High-Stakes Testing Chat Tonight

Tonight (Thursday, December 8th) at 7PM EST in the US (4PM in California and 11AM on Friday morning in Sydney), I’m doing a chat about high-stakes testing and how schools teach writing. Are those five-paragraph essays going to turn you all into novelists? And how about those syllogisms on the SAT?

I’ll be joined by David Levithan, Robin Wasserman, and Lauren McLaughlin, whose book Scored inspired the panel.

Click here for details.

To prepare for this, Lauren and I took the essay section of the SAT, and had ourselves scored by a professional examiner. You can read our essays and see what grades we got here at the Huffington Post. (Note that we had exactly 25 minutes to write those essays! Just like you guys did/will!)

Click here for more about Scored, which is out now. It’s set in a dystopian world where every kid gets a Score when they turn 18, determining their prospects for the rest of their life.

Hope to see you all tonight! (Tomorrow morning for me.)

23 thoughts on “High-Stakes Testing Chat Tonight

  1. I know this sounds silly, but even though I love to read and write, I’ve always hated english class.

  2. I can’t wait for this chat to happen. I’m so excited to here. @Jacquie-la, I totally agree with you. English classes are not near as much fun as reading and writing is on their own.

  3. hey 5th comment
    this is the closest to 1st i’ve ever gotten
    i will try to make it to the chat but unfortunately i have somewhere to be at 4:30 🙁

  4. My english teacher always says, “There’s real writing, then there’s standardized test writing. Two very different things.” ;3

  5. your’e awesome 🙂

    That part I don’t like about standerized testing is the writing is so BLOCKY
    You have to be so clear, even if you’re clear it doesn’t work unless you stated it in typical words in one sentence. You can’t do jokes, or side comments either unless if it is related. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.
    How was your SAT’s when you were in Highschool?

  6. What will you do now that the Leviathan series is completed?
    Will there be a new series to look forward to?
    Could you please give a hint? =)

  7. It is expected of an awesome author to get a distinctive score, but I am an amateur writer and I got 5s on all three of my practice essays. I say pretty good for and 11th grader at 15, but the scores are coming out on my birthday (22nd) and I am going to check the day after, just in case I have done horribly overall.

  8. Took the ACTs. Hated the essays. Love to write but just hate the essays. Nice work, Scott-la and Lauren, you guys did good on the SATs!

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