A Musical Interlude

I have a party to plan, so there will be no FAF this week. But there will be more blogging very soon.

Happy New Year’s, all.

188 thoughts on “A Musical Interlude

  1. Wait. Levi, what did you say your glogster account was? I tried ruthgirl2, and it didn’t find anything… I’m melssarox. Notice how there are no capital letters and no “i” in “melssa”

  2. @ 139: I don’t necessarily believe the world is going to end this year; I just like poking fun at the people who do! I DO however believe SOMETHING will happen later this year, but that something will be totally within our (humankind’s) control. Most likely nothing will happen but everybody will go crazy with fear and MAKE something happen. This scenario has occurred before. Everybody’s going to stock up on water and food and ammo and tampons and then nothing will NATURALLY happen but people will go out of their minds with fear. And when nothing happens, people will discredit every prediction anybody subsequently makes, the predictions that probably WILL come true. It’s the boy who cried wolf scenario; when all people hear is lies, they don’t believe the truth.

    “Another a high school girl with a bourgeois dream, just like the pictures in the magazine that she found on the floor of the laundromat, but a woman with kids can forget all that. And if she comes up pregnant what’ll she do? Forget the career, forget about school. Can she live on faith? Live on hope? High on Jesus and hooked on dope. When it’s way too late to ‘just say no’, you can’t make it here anymore” – James McMurtry

  3. Yeah! Go team Iowa!!!

    Monkey ludates be gone. Monkey ludates= people who think the world will end this year. Goliath WILL live for at least fifty years, most likely longer. It will not die after a year and a quarter-ish.

  4. @ 196- You have forgotten one important detail….. NEWKIRK IS A BARKING MONKEY LUDDITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I showed my mom, who believes steampunk is just a fad and it is nothing to get obsessed about, this video and she started cracking up!!!!

  6. Ever notice how nobody in the uglies books besides extras nobody has last name but Tally-wa?

  7. @176. Well, it’s true. I missed him threatening to send panda armies against everyone, along with my kraken army.
    @179. I’m the one that came up with Jocelyn, by the way. Just to let you know…

  8. @183. AHAHAHAHA! I really don’t think I know a guy who would’ve done that! Hhmm… maybe if I get Colby to finish the barking book he’d get on here sometime. COLBY YOU MAKE ME SO FLUSTRATED!!! I’ve been trying to get him to finish Leviathan for, like, a month now. grrrr…

  9. Colby is a dude from school. And he STILL hasn’t read it. I talked to him today. My brother is the one who got me to read Leviathan in the first place. (he told me I needed to tell you that.)

  10. @ 187- I have a wee bit more respect for your brother now. Not much, but some. You can quote me on that.

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