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The voting for the next character reveal has swayed back and forth for the last week. It’s been so tight between David and Dr. Cable that I’m not even going to count the votes. I shall declare David the winner, and reveal Dr. Cable next week.

So without further ado, here is David:

Wouldn’t you love to see that dialog box on the left side? WOULDN’T YOU? Well, you’re not going to, because that would be wrong.

Shay’s Story begins about six months before Uglies, back when Shay and Zane are pals in an ugly gang known as the Crims. And, as related in the novels, Shay and Zane were going to run away to the Smoke with David’s help, but they “chickened out.” At least that’s what they told Tally.

Of course, the stories we tell about uncomfortable events in the past are often oversimplified. So I decided to come up with a more interesting reason for them to bail, resulting in Zane becoming pretty and Shay moping around until she meets Tally.

I won’t reveal here what really happened, but I can say without spoilage that Shay and David do spend a certain amount of time arguing . . .

Of course, as we all know from the novels, they do get together later in the Smoke.

There’s also some cavorting on the roller coaster . . .

One thing I liked about writing Shay’s Story (with Devin Grayson) was revisiting key locales from the original novels, like the roller coaster. Especially since we get to SEE them now. I love the way that artist Steven Cummings has made the Rusty Ruins come alive. (Well, it’s kind of dead. But you know what I mean.) In fact, I think I’ll do a whole reveal just for the Ruins.

Anyway, that’s it for this reveal. Next week it’s the deliciously evil Dr. Cable!

You can pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound, BarnesandNoble.com, or Amazon. Or buy it on March 6 at a proper bookstore.

62 thoughts on “David Revealed

  1. Hooray! David this week and Dr. cable next! I can’t wait! ‘t would be quite interesting to see the Rusty Ruins in all their glory.

  2. To make the contact Scott button work you have to click on the “click here” not the “to contact Scott Westerfeld” part. I kept doing that and I was like, Why won’t this work?!?!

  3. Whistling… oh, look, im the first person i kno to comment for davids reveil!haha sophie, zaliz-la, m@x, levi, and everyone else! Omg i lurv davids hair, ya know, how its all… futuristic… and angular… its cool

  4. Omg i just realized tally has a tri- ponytail. I wonder if icould do that with my hair…shudders… ok, maybe not.

  5. Bleh, I don’t like him so much. He looks too… polished. And less smiley. He always seemed pretty chill in the books. So far Shay’s really been my favorite, looks-wise.
    Hoping for a ridiculously awesome Dr. Cable next week!

  6. I like it. I always imagined him a little differently, but it’s nice. One question:

  7. I love the detail of the hair 🙂 You can totally tell he “cut it himself” or something like that! No fancy hair cutting tools for this Smokie :3 Despite that though, he still doesn’t look rough-n-tumble enough as I imagined. Either way, these reveals are like torture!!! Why isn’t it March already?!

  8. It’s weird, but even though he looks perfect it’s not how I imagined him! He seems so… brooding… and I imagined him a little more goofy looking. But that’s the magic of books; different interpretations of characters 🙂 He looks amazing! So excited.

  9. @ Millie- I have a feeling that the scar will happen later in the story, seeing as how he doesn’t have it now…
    And you’re right, i’d also imagined him a little differently…Still, I like it.

  10. I was just on Goodreads, where there is a copy of Shay’s Story being given away!!! I entered (of course) and I’m now desperately hoping that I win this ARC so I can give it stellar reviews (because my review, sadly, will be incredibly biased, even though it shouldn’t be.)

  11. Not at all how I imagined him… but then again, I never really had a clear image of him in my mind. Plus, he’s David!!!!!!!

  12. Yay David!!!! “Wouldn’t you love to see that dialog box on the left side? WOULDN’T YOU? Well, you’re not going to, because that would be wrong.” that’s nice of you Scott. ROLLER COASTER PICTURE ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!! Steven Cummings is just awesome like that.

  13. OMG this is not how I imagined him AT ALL. I didn’t think he had bangs. That was totally mind-blowing.

    WOOT #41!

  14. I have a question for Scott: does the first manga book end when shay gets pretty surge or when tally gets it (like in the original Uglies)

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