Fan Art Friday (V-Day edition)

Yes, it’s a Valentine’s-Day adjacent FAF, which means . . . smoochies!

But not to worry, smooch-o-phobes, there weren’t that many of them sent in this year.

In fact, let us start with a kiss-free Bovril Valentine card, from @cherryteapots:

This reminds me of my motto when writing the series: Bovril makes everything better.

I found this on Twitter, and forgot to remember who it’s by, but it’s clearly pre- or post-smooch:

But enough of this pussy-footing around! Melissa gives us for realz mid-smooch:

She explains:

Alek knew that he needed to give Deryn SOMETHING for Valentine’s Day, and, broke as he is, all he could muster was a homemade card that looks like it was made by a five year old (It can be seen flying through the air as Alek lets go of it when he gets smooched). He was afraid that Deryn would scoff at it because she could do so much better, but she loves it and surprises him with a kiss in return. Poor Bovril is hiding near the chair and covering it’s eyes because of what it is seeing.


Next, we have Tobulshi, with an amusing cartoon of thwarted smooching:

Here’s another funny one by Tobuishi.

And for our last entry in the smooching sweepstakes, Uglies-style, here’s a lovely Valentine featuring David and Tally:

Hope you had a good V-Day, and told all the ones you loved that you loved them!

And now back to regular FAF. I also saw this on Twitter, and I don’t remember who did it. So who did it? As you can see, it’s Gundam/Leviathan crossover!

UPDATE: It’s from ComickerGirl at DeviantArt. We’ve seen her work here before, I’m sure.

All characters from walking machine universes should meet at some point and compare notes, I think.

From Jonathan, here’s Count Volger’s special walking machine. (No doubt with a special motion-control system to reduce illness and grumpiness.)

And finally, in honor of the Dr. Cable reveal, here’s Serena Marie with some Uglies cosplay:

It’s fairly canonical, now that we know Dr. C wears a white coat.

Okay, that’s it.

Next Monday, I’ll be revealing the Rusty Ruins from Uglies: Shay’s Story, which comes out in only about 17 days. (Or 18, depending on your hemisphere.) ALSO, very soon we will see the Shay’s Story book trailer!

You can pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound,, or Amazon. Or buy it on March 6 at a proper bookstore.

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  1. It’s sad, the only time my cat will sit by me is if I have a glass of milk, or if she wants to bite me… I wonder which one it is this time…

  2. No… Wow why didn’t I think of that? Thankyou, I am now entering ninja mode so I will use my super-cat like reflexes if she attacks…

  3. Well, 8 more days (7 in some places) until Uglies Shay’s Story comes out… at least 6 days after that until I get my copy…

  4. Walk away very slooooowly… hide all bite-able body parts, and for Bovril’s sake, don’t LET THE CAT KNOW YOUR ONTO HER!!! I once met a cat that was a Deceptacon…

  5. She’s just sitting there, starring with those big orange eyes… I’d be taken aback by her beauty if I weren’t on the verge of wetting myself…

  6. I just got awsome mail!!! One is an invitation to the international high school engineering and technology confrance and the other is an invitation to be part of Stanford’s high school program part/full time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have a feeling they’re expensive though, and then I can’t participate. Why is the cool stuff always uberexpensive?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. That’s great, M@X! Even if you can’t go, it’s the fact that you qualified that counts. Good for you! Great job! You are a credit to the Wester-Obsessor name! *applauds–or, would applaud, if she weren’t in school*

  9. All… Alone… Again… *sobs softly*
    Ok, enough with this sadness! In UPSE, David or Zane? I’m talking personality-wise, not who-should’ve-ended-up-with-who-wise (although, I think Shay and Zane would have been an ADORABLE couple, and that could’ve prevented some very sad things, *more sobs*)

  10. TOMORROW IS JUSTIN DREW BIEBER’S 18th BIRTHDAY!!!! 12:56 am to be exact 🙂 my Justin is growing up

  11. Like, Justin Drew Beiber as in the teenage pop idol who evokes a strong emotion just from the mention of his name one way or the other? Strange…

  12. @337: I just finished Romeo and Juliet in class today *blech* and I know “where for art thou” means “Why are you like yourself.” So you just asked why we are LBG fans.

  13. @376: That strong emotion is- ARGGHHH!!!! I’M GONNA RIP HIS HEAD OFF!!!! HE’S SO ANNOYING!!!!!

    Sorry, I just had to put that. (8

  14. Steampunkjedi, do you read my fanfic? If not, please sit tight while I give you this schpiel; Would you be interested in some fanfic? *waggles eyebrows and adjusts fedora like any good salesman* Because I know where you can find some. All you have to do is click on my name, and when the page loads go to the archive on the right side, click 2011–>December–>Leviathan fanfic chapter/part 1. You will not be disappointed… I hope. 😀
    @380. We’re just about to start our R&J unit in school.

  15. @386: I hope you have the Romeo and Juliet script with the sidenotes, because the language is indecipherable without them.

    I will read your fanfic, don’t worry.

  16. @385: I’m actually the same way, but the little seventh graders screaming about him is annoying.

  17. @391-BIEBER IS AWESOME!!! Zaliz-la and me already had this talk. Ask her how much I lllllllooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeee him

  18. @391: My sister is the same way, but most of the seventh graders at my school love him.

  19. Let me rephrase 390: I think a lot of people are worked up for nothing. That’s my opinion.

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