A Musical Interlude

I have a party to plan, so there will be no FAF this week. But there will be more blogging very soon.

Happy New Year’s, all.

188 thoughts on “A Musical Interlude

  1. @ 101- M@X! So good to have you back! If you like this, check out Istanbul not Constantinople by the Four Lads. It’s not a rap, like this song, but it is AWESOME! This steampunk song reminded me of it.

  2. @ 103- Yes, yes you may! It is the Alek- Singe Fan Club. The first thing you must do to decide of you are Team Alek or Singe.

  3. @ 103- the meetings are usually towards night time, when we’re all available to chat over books and stuff, and the assigned meeting place will be at each FAF. If a new FAF is posted, we will move our meetings there.

  4. @ 103- and the second thing you must do in the enrollment ritual is to make up your crossdresser name. Take my name, Ronnie for example.

  5. Since my name can be used for a boy or a girl, it is staying the same. I am on team Alek. Sorry, I just like him more.

  6. @ 108- uh-huh, you’re just JEALOUS THAT NEWKIRK IS AWESOME! And sorry, it has to be a full name. Maxine will have to do.

  7. @ 106- wait. That will mean we have our meetings only once a week. Hmm. How about kn the newest, recent post? Does everyone agree with that?

  8. How about Max, as in Maximum ride. I can’t help it if my name is pike that and since i’m on an ipod i don’t like having to fill in a long user name. Just listened to the song, and it is pretty good. I like that Alek can pilot a walker and, more impirtantly, fence. I’ve been away from wifi for a while, which is why i haven’t posted

  9. GO HARRY POTTER, sort of, kind of. More inportantly, GO LEVIATHAN AND BEHEMOTH AND GOLIATH AND ALEK AND DERYN AND DALEK AND NEWKIRK AND DOCTOR BARLOW AND VOLGER AND KLOPP AND BAUER AND HOFFMAN AND MR. RIGBY AND BOVRIL AND EVERYONE ELSE, except all super nosy reporters that are giant idiots who have there life saved by somone but refuse to keep secret a scoop, yes I’m referring to you Eddie Malone!!!!!!!!

  10. @ 112- I hate it when I have no wifi! It irritates he barking daylight’s out of me!

  11. @116 Me too.

    @117 Yah, she was bad, but she didn’t have a life debt to Alek that she refused to pay, and that is just down right ungratefull, stinking (calming breath) you get the point. Please do not get me back on that subject.

  12. I cann’t say all reporters are soul less because my mom writes articles for magazines, which is almost the same, except without adding a lot of lies and exaggerations and with no spying involved. Only good, clean interviews.

  13. @ 121- your mom has the coolest job ever.
    @ 118- no, I haven’t. And never will.

  14. Fine, don’t watch it.

    Actually, I think being a biomedical engineer would be more fun, but yes, my mom’s job is pretty cool. Unfortunatley, she hasn’t had a lot of time for it ever since my sister was born and she had to take care of at least on of us. She’s gotten a lot more time to do it since my sister turned ten a few years ago, but in ten years, a lot has changed. One example is that facebook is now the main way free lancers, like her, get a job. Also, microsoft has changed and she still hasn’t gotten used to it. So she has a part time job helping with a preschool in our town.

  15. I’m sorry. My sister just turned twelve a few days ago.
    I’m the only person on the entire barking planet who doesn’t want to, or never will see Harry Potter!

  16. I think HP is good, but I can think of other books, most importantly LBG, that deserve the fame far more. I couldn’t say that in front of my friend who is also called Racheal, but with an “a” after the “e”, because she and her older sister would send out a bus window while I was asleep on a Scholastic bowl trip.

    I am not getting into it with you about the kindle because I have found that almost every reader is extremely stubborn, but I prefer a good old E ink Nook.

  17. Okay, so what would they send out a bus window? And RachEl is spelled the right way.

    Yes, yes I am stubborn.

    But only when it comes to books, and key lime pie.

  18. Sorry, but I have to sign out now. Good- bye, and I’ll be on Monday probably. I’m going to my wifi-less grandparent’s house for tomorrow and Monday morning.

  19. 1) They would send me out the window.
    2) Don’t say that to my friend Racheal.
    3) So am I.
    Bye for real.

  20. Sorry. I’ll go now. Good bye, everyone! Most likely, I’ll be back tommorrow night!

  21. @132 If they couldn’t get me out the window they would use the back door!

    @133 I was actually talking about being stuborn, but (imagine me in a top hat, petticoat and with a monocle) I do enjoy key line pie.

    @135 savor every moment of that book.

    Night everyone and Happy New years an hour and forty five minutes ago in the states central time zone!

  22. @ 136- you haven’t tried key lime pie unless it’s from the Florida Keys.

  23. No, it will not end this year just because the Aztec calendar ends.

    Unfortunatley, I have mever gotten to try Florida cuisine. (Sorry if I misspelled that)

  24. Key Lime Pie covered in chocolate on a stick.
    Just the name sounds dreamy.

  25. Good bye, everyone! I’ll be back tonight! Hopefully…..
    I will be trying to finish my fanfiction, so maybe I can post it here when I’m done.

  26. @110. Rachel, we can have more than one meeting per blog post, you realize. Technically, we’ve already had several on last week’s FAF.
    @Everyone. Hi. Sup?

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