67 thoughts on “I Made a Thing

  1. Holy, shit! They have Leviathan WINE??? (Of course they do, Roxy, Deryn’s Scottish, for Pete’s sake!) Where can I get some?
    Oh, and the video was 10 kinds of AWESOME! Loved it (though I haven’t read Uglies).

  2. Scottsters , was that Leviathan Juice ?
    You probably just started a new trend ! You’re like a Cool Hunter or an Innovator .

  3. I love this! THe music makes me so happy 😛 This was an awesome distraction from the paper I’m staying up to write! 😀

  4. Leviathan’s bottle… so great !
    That was fun ! Well done 8D (and now I think I will buy this book in french ’cause if I wait for the France to translate it… *sigh*)

  5. Nice! I love stop motion! 😀 Can’t wait for the book (but might HAVE to wait… I have exams *sigh*).

  6. Love it! Def making my day. Can’t wait for Shay’s Story. will you be doing any press for it in NYC, Scott-la?

  7. lol! That was great! T’was pretty trippy (: I know stop animation is pretty tedious and takes a while to do. Loved it!

  8. Someone has waaaay too much free time on their hands. LOL the appearance of the… was that a wine bottle?… Leviathan bottle. That made my day. Hee hee.

  9. It was totally bubbly. I LOVED it! gave me the feeling of a Pretty almost, completely mindless and yet, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! ;D (I say that in a good way…)

  10. That was somewhat random…but cool nonetheless.
    Made me even more excited for Uglies Manga! Are all the pictures really going to be full-colour like that?

    One week left!

  11. GAAHHHHH! It sent twice AND I spelled Leviathan incorrectly! Not that I needed to draw that to anyone’s attention or anything, though…

  12. Happy Leap-Year Day!!!!!
    It was a good stop-motion video. But the part I liked the best was the Leviathan bottle! 🙂

  13. Great stop motion Scott-la! It was really smooth mine tend to turn out jerky. Can’t wait for the manga! Ha leviathan wine bottle:)

  14. This is awesomeness! I love it, especially the random bottle of Leviathan haha- I finally read that btw and loved it as well as Uglies! You’re just a great author I guess!

  15. Just so everyone knows, that bottle of Leviathan wine was given to me by my Australian publisher (Penguin) and is the ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND. (Mwah, hah, hah.)

    Also, it’s a 2008 Shiraz.

  16. That must have been what Volger was drinking in the bonus chapter 😉

    For some reason, the word that comes to mind to describe this is adorable. So there ya go. Loved it!

  17. I’ve done stop-motion with LEGOs, and it takes FOREVER, no joke. Very creative. I love the music too!

  18. And did you read my comment on what the lizard was probably going to say? And it did say that?

  19. I can tell a lot of work went into this video and the music! Bye. (No one to talk to 🙁 )

  20. Did anyone else laugh uncontrollably when the random bottle of Leviathan Wine showed up?

    No? Okay, maybe I’m just insane.

  21. I actually giggled while watching this. GIGGLED. Like some kind of 5-year old! I’m not embarrassed though-however, since my computer had no sound I actually started doing a little voice over for everything that came across the screen. Now THAT’s embarrassing! XD

  22. I loved the video, but it also made me a little sad because Shay’s Story was supposed to have come out by now.

    Also, @ the Time Waster: Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.

  23. I’ve always wondered if authors keep copy’s of their books lying around… now I know.

  24. @36: Thank you Scott! (Although I was really wondering if you read my lizard prediction) 🙂

  25. @45- That made my day! Although, if you wanted to be my most favorite person in the world,(you’re like 2nd, behind Zane, who is, technacaly, not in THIS world,) You would write another Uglies book, because I have already driven myself 75% insane thinking up ideas. Please? *flutters eyelashes and gives puppy dog eyes* 😉

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