Zane Wins!

To be sure, it was really close. Zane and Tally were only about two votes apart. (I say “about,” because it is boring to count these things accurately.) So let’s just reveal Zane this week and Tally next.


So without further ado, here is (ugly) Zane!

You may recall that the Crims were an ugly gang before they were a pretty clique, and Shay was a member way back then. The manga starts with Shay’s first meeting with Zane and the Crims, which is months before she knew Tally at all.

Note also that Zane has blond hair back in his ugly days. He didn’t get all black-haired and goth-y till he becomes a pretty. (In manga world, white hair more or less means blond.)

I like this bit of dialog between Zane and Shay. Plus, I HAD to show you some hoverboards.

And finally a panel that involves SLIGHTLY BIGGER SPOILERS, we learn that a dog whistle plays a major part in Shay’s Story. (Okay, maybe not a major part. But enough to go “ta-da” about.)

Hope you enjoyed that. Next week we’ll be back with Tally Youngblood. And Fan Art Friday will be going up on Saturday, because otherwise I’d have to post two days in a row. And it’s my year off, yo.

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56 thoughts on “Zane Wins!

  1. Hey!! I did the la because I dont get why the Crims do that. ANYWAYS, I know this doesn’t really have to do with ur manga pics (those are really good(( but how is that ugly??))) But you really should talk to someone about the hoverboards!!! That is TOTALLY an amazing idea!! I know it would require pulling up the ground and putting a medal grid underneath it but those would be really popular. Also, I have an idea for a new book!! It might sound so “bogus” (I feel special using that word) but you could do a book about an outsiders look on Tally Youngblood (spoiler alert) and the other cutters. (I’m on “Specials”. It could be from the view from someone in a different clique. (Zane rocks) bye!

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 ZANE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see… the twins always are right all you DAvid vs. Zane posters 😉 )

    This made my day 😀

  3. *fangirling* YES, ZANE~~!! Just reread uglies series yesterday, so yes, I’m definitely pumped up~!

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