Tesla’s Letterhead

Just in case you think that my representation of Nikola Tesla in Goliath was over the top, you need to see his letterhead:

Yes. He was THAT cool.

The image in the upper right of the letterhead is one of the remote control boats with which Tesla tries to repel the German walker attack in Chapter 39 of Goliath. They were totally real!

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s Keith Thompson’s version:

Of course, the central image in the letterhead is Wardenclyffe Tower, as it was to have appeared had it ever been completed. Note that Keith and I cheated a bit to make it more spectacular:

But as you can tell from the letterhead, it was pretty awesome anyway.

So keep this image on your phone or whatever, so that if you ever get transported back to the early 1900s, you can get in touch with Tesla. (As you can see, his phone number is “8080 Bryant.” I’m not sure how you dial that.)

And while we’re on the subject of mad scientists, I’ll take the opportunity to reveal my new author photo:

Photo from Moonie Baloonie. It no doubt took all day in Photoshop to get my eyes that red. Appreciate it!

63 thoughts on “Tesla’s Letterhead

  1. Hahahaha! Nice author photo…
    That was somewhat random but anyway, it was pretty cool. I didn`t know a lot about that time period before reading Goliath and I thought it was interesting how you said in the radio chat that teens usually get motivated to learn about the history in the books after reading the book, but adults usually read the book because they already learned about the time period. That was so true for me.

  2. Wow! Awesome letterhead! I should design one for myself . .
    This Christmas I got the best presents ever. A poster of Alek in ‘An Heirloom saves the Heir’ and a Bowler hat!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the picture of you Scott! It kind of makes you look like Vogler. You should definitely get one of those single eye glass things.

  4. Truly,I say this with no ill sentiment, the photo is amusing. Awesome, without a doubt. I like the monocle, but I myself prefer spectacles…ones that are not necessarily normal but are comfortable and look barking excellent! one another note the ‘stache is very cool, and seems appropriate(I do not know why or how, it just does).
    I must be honest and say I am rather envious of your red eyes….they’re barking brilliant, and to any that disagree- your are a blasphemous cretin, who will surely be “visited” by a few Stormwalkersor (other walkers-seeing as Stormwalkers are military machines) and fabricated beasts, regrettably so not the Leviathan: it has things of greater importance to do.
    Good Day to you all.
    P.S. Hello M@X.

  5. @Emo, you’re back!!! We missed you. Oh, I’m Miss Lissa, by the way, just with a name change. Go over to the most recent FAF and join our Fan Club!

  6. These are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s up homies????I’m at school and sooooo bored!!!! I need something to do

  7. @ 7- that was the most heroic picture of Alek in Leviathan! I wish it was in color because then it would be 10 times as awesome as it is without color!

  8. 2 17- But did Edison threaten COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF THE GLOBE? I think not. Besides, a barking death ray is so much cooler than discovering a filament for the incandescent lightbulb! I mean, imagine trying to threaten peace with that…
    Edison says: Everyone! Make peace or I will end the world with a giant lightbulb! Mwahahahahahah!

  9. I noticed that in Mr. Westerfeld’s tricked out picture that Behemoth is hardbacked, while Leviathan is paperback. Will they ever make a Leviathan hardback with the new cover on it? Because I would like all of my hardbacked copies to match with the similar covers.

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bows Politely!) Mr. Westerfeld!!!!!!!!! That is epic photoshop work. Ronnie…… what did I tell you about repeating threats which involve light bulbs and world peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have been wrapped up in (Dramatic music) another series 🙂 Now onto the next question….. Why do you look so bloody familiar…….

  12. @ 28- What OTHER series! You can not be possibly cheating on LBG! I don’t know WHY I look so familiar, but maybe it’s because YOU GO TO THE SAME BARKING SCHOOL AS ME!!!!!

  13. Scott, I don’t want to lie to you, so here goes – barking spiders, that photo is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

  14. We’re studying electricity and power and my teacher only briefly mentions Tesla and goes on and on about Westinghouse and Edison. I’m like, “SCREW THOSE GUYS!! TESLA FTW!!!” and then I nearly fall asleep. :I

  15. Glad you guys like the Evil!Scott. His name is Paul.

    And the red eyes only took me about half a minute, but i’m glad you appreciate them. 😀 Thank you for posting!

    I’ve done a photoshopped version of Tally (which is much, much more professional) if you’d like to see that as well.

  16. Moonie! Are you the one who plays the bagpipes? I’ve read lots of forums, and you had that picture of the bagpipe thingy when you would post….

  17. I, for one, would love to have a weird-looking author photo, because that would mean I was a published aouthor

  18. Random thought on Tesla:

    Edison promised him a million Dollars to invent something for him. Tesla did. Then Edison said that Tesla didn’t understand his “American sense of humor,” and didn’t give him the money. No wonder Tesla was so crazy. Edison was a jerk.

  19. I’d like to volunteer a bit of wonderful fanart (not my own): http://theprinceofparties.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4gt1ry is the whole long list thingy, but if you go to deviantART and search “meteoric alek and deryn” it’s the first hit. It’s by the princeofparties, AKA Brittany… I think. Anyways, it’s so awesome it just needs to be up there in Fanart Friday- though I’m not sure this is even where you submit fanart. Notice the Deryn-on-the-left pattern has continued. Have you ever considered that happened because that’s the way it is in Goliath? So I just wanted you to see that, and maybe with all your business and whatnot you could check out some more of her stuff? A ton of it is Leviathan, and all of it is awesome. Thanks 🙂

  20. Ronnie is not who (he) seems!!!!! (He) actually influenced me to read this other series!!!!! So Ronnie….. you barking ” Shuck Face ” That was a reference btw!!! should not claim that I am cheating on LBG. 😀 I loveeeeeee Dr. Barlow too much to ever stop loving LBG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. God, I love this nerdy history stuff. Right up my alley. I had no idea those things were real, but I’m glad they are. I just love examining technology from about 1700 to about 1950. Pretty much the coolest technological era in my opinion. Which is just one of the many reasons I love the Leviathan series.

    I’m a monumental nerd, what can I say?

  22. Listen up Rachel. I would so just devour her stalkers!!!!! Thennnnnn I would come hunting for you Hunger Games styleee!!!!! Then I would go all CATORAGEMODERAWR!!!!!! Then I would send the Grievers after Newkirk!!!!!!!! Who might I mention does not love you anymore! He has fell for Clove instead of you. So leave me alone you bloody shuck face!!!!! 😀

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