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Use the comment thread of this post to discuss Shay’s Story. And if you haven’t read it yet, GO ELSEWHERE.

I know what you’re saying. “But I’ve read the Uglies series five times. What new can I possibly learn?” Well, don’t forget that new points of view mean new information. Shay’s Story will reveal all sorts of previously unknown things!

And, as is traditional, we must always remember this comment from back in May 2006, in the Specials spoiler thread:

oh god, i read the spoiler section before i read the book. i would have read the book by now but the bookstore doesn’t have it in yet! i got the first two before the sale date. why can’t i do that now!? crap i can’t believe i read the spoiler section…crap

Let these lamentations be a warning to you. And let the spoilage begin!

84 thoughts on “Shay’s Story Spoiler Zone

  1. @44- haha. Although, I wasn’t going for that, and I would also like to know what the weirdest thing a fan ever said to you was? And, you realize that with these books out, we’re all going to SOB for weeks when that horrible, awful thing happens in Specials.(I cried for weeks just reading it, but seeing it? I’m gonna need that shoe for something to live for…)

  2. I’m actually serious about the shoe, Scott. I mean, I probably won’t lick it (unless I can’t have it if I don’t,) but still, it would be quite an accomplishment to own one of my favorites authors’ shoes….

  3. And, I didn’t mean for it to sound that weird, it just did. However, I could make up WAY weirder stuff to say, although, it would not be true…. heehee sample: I have Tally’s face tattooed on my butt, and every anniversary of when Uglies came out, I moon everyone I see! (Again, this is NOT true, just an example of what other weird things I COULD say and take the spot for the weirdest thing you’ve been told by a fan.)

  4. I finished it! Firstly, Ugly Zane was way cuter than Pretty Zane. Having said that, I no longer think Tally belonged with David, mainly because he’s a jerk. I’m still trying to fit jerky Daivd in with the David from the original books, though. It’s probably going to slowy drive me insane.

  5. I’m so happy, because everyone just LOVES Zane now! I know this guy, his name is Zane, and he has long,wavy,inky black hair, really sharp cheekbones, and brown eyes, almost the perfect Zane! Weird right?

  6. I loved it! A clerk from our Barnes and noble had to go to the back to get the five copies that were in stock… It was a nightmare getting a hold of one copy but well worth it! At the end of Shay’s story it stated that the next book is finished- so when should we expect it? Can hardly wait!

  7. I have to say I Love Shay’s ridiculously long anime hair I never imagined her with it and it works wonderfully

  8. I loved it! I just got it today and as soon as the mail came i ran outside to get it. I like the ending and i agree that David was kind of a jerk.. my question is why is Shay’s hair so long?

  9. I agree. David was really frustrating! I wish the book had spent more time in The Smoke though. I loved the Crims’ trick! Great Book Mr. Westerfeld!

  10. SCOTT!!!! HOW DO YOU KNOW CASSANDRA CLAIRE???? Cuz she wrote about you in her acknowledgements in “City of Ashes”!!!!!!!!!!!!! APPARENTLY YOU HELPED HER ” GET OFF THE COUCH AND FIND SOMEWHERE TO WRITE!!”

  11. @59- it’s not true, but it is really amusing to think up things like that. 🙂
    And, Scott, I’m reading Pretties (again, I just got it for my birthday, and I’m still hoping for that shoe!) and when Zane first comes into the picture, is he dressed as a Nazi? P.S. Page 57 makes me smile SO big every time… And thank you for being such an AMAZING writer!(the best EVER in my opinion!)

  12. I finally got it!!!! Even though I’m not a huge manga fan I loved it! Shay-la is my second favorite of Scott-la’s characters(behind Deryn). I am really glad to know why Shay and Zane didn’t go in the first place I’mglad Zane didn’t just chicken out, he’s too brave for that. I never really liked David and this just proves it. I’ll have to show it to my Dally shipper friend.

  13. @ 64 I’m pretty sure he’s dressed as a Nazi they did have kind of cool uniforms in an evil overlord kind of way.Did I mention the ugly crime are so cool, and hoverboard teams! Is it weird that I want to live in prettytime and run away to the smoke. I’m a rebel at heart, I need something to fight against. I must say one thing SHANE(Shay/Zane)

  14. So yeah. I have to admit I never truly actually bought the book. to be honest I kinda sat in my school’s book-fair for an hour in a hidden corner and read. So what if I missed my math exam? Totes worth it, might I add. Anyway, Scott? Yeah if you’re reading this, I have many things to say.
    1st: I know everyone hates David now, but I can proudly say I never liked him! Am I seriously the only one? But after this, I seriously wanted to Gibbs slap him up the side of the head. Maybe I just have a thing for the underdogs and was rooting for Zane from the beginning. *shrugs*
    2nd: Speaking of Zane, I really liked the background on him as well as multiple other characters, though I cannot decide if I like ugly Zane of pretty Zane better. Can we not just combine the ugly face (which by the way is DIFFIDENTLY not ugly *cough**cough*) and the black hair? If anyone drew me a picture of that then I will give you my cat. Like seriously.
    3rd: Question about the movie. Is there anything else that you can tell us? Any updates? I mean I’m sure that if you knew anything big you would post it, but even the small details are appreciated.(:
    4th: Scott-la, I am just so happy you made a graphic novel. It answered all my questions that I had left over from the series and I am suber uber duber excited for the next one. I am even considering giving you my cat, because I am so happy. (and have nothing else to give. *cough*) but if your allergic to cats, I have a hermit crab too, and it has Nemo on his shell. So no worries, right? (and whoever is willing to draw my that picture previously requested, don’t worry I have more than one cat.)

  15. wowwww! it is so visually amazing!!!
    i love shay. she’s my favorite! and it is really cool to get this insight from her point of view about everything that is going on vs what we know going on thru tally’s eyes.


  16. @68- I NEVER liked David. At all. I fell in love with Zane on page 57 in Pretties (still haven’t got the manga 🙁 ). And now I will (attempt) to draw that picture, but with the gold-flecked eyes so often mentioned in the book (and I don’t need another cat).

  17. @70– If you love Zane and hate David then you MUST get the manga. It’s so great! And if you do, I will seriously love you forever. Especially if he has gold-flecked eyes. 😀 (Well I have some Red Vines, if you want those?)

  18. I’ve been an Uglies fan from the start loving every book and behind the scenes book. I am so stoke you, Scott, wrote another book in this series! Thank you so much. I loved this graphic novel and am very excited for the future books. I loved having Shay’s side. It wasn’t just a story going along with the former book but actually changing the characters we love into people we despise (like David and Tally). We see their flaws through Shay’s eyes. I loved it. I also love that this is the explanation into why Shay and Tally could never be the greatest friends, more like frienemies. When reading Uglies, I never understood how Shay could hate Tally SO much, however now I totally agree with her. The greatest part is that it makes me want to re-read the series!
    Thanks again Scott!
    Absolutely enjoyed the story and the universe again.

  19. Just finished the manga! Here’s what I think:
    1) I liked the Special Circumstances tracking thing as a framing device.
    2)The side characters–they’re not just names, they have actual faces and personalities! I like Astrix, I like hacker characters and she seemed to be the one who most knows what she’s doing. 😛
    3) The trick the Crims were pulling…was creepy. I think I would of liked them better if they didn’t have to pick such a creepy trick. I was kind of relieved to find the pretties didn’t actually mind, but I guess that’s expected, since they’re programmed to not complain and just go along with everything, and it’s not like they’d have body image issues. It kind of made the idea of the legions creepier, if someone tried to pull a trick like that on me it wouldn’t matter how good I looked, I’d still be creeped out and pissed and think I’d have a right to be.
    4) The uglies are too pretty! This in and of itself is excusable, because you need detail to show the little imperfections of someone’s face, and the manga doesn’t show that detail. Besides, one of the points of the book was that the uglies weren’t ugly. But the thing is, I can barely tell the difference between the pretties and the uglies! I think it takes away from the suspension of disbelief if you can’t see some difference, even if it’s just visual cues like much bigger eyes, big lips, little glowy halos around them, something! The pretties did look vapider, but that was the only thing I could see.
    5) The specials aren’t scary enough! The book led me to believe they’d be smack in the middle of the uncanny valley! Instead they’re just good-looking thugs. I thought their uniforms were clever though.
    6) I liked the character designs for both Tally and Shay. Shay’s hair as an Ugly was epic! Way better than when she was a pretty. It was weird to see their conversations from the book in manga form.
    7) I actually didn’t picture David hot. I pictured him rougher, and with a ponytail. 😛 I’m fine with the manga’s interpretation of him though. Interesting to see how arrogant/egotistical he was, I guess being the legend all those uglies looked up to went to his head.
    8) I actually though ugly Zane was better looking than pretty Zane (and what was with those straps he wore?). I had always assumed ugly Zane would have had black hair, and that when pretty Zane dyed it it was ’cause he was trying to look more like his old self. Nice to get more background on him though.
    9) We’ve seen Zane, Astrix, Ryde, Croy, Ho, and Shay save Tachs (that part was awesome!). Now the only one of Shay’s friends that we didn’t see is Fausto. I wonder what happened to him?

  20. @75- that always bothered me too… And remember, the purpose of the operation was to relieve the world of all ugly people by doing plastic surgey, but this had another side, it also eliminated all the truly beautiful people, Tally even thought that Shay was pretty close to being a pretty (just a bit too skinny) so it would make sense that SOME uglies were better looking before the operation…

  21. I will always love David. ;[ To me.. I think David changed as a person BECAUSE of Tally. So even though he made mistakes in the past, WE ALL DO. So.. stop beating up on the poor guy.. Im sure you all have done some crappy things in your life too your not proud of.. but people can change and I see that at the end of Specials with David. :/

  22. omg it was soooooo goood but i realy want to see a graphic novel of specials that was my favorite Scott-la u rock!!!!!!! also at # 68 i couldnt find it in barnes and nobles so when i found it in my book fair i literally screamed and everyone was looking so i told them my name was sacagewia!!!! lol

  23. I read the series and loved it u say….. I read the books and started to talk ugly,pretty,specials and it is so bubbly making. My friend now calls me Shay-la!!! = )

  24. I hope the third one comes out. Have read shays story and cutters, but totally want a third one. I have to see shay and tally as specials!!!
    Love the ugliers series

  25. No but seriously…it’s been nearly 2 years. When is the 3rd one coming out? You’d better not leave us hanging! Shay has always been my spirit-character even from the original trilogy when she wasn’t the true focus. I don’t even like Mangas, but I love these graphic novels because they reconnect me to alter-ego!

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