Zane Wins!

To be sure, it was really close. Zane and Tally were only about two votes apart. (I say “about,” because it is boring to count these things accurately.) So let’s just reveal Zane this week and Tally next.


So without further ado, here is (ugly) Zane!

You may recall that the Crims were an ugly gang before they were a pretty clique, and Shay was a member way back then. The manga starts with Shay’s first meeting with Zane and the Crims, which is months before she knew Tally at all.

Note also that Zane has blond hair back in his ugly days. He didn’t get all black-haired and goth-y till he becomes a pretty. (In manga world, white hair more or less means blond.)

I like this bit of dialog between Zane and Shay. Plus, I HAD to show you some hoverboards.

And finally a panel that involves SLIGHTLY BIGGER SPOILERS, we learn that a dog whistle plays a major part in Shay’s Story. (Okay, maybe not a major part. But enough to go “ta-da” about.)

Hope you enjoyed that. Next week we’ll be back with Tally Youngblood. And Fan Art Friday will be going up on Saturday, because otherwise I’d have to post two days in a row. And it’s my year off, yo.

Pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound,, or Amazon. Or buy it on February 28 at a proper bookstore.

56 thoughts on “Zane Wins!

  1. This is the first time I ever comment on your blog post! I was so excited to see Zane! Even more excited to hear that we’ll see Tally next week! Looking forward to February to get my hands on this!!!!!

  2. They don’t look ugly at all to me, but I guess this is manga. Never seen an ugly manga character.

  3. You probably get really tired of people calling themselves -wa or -la huh? Well… Sorry. It’s my blogger name and IRL nickname. Anyway.
    I’m glad Zane won! He’s like my favorite character from the series. I can’t wait for the manga! YeeK! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  4. @Loki
    That explains it!!!! 😀 I forgot that small detail!!! Wait which book is it??
    I’m Odalys as well
    Lolz that was me on my aunts twitter I didn’t mean to post that haaa

  5. I thought yellow hair on anime characters equaled blonde. Why draw white to equal blonde when you can just draw yellow? And what does pink, blue, green, and purple hair mean? I’m so confused!

  6. For being “Ugly” Zane looks pretty good to me! I can’t wait to see Tally!

    @Books Before Boys, In traditional manga it’s always in black and white. White hair can symbolize blonde lighter hair color and black hair usually tends to stand for darker hair colors (and sometimes the extreme colors) Usually the author tells you what color their hair is at some point so there isn’t any confusion. (Or occasionally you will see Manga with a few pages in color before switching to black and white. And the cover is always in color, too.)

  7. Dang it I wanted to see Tally-wa!!! Zane-la is awesome but *sniff sniff* you know the rest

  8. Whoa! Zane was blonde??? That’s kind of a shocker for me. lol
    I don’t know if it was ever said in the books so maybe I have to read them again. lol
    But then, reading them and knowing he’ll be dead, kind of sucks.

  9. Zane is SOO hot! I extra love the “ta-da” one. His eyes are so vivid! I didn’t really like uglies but I think I will get this if only to stare at all the people!

  10. Haha! Zane is officially my background 😀
    The one where he says ‘Ta-Da’ <3
    Lolz my bf looked at me weird when he saw he was no longer my background lolz oh that silly boii c:

  11. I’m so happy I don’t even care about missing faf. This doesn’t seem very exicited but trust me I’m dancing aroung my room laughing/screaming insanly.

  12. Zane was blonde? Wow. I love Zane, he’s awesome. Plus he’s hot. I was sad when…that happens in Specials. It was sad….I’m sad now. Okay, I must go look at the “ta da” picture again………….okay better. OMAIGAWD I CANNOT WAIT FOR SHAY’S STORY!!!!!!!

  13. Huh. The problem with manga is that it actually targets all those evolutionary triggers – big eyes, flawless skin, symmetrical faces – that are a big part of the pretty surge. So how will we tell the difference? O.O

  14. Oh, Scott-la, I love you. 🙂 *Heart flutter!* You can’t believe how sad I was when Zane died. Tally totally should have ended up with him… but I’m not questioning your writings! It was amazing all the same!

  15. @33 same here!
    I LOVE Shay’s hair!!! (pigtails rule!) and her hoverboard looks way kewler than Zane’s.
    Oh, and does anyone know what Zane’s ugly nickname was?

  16. @A lot of people
    The words, “Ugly Zane” is an oxymoron. Contradiction, should be impossible.
    I’m with you!!!!

  17. @SteampunkJedi, among other people: You do realize that “ugly” in their world just means normal, right?

  18. @Jacquie-la: Yes, I understand that “ugly” means normal, but my comment was the first thing that came to mind, or my thought on the article (that is the point of comments, right?).

  19. I love looking at manga illustrations — they’re just very expressive and interesting to me.

    Oh…and I may just be a crazy anime fan, but something about the look in his eyes combined with the longish hair reminds me of Sasuke from Naruto (although they’re nothing alike).

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