with the freaks than about how a vulnerable, only-cares-about-being-famous-girl.. And you should write more about Tally!!(throughout the first half i kept thinking: when is Tally going to jump in?! Lol) Anyways, i love mangas.

  4. what i wanna know is what is what is wrong with tally?! i mean she falls in love with two people that shay was a friend of and shays boyfriend and promptly left one for the other. loving two people isnt right but loving two people who are near and dear to shay. please explain cause if i dont find out soon i with lose my mind and my sanity

  5. Hey Scott, this is kind of random, but are you a Harry Potter or a Twilight fan? (Say Twilight then I will personally kill you with a mixture of walkers and flechette bats)

  6. @sophie-la
    Right?! It all sucked until Tally came in 😀 (i like aya and all but she just not bright, and i hate her mechevious plots against tally -_-) also Shay doesnt have a last name because last names isnt a thing in Tally’s city. So neither does david (second best character), zane, peris, fausto, tach, croy, ho and all those other guys.

  7. @Linda-wa
    Thank you! I totally agree about Aya (Scott-la she was still awesome) she was always against Tally,
    This was actually in the book this is what Aya said:
    “I think,I don’t care what Tally Youngblood says”

  8. @sophi-la
    of course it so that scott-la could use all the cool endings on their names… also i guess it might sort of make sense considering that japan is just a little bit ahead in technology!

  9. @ Zackattack
    Good point about the names! I think it could also be because they would have another language to use so Tally can’t understand!

  10. I just started Leviathan! On a scale of 1 to 10 how good is it?
    (1being terrible 10 being amazing. Feel free to go off the scale!)

  11. @Sophie-la: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 you get the idea!

    But why do you put the -la / -wa on the end of names? Please do give anything away(I am only on Pretties)!

  12. @Mojo
    It has nothing to do with the books, scott-la just wanted to create a futuristic setting, where suffixes is added to the end, like japanese. Which is a brilliant idea. But basically if you have an L in your name, its -wa. If there is no L’s its -la. Its just awkward to say Tally-la?

  13. @ Linda-wa
    Thanks! Mine wouldn’t really work because it is Mallory and it would be really long to say Mallory-wa! Oh well! Thanks anyway!

    because there is nothing to comment about!

  14. SO EXCITED!!!
    I’m not really into Manga, to tell you the truth, but I’m sure it’s going to be awesome cause Shay rocks our socks.
    95 days, 13 hours, 47 minutes, and 9 seconds!!!!!

  15. @ Libby-wa
    How long did it take to find that out?!
    And I’m not really into the manga either but Shay is beast so it will be great no matter what. Am I right or am I right?! 🙂

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