Bonus Art Will Post Friday

Keith and I have come up with the winning image concept, and it is SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE. And Keith has done such an awesome job with the art that as a bonus to the bonus, I’m going to write a piece of fan fiction to go with it!

Now, debatably this won’t be fan fiction, because I am not a fan of me, technically. (I mean, I think I’m fairly cool, but I AM me.) But if Middleman-creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach can write Middleman fan-fic, then surely I can also fanboy my own oeuvre.

Besides, I declare this piece non-canonical, so it has to fit SOMEWHERE in the endless fan-fictional definitional matrix. I’ll be posting both the story and the art on Friday, along with some fan art by you guys.

Oh, and starting next week, I will be doing a weekly Uglies Manga reveal from now till the first book comes out. We will start with the characters. Keep your voting hats on.

Okay, that’s it. Hope you’re having good almost-Hanukwanzamas-break times!


The Japanese version of Leviathan has just come out! Feast your eyes:

153 thoughts on “Bonus Art Will Post Friday

    Fanfic AND art!!! I can’t wait!
    And really, first we get the Russian one thrown in our faces along with the uglies/pretties one and now this, a perfect one! They even got the hair and outfits right! I wish I was Japanese. Curse you American covers!!! (no, not really, but these ones are sooooo much better)

  2. OH. MY. GOD. LOOK!!!! LOOK!!! LOOK AT THE “LATEST TWEETS” THING!!!! THE AUTHORFIC IS GONNA BE LONG!!!! I WAS BRACING MYSELF FOR ONLY ABOUT A PAGE OR TWO BUT WHOAAAA!!!! EEEEEEEEEP!!!!! *drinks coffee*, *screams more*, *goes back to reading the hunger games for the millionth time*

  3. @selin-102 Thank you for pointing that out for me!!!!! SO COOL!!!
    @Scott-la I know i already said this but you RULE!!!!! SO MUCH!!!! *squeals for like the umpteenth time*

  4. Aww, the Japanese make everything so cute c:
    Also YAY! But if by seasonally appropriate you mean wintery, boo, because there’s enough of that up here already. Darwinist Canada’s peacekeeping fleet of militarized unicorns dislikes the snow and cold 😛
    Ah well, Keith will find a way to make winter AMAZING and LOVEABLE.

  5. BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott-fiction!!!!! A Leviathan-y-ish-like Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa (did I spell that right?) is INFINITELY AWESOMER than a normal one!!!!! And I just read that the authorfic is going to be LONG!!! *flips out, eats chocolate, watches Harry Potter, dies* SOOOO exciteeeddd…

  6. I just want you all to know that I was reading through these posts, and during everyone I literally squealed (or my equivalent of squealing) because it reminded me of the awesomeness.
    And I think that for those of us in North& South America we will get it all before Friday because Australia is ahead of us. Like the time stamps are already in Friday. Yay!!! I hope he gets up really early so I’ll still be awake. EEP!

  7. @Lissa-108, I just thought about that (for like 15 minutes) And now every five minutes I check to see if it has been posted yet!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! ITS ALMOST AUTHOR-FIC AND BONUS ART TIME!!!!

  8. That is a gorgeous cover!
    I’m so excited! Be sure to post it on time Scott, we’re too excited to wait any longer!

  9. @ Rachel
    Haha, could be, I mean, of course, if they were real people. (WHICH THEY ARE IN MY HEAD!!!)
    I am actually both Scottish and Austrian though 😀

  10. @Libby. I am so jealous of you right now. I’m Deutsch and German and a wee bit Scottish. Something else, too, but I can’t remember right now. I want to be Austrian, too! I have a family over there, though. By family I mean I stayed at their house in my time there… does that count?

  11. @Libby I am part German and part Scottish SOO CLOSE 🙁
    Hey! I just realized Scottish/Scott-la! Same first word!

  12. @ selin at 102- my friend, Josh and I, (and another of my friends who has also read Leviathan) are reading the Hunger Games 23 times IN A ROW in honor of when the movie comes out! GO MARCH 23, 2012!!!!!!

  13. @ Lissa- AHHH! That’s amazing! Did I mention mine is on the VERY LAST FEW WORDS OF GOLIATH? Yes, yes it is. But, now, I NEED TO RANT ABOUT AUTHORFIC OR I WILL EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @Rachel (118)
    FANTASTIC BOOK RIGHT!!!!! my friend and i both love The Hunger Games, and for a christmas gift she gave me a mockinglay pin!!!!! it looks just like the one on the cover.
    oh books.

  15. Wait, you’re birthday is on the very last few words of Goliath? I don’t get it. Do you mean the day the Eddie Malone article was published?
    Sorry, my brain’s engines are working at half power (LoL it’s messing with my knee pressure 🙂 ) because I’m waiting for the reveal. Don’t ask how that makes sense, it just does.

  16. BTW anyone who doesn’t know, my comment name was formerly just “Lissa” but I changed it to “Miss Lissa”

  17. oh and YA!!! CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE RIGHT!!!!!! i gotta wear my pin to it. HAHA, GOOD IDEA reading it 32 times.

  18. I keep hitting the refresh button…. Again and again. HAVE ANY HOURS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE BEEN MORE AGONIZING??????

  19. WAIT! i just remembered something!!! HE IS ONLY IN AUSTRALIA IN THE SUMMER!! so he must be in New York…… which means… NO EARLY CHAPTER

  20. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! –goes and cries in the corner AGAIN– Why? Oh, why oh why? That ruined my whole barking day! I repeat, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! @Selin. God’s Wounds, why do you have to be so…so… oh, I can’t insult you. It’s not your fault. Thanks for pointing it out so I know I won’t be asleep when it gets posted, I guess.
    Sigh. Sniffle. Weep.

  21. Now I shall go to bed, waiting until morning as though it were Christmas Eve and I were a small child who still had the innocence of youth.
    Sorry for the bad simile. I get this way when I have conflicting emotions (i.e. “EEP! Fanfic/Art!!!” and “NOOOOO! I have to wait longer!!!-wails!-“)

  22. WHHAAA!!! I need a cookie. well goodnight blog that enjoys torturing young readers with the thoughts of a new chapter. bright and early tomorrow

  23. AHH. Extra chapter? What is this madness? I didn’t know there was another chapter coming with the extra art! This is incredible. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

  24. @Rchel-132 I AGREE COMPLETLY!!!!

    Sorry for all the CAPITALIZED words and all the !!!!!!!’s. I do that when I am SUPER HAPPY/UBER MAD (because scott-la hasn’t posted it yet)!!!

  25. My sister is trying to kick me off the computer 🙁 She just doesn’t understand obsessive fangirl-ism. *shakes head disbelievingly* tut tut…

  26. So, Scott, I think we all agree that it is close enough to Friday for it to not matter anymore, so you should just go ahead and post it before we all go mad.


  27. I am watching harry potter right now (meanwhile refreashing this page every 2 minutes) and i SO wish i had the opposite of a time turner, that way I can speed up time and SEE THE ART AND READ THE AUTHOR-FIC!

  28. I am going to fly through this authorfic so fast I won’t understand anything til I’m finished reading it. And then I’ll cry.

  29. If Scott-la is in New York then I am SOOOO glad i am home-schooled because then i can CHECK THIS WEBSITE EVERY MINUTE!

  30. Love The Japanese leviathan. How come none of the covers have some of Keith’s art on it??! That would be the logical solution . . .

  31. Japanese cover is epic. They do look so young but so perfect! Japanese and Russian covers are so epic. Why does America have such less epic covers. *sigh* If only I knew Russian and/or Japanese…*double sigh*

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